Got Windows up last night then ran Advanced System Optimizer and it tanked my system

In fact it was the same problem as before, so it seems that it was the Registration Optimizer that killed my BootCamp install to begin with, or at least once I managed to get it to reboot one time. It seems the Registry repair just doesn't work!

I just tried a system Refresh, and the computer came back up, and ran the Bootcamp installer, and on it's restart it went back into the system repair loop failure. So I am trying a Refresh again, and hope the computer makes it. I could do a full install again, but I want my documents, only because all of the downloads are already there, so I can quickly re-install them.

Now I have been considering moving to Windows because of the lack of expansion in the new MacPro, but honestly if Windows is this picky, I might not. 

I was going to make a Recovery DVD when I got my system back up, but it was a 55 Gig backup, and that is a shitload of DVD's. I need to do this, but I need to use a hard drive to make the backup, so when I screw the system up, I can recover back to exactly my system, and not go through all this crap again!

Never got Windows to boot again, just had to wipe and re-install

So I was never able to get my Bootcamp Windows 8.1 install to boot again or get it to repair, so i finally just used. Bootcamp Assistant to wipe the partition, and re-partition.

Now I ended up having to do this 7 times, as 6 times windows on it's first restart it came to an error message loop saying "The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows click OK to restart the computer, and reinstall Windows." I finally found a fix for this ( ) but the Windows install had totally tanked by that time, and on the next re-partition and re-install, the install actually worked.

Have spent the day upgrading, and am now installing 8.1. Then time to re-install everything, and make a backup disc!

What a pain in the ass!

After one good restart Bootcamp Partition is toast

So after coming up yesterday and me running utilities, Windows needed to restart to fix Registry issues, and I never got it back up. It would not let me re-install over the old partition, and it would not let me do anything that would fix it, and the problems seemed to get worse until it is totally tanked, I am going to have to re-install. Activation will require a call to microsoft, but hopefully it will work, and they will let me re-install. Might be a problem because it is an OEM version, but those have to be re-installed.

What a total pain in my ass! I am mean seriously, I can't believe how they make it to repair windows if there is a problem! The tied down OS is really such a pain. With Mac I can easily use another hard drive with another system install on it and run repairs at least.

After restart Windows was caught in a loop again

So after I ran the utilities Smart PC Care on Windows it needed to restart to finish fixing the registeries, and the computer got caught in a restart loop to Windows install dvd. I zapped the PRAM a couple of times to try and reset the startup disc, but that didn't work, so i also reset the SMC, buy that didn't work so I had to open the computer to eject the dvd from the tray and then the computer wouldn't start at all.

Eventually i reseated all the hard drives and swapped out my PC GTX 670 for my GTX 270 and that managed to boot into OSX, and I set it as the startup disc. 

Windows is going in Automatic Repair again, and will likely fail, wonder if the MBR thing will work?

Got Windows 8.1 in BootCamp to boot, though not with USB Install

So I tried the whole re-install the system and it said that the USB Windows 8.1 was not right, so I was not able to use it, though I don't know why. They are both Windows 8.1 Professional 64 Bit installs.

I then tried the command line, but 'sfc /scannow' failed and wouldn't work. So I did more googling and tried 'bootrec /fixmbr' to fix the Master Boot Record and it quickly said it succeeded. Still I restarted into Mac and made a Windows 8.1 install DVD in my Parallels install and set the restart disc to it, to try to use repair off of it, but amazingly when I restarted it restarted into my Bootcamp, which seems to be working fine now.

I plan on running Smart PC Care on it, but it isn't starting now, so I am going to re-install it and run some utilities, just as soon as my NVIDIA GeForce Experience update finally manages to finish! Then I am installing my CalDigit drivers so I don't kill BootCamp if I happen to have something installed in it. And then I am making a backup DVD so I can try and repair from that.

