The Misadventures of Bear

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My latest Series of Short films that have just gotten started.

1 and 2 were just tests, so 3 is the first real episode (and there is also a video showing how it was shot, so you can compare the final FX shots). A chance for me to do something on my own and to incorporate all the Special Effects that I can pull off using After Effects.

Macy is a mischevious little bear and she will soon have many more adventures, so I hope you enjoy them.

The Foam Hedz

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Jared and I are both huge muppets fans, so we decided to show our love of heckling (thank you Waldorf and Statler) and make ourselves some puppets and just talk about things that interest us, or that don't.

Unfortunately this hasn't been updated in a while, but I am currently working on some episodes were the puppet interviews band members and we show live performances. Unfortunately I had the premiere episode completed, but then had a massive hard drive failure, so I need to re-shoot the band footage. Hopefully I will get that soon!

Additional Videos

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Some random videos and FX tests I have previously done.

The music video for Arlo's song "Runaround." 3 Special Effects Tests and 2 tests for my puppet.

I hope you enjoy.