Jonah Lee Walker was born on Marthas Vineyard Island off the Coast of Massachusetts, making him a true Islander.

At the age of 17 he went to college at the University of Southern California School of Cinema and Television Production graduated Cum Laude in 1996.

During the summers he had worked as a Commercial Production Assistant, and he jumped back into that as soon as he got out of school, quickly moving up to do both Production and Art Department Coordination.

In 2002 Jonah started working as a video editor and after effects artist, working on the Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring Special Extended Edition DVD, and going on to work on all 3 films, and then going to New Zealand to setup editing for King Kong.

Since then Jonah has done work on many award winning DVD special features, but has also gone on to do reality television including REMIX for BET.

In the last few years Jonah has worked extensively in the world of Direct Response, editing and doing graphics for Award Winning infomercials including the Milwaukee M-12 Impact Driver.

In 2009 Jonah married the lovely Kelly Lynn Pancho and they bought a house together in North Hills, CA in the Valley North of Los Angeles. They live with their two lovely dogs Indiana Bones and J.K. Growling.