I am actually amazed that there are no Utilities to run from a second hard drive installed in your Windows PC to fix another install. I guess it is finicky about that, but I easily boot into my Parallels, so I could run a Utility on my BootCamp install, but am not allowed to.

USB Still working so far today

Well so far today my USB is working, and I have put my Microsoft Trackball Explorer Back in. Let's hope it keeps working.

And today it is Windows 8.1 Bootcamp Issues

So I tried to boot into my Windows 8.1 Bootcamp Partition and it was a no go. Showed the green windows window then went black and restarted back into Mac.

I think the problem is that because of my USB issues I had moved my keyboard and mouse to the USB 3 Ports of my CalDigit SATA and USB 3 PCI card, but I have not installed drivers as of yet in Windows. It was fine without them before because I never plugged anything in, but without the drivers, it sure was not happy, and would not restart. So I need to make sure to install those drivers if and when I get Windows working again.

Now I am lucky in that I also have a separate Windows 8.1 Parallels install, for those times when I don't want to fully boot into Windows, or do anything Graphics intensive. With that I was able to use a USB Key to create a recovery partition, and let it run it's utilities to fix Windows, but they didn't work, neither the auto fix or going to a backup.

So then i downloaded the Windows 8.1 Setup program to try and create an ISO so I could have a Windows 8.1 Installer and wipe my drive except my data (a pain, but I don't have that much installed), but I ran into another problem. The program only works with a Windows 8.1 Serial number, not a Windows 8 serial number, though it was a free upgrade to 8.1! WTF!

Luckily with a little google searching I was able to download the Windows 8.1 ISO thanks to PC Advisor. You basically have to download the Windows 8 Install program, and enter your license number, and get it to start downloading, then quit the program. Then from the same link download the Windows 8.1 installer and run it, and it won't ask for your serial. When the program finishes you can either make a USB by clicking install by creating media, or create an ISO, which you can use multiple times.

To do the ISO to a USB stick you need to download the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, and install that, and point it at the ISO you saved. Once that is done you need to copy a file to it as explained by PC Advisor or it will make you use the same serial number as the one you used to download, instead of whatever one was used for your install (since I have 2 installs).

Once Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool finishes, it is time for me to try again. I will restart into Windows with the Recovery Partition in, and tell it to re-install but keep my data, and will insert my painfully created USB stick with the Windows 8.1 Installer, and then it is time to re-install all of my programs! YIPEE! And I have had to use a 3rd USB key to use Boot Camp Assistant, to redownload the latest Bootcamp drivers so I can get my mac working once Windows does a mostly clean install!

Will update and let you know how things go.

Having usb issues with my MacPro 4,1 2x2.26 Ghz Quad-Core

In the last few days I have been having USB freezes on my Mac, where all my USB ports seem to die, and only a restart can fix the issue. I had thought it was my beloved Microsoft Trackball Explorer that was causing the issue (as it has been known to cut in and out), and so I detached it and switched to my Kensington Trackball explorer that I bring to work, and it seemed OK today. Sure last night I had to use TechTool and restart into my emergency drive, and run diskwarrior, but I figure that is par for the course after a few hard resets. Anyway, the problem happened again today, and I decided to try something different, since I have a CalDigit USB 3 and SATA card, I tired plugging my Kengsington and Keyboard into that, and low and behold those ports still worked. Now I was in the process of rebuilding my iPhoto library, so I didn't restart, though I should have as the computer totally hung up shortly thereafter, but I did have time to look at a System Report.

The system report was telling, as it showed all of my USB devices, but still showed my trackball and Microsoft Keyboard connected to the USB 2 port as well as the USB 3 port. Hoping it is not a hardware issue, I decided to reset the SMC, by disconnecting power for a minute, and then reset the PRAM 3 times as I restarted. So far so good, but it usually is after a restart.

Hopefully it is OK now, but we shall see.

Adobe Tutorial on how to link Smart Objects in the latest Photoshop CC

Adobe has posted a full tutorial of how to link Smart Objects in the latest update to Photoshop Creative Cloud. They have Tutorial Files and the video.


Adobe Photoshop CC Update New Features Video

Adobe TV has released a video of new features in the latest Adobe Photoshop CC Update.


Adobe Illustrator CC Update New Features Video

Adobe TV has released a new video of the recent Adobe Illustrator CC Update new features.


Blackmagic Design has released DaVinci Resolve 10.1

You can download the light version for free at Blackmagic. And here is the Press release.

This adds support for Final Cut Pro X 10.1. It has support for aligning multiple camera takes so you can quickly switch between takes.

And full owners get enhanced 3D stereoscopic tools.

DIY Florescent Tube Beauty Light

DIY photography has an article on building your own DIY Fluorescent Tube Beauty Light.

Adobe Photoshop CC gets new features

Macnn is reporting on the latest Photoshop CC update.

They have added 3D printing support, Perscpective Warp and linked Smart Objects.

I have to say I love how fast Creative Cloud Updates keep coming!

FitBit offered me a refund on my Force

So finally FitBit offered me a refund on my FitBit Force, which I am not going to take. I do like the Force. It is a good tracker, and I like having it on my wrist as it makes me think about it more often, I just don't like that it falls off all the time, and I think because of that I am either going to lose it or it will fall in water and die

I think Fitbit needs to rethink the band and make one with a normal watch band, or even better a watch band that is easily replaceable, and make the fitbit waterproof. And maybe they will with the next generation, but it doesn't look like they will be rethinking it with this generation. I just hope they learn something from this as I am pretty sure I will lose my fitibit before too long.

Now I just need to get my Fitibit one replaced so that I have a backup when I do lose my force.

DIY Edelkrone Style Slider

Filmmaker IQ has posted some videos from Doc Hutch on Vimeo on building a DIY Edelkrone style travel slider.

FinalBug compares FCP X 10.1 to Premiere Pro CC

Paul Murray Final Cut Pro X Berlin User Group has the first article in a comparison of Final Cut Pro X to Premiere Pro CC. He is an admitted Final Cut Pro X advocate, and this one is basially just going through the new features of each, though a follow up will do a comparison.

XBOX One Blu-Ray player is inferior to PS3

I moved from the PS3 to the XBOX One and gave my PS3 to my sister in law, and have to say the XBOX One Blu-Ray player is far inferior so far. On many discs it is slow and seems to get stuck after playing trailers and leave me on a black screen. I then have to stop it playing amd start again and watch more trailers to get it to work. Sometimes you can skip the trailers the second time, but not always. And this often happens. They need to fix this!

Also the kinect controls are only mediocre, so I use my awesome Harmony one universal remote to comtrol my system, and it is annoying to have the on screen controls come up every time they do! And they take a while to go away. It is plain annoying. It should respond differently from a remote control and not bring up on screen controls!

It is just plain slow and not responsive, and they need to fix it. And on screen controls need to only show up when controlling with audio controls, not with a remote or xbox controller!

Grant Petty has show the first 4K video from the BlackMagic Production Camera

EOS HD has a post on Grant Petty releasing the first 4K video from a BlackMagic Production Camera. Exciting.

Is Inside Llewelyn Davis the last film to be cut on Final Cut Pro 7? And my thoughts...

Non-Linear Post has an article on how they used Final Cut Pro 7 to cut Inside Llewelyn Davis. It also mentions how they plan on moving to Premiere Pro in the future. It is actually really sad to think that Final Cut Pro 7 was working well as a feature editing program, and has since been killed, and replaced with the abomination known as Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro 7 really could have been the future of editing, but Apple killed it. Yes some of the power of Final Cut Pro X would have been amazing added to Final Cut Pro 8, but instead they tried to redesign editing. And while some features are great, many are a mess. The timeline for example. Anything with lots of graphics with Alphas is a mess in non organizable timeline as is audio that can't be organized. Maybe someday I will have to learn Final Cut Pro X (I did spend 2 weeks with it when it was first released), but for now the future is AVID and Premiere Pro.

The depressing thing is that the studios are forcing AVID on people, and AVID still feels ancient. It feels like it did when I first tried it. And it still feels that slow, and when cutting a 30 minute piece filled with graphics and overlays it is so incredibly slow, with render times that will kill you. And it's graphics importing, is so slow and such a pain, and the whole AMA thing is still buggy. Honestly Premiere Pro does so much better at playing any form of video in it's timeline.

I would much prefer that Premiere Pro takeover, as many editors chose Final Cut Pro 7 over AVID to begin with, and it was really taking over, but now we have to go back to the program that's new features are longer than 27 character filenames? WTF!

Panasonic to release a 4K GH camera for $2000 in February

Non Linear Post has learned that Panasonic will be releasing a 4K GH camera in February for $2000.

Awesome! 4k is really coming down. Can't wait to get one someday!

Larry Jordan has posted a video on building Multicams in Premiere Pro

Larry Jordan has posted a video on building Multicams in Premiere Pro CC.

Larry Jordan has posted a video on building Multicams in Premiere Pro

Larry Jordan has posted a video on building Multicams in Premiere Pro CC.

Black Magic DaVinci 10 will support the MacPro and it's Dual GPU's, and likely so will Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Nonlinear has a post on a post from Grant Petty the CEO of BlackMagic saying that the full version of DaVinci 10 will support the Dual AMD GPU's of the new MacPros. And Premiere Pro already supports AMD Firepros, and hopefully will soon support the duals of the new MacPro.

I will still rather see Dual NVIDIA GPU support, as CUDA would likely be faster, but this could make the MacPro a viable alternative to the current MacPro without the expansion. Still want to see some speed tests though as I would like to see Premiere Pro rocking Dual Titans!

EOSHD on H.264 Codec, ProRes 4444 Quality at 1% of File SIze

EOSHD has an article on the new h.265 Codec which is ProRes 4444 Quality at 1% of the File size. Of course i doesn't talk about the computer power that is going to be needed. And that is going to need some power. Serious GPU power I am thinking.

Still you can try it right now with Cinemartin's compressor, but it is not cheap! And the compressor is made for Windows 7, and I have no idea what will actually play it back right now, but the compressor also does ProRes. Would love to give it a try, but it is way too expensive to play with right now.

Submitted a support ticket with Fitbit, said to use a rubber band!

So I submitted a support ticket with Fitbit about the defective strap on the Fitbit Force, and got a reply.

They told me to watch this video on how to put it on. And no I am not putting it on wrong!

And then they said to try using a rubber band! You have to be kidding me? The Force is so badly designed that they recommend using a rubber band? WTF!??!?!?! And how exactly? All the way around so it blocks the screen and presses on your wrist, or tied around the defective clasp, so it rubs wrong on your wrist? Neither is a viable solution!

Some designer decided to try and re-invent the watch clasp, but there is a reason they make watch clasps like they do, because they work, and they have for a long time! The watch band on the Fitbit Flex is just a bad design that falls off, so this product wilk get lost, or broken or fall in liquid and die!

Already there are more One Star Reviews of the Force on Amazon than 4 star reviews, because of this design flaw. And Fitbit has even started to respond. I have a review up already at as do many others!

Fitbit needs to redesign and replace with a normal watch clasp, and recall the defective units!

Fitbit Force, a decent fitness tracker, with a horrible, defective watch strap

The Force is a wrist based fitness tracking, that tracks steps, stairs, distance and estimates calories. And it has a liitle screen to display your results or act as a watch (though you wear it on your dominant yand, so it is on my right wrist instead of left, which takes some gettimg used to). 

The Force is my third Fitbit product, I had an original fitbit which I washed and a Fitbit One which had it's battery die, and support never repplied to me to get it fixed. And now my dad who gave me this also gave me the awesome wifi fitbit Aria scale to track weight. The Flex is a decent fitness tracker, though has some serious issues, the first of which is the strap!

Instead of a normal watch band that would stay on, you press it this together to hold it on, but it does not stay on. It falls off me at least once a day. And even went into the toilet once, and it is only splash resistant (not a good thing for something you wear all the time like a watch), though I saved it. And it comes off almost every night while I sleep, which does not help the sleep tracking. Fitbit tried to re-invent the watch band and failed miserably! A normal watch band would have earned this aa great review, but I have not even had this a month and am sure I will lose it soon!

The two metal pieces that fit into the watch band holes.
Snapped together, though not very well.

And the stair tracking is flawed at best. It doesn't track going down stairs at all, and you have to really be swinging your arm for it to track while going up. I was holding my iphone while going up 8 flights and it only registered 3 flights, though it normally registers 8, which is just annoying.

Another complaint is that it has lost some functionality. The original FitBit and the One both had a fun little flower you grew based on your daily exercise. Useless but fun, but this is gone from the Force.

And while it does a pretty good of tracking even without arm swing, it does register steps where you don't get them, like raking or working in the yard, which is kind if a cheat, but expected because it is on your wrist. I do like it on your wrist as you don't forget it.

Battery life seems pretty goid, lasting a good week, even when bluetooth synced to my iphone for syncing, and only takes an hour and a half to charge.

A decent tracker, but they really need to put a normal watch strap clasp on it, so it doesn't come off so easily, and water proofing would be nice too!

And i do think fitness trackers are great as you dp push yourself more because of it. I park further away, or go up more stairs because of the tracker, and wanting to do better. And seeing your friends and family results adds to that as you want to do well. I just wish the Force stayed on better!

Phil Hodgetts on Final Cut Pro 10.1 on new Mac Pro and my thoughts.

Phil Hodgetts has an article on running Final Cut Pro 10.1 on the new Mac Pro and what he was able to play back, 5 Red R2D 4K streams at different scales positions and rotations without rendering.

Pretty amazing, though now I want to see what happens when Adobe re-writes premiere for Dual Graphics Card support and what it can do, and even better if they carry that over to PC, so we can see this on dual NVIDIA CUDA cards. I would love to see what Premiere Pro could do using 2 GTX TITANS instead of AMD FirePro cards which are slower than gaming cards (much like NVIDIAs QUADRO line). The nice thing about the MacPro is it seems Apple is charging the gaming price for it's FirePro cards, so you are paying for the Radeon editions and getting the FirePro.

I know that Final Cut pro X has gotten much better, but I am still not sold on it. I gave my 2 weeks at the beginning and the mess that it made of the timeline really makes it seem not viable for commercial or direct response, nor for anything that needs an audio mixer, as it will take so much longer to mix something that isn't set specifically for an audio mixer.

Maybe I am biased by Final Cut Pro X 10.1, but all the improvements have not changed the timeline.

Philip Bloom has his first impressions of the Digital Bolex

Philip Bloom has posted his first impressions of the Digital Bolex, some good, some bad.

iCloud Boomarks Sync Update

Well since I heard you need 2 computers to get iCloud to work better, I have been working on getting iCloud Syncing installed in Windows 8 in Parallels to see if I could get my bookmarks cleaned up on iCloud, and it seems to have worked.

It seems that iCloud sync works much better on Windows than on Mac. First off they have included Chrome, Firefox and IE bookmarks sync, which they don't have on the Mac side (trying to force you to only use Safari I am assuming), but I didn't even have to erase my bookmarks to get it to work, I just downloaded my good bookmarks from X-Marks, installed iCloud Control Panel and iCloud extension for Chrome, and on my Mac, my bookmarks updated with my good X-Marks bookmarks and they showed up on my iOS devices. WTF!

Apple you need to fix this issue, because not everyone has parallels installed on their mac!
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