Stu Maschwitz releases ProLost Burns v1.6 for $3.99

Stu has updated his ProLost Burns effects. You can read all about them, or order them for $3.99. It is a simple and easy way to create the Ken Burns effect within After Effects.

Thanks Stu!

FXguide on Elysium's FX

FXGuide has a great article on the excellent new Sci-Fi movie Elysium's visual FX.

A quite enjoyable if not very deep sci-fi film about the battle between the 1% and the other 99%.

Video Copilot Tutorial on Animating Typwriter Keys

Andrew Kramer has posted another great VideoCopilot Element 3D tutorial.


Bill Davis on why he switched to FCPX

I always post negative things on FCP X, so here is an article that is positive on why someone has made the switch and is happy with it, by Bill Dafvis at Rev Up Transmedia.

10 Things Final Cut Pro 7 Switchers Should know about Premiere Pro CC (Video)

Here is the link for the video from at Vimeo. And here is the link at

10 Things Final Cut 7 Switchers Should Know about Premiere Pro CC from on Vimeo.


Ryan E. Walters on why he has moved to Premiere Pro and not FCP X

Ryan E. Walters has a good article on why he has moved to Premiere Pro from Final Cut Pro 7 and not FCP X, even though he gave it a good try.

MoVi has started Shipping!

Cinema 5D has the news that this awesome camera stabilization system has started shipping and they have a new Burton Snowboards Film as well.

Netkas does GTX Titan Speed tests on 10.9 and Win

Netkas did some speed tests on a GTX Titan running OS 10.9 and Windows, and it looks like os x is between 22-26% slower! YOUCH!

PVC's complete After Effects ExtendScript Training, all 19 parts out.

David Torno at the ProVideo Coalition now has all 19 parts of his After Effects ExtendScript Training out.

Flash a PC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 to the Mac Edition

Oh the irony, since the new MacPro will leave out the awesome NVIDIA graphics cards completely. Check out the article at FCP.CO, which actually says it is to speed up FCPX and Motion, though is actually more about the upgrade and flashing the card.

He even used a PC model like my 670 (though I did a 670 because of possible power issues with a 680, so though the Mac Version would be safer), though he was able to flash it into the Mac version so he gets the boot screen.

And honestly this is better for Adobe software as you get great CUDA support with it.

Build a $5 Fig-Rig

Filmmaker IQ has the3 videos of how to build your own $5 Fig-Rig using PVC Pipe!

A great idea. I already have a dolly made from PVC and am making a mini green screen as well.

HDWarrior on Major problems with FCP X Editing

HD Warrior has an article on having major problems with FCP X's timelines, especially very complex ones, that in fact may be show stopping.

I already hate the unorganizable timeline of FCP X, though I only used version 10.0, and this is problems with the latest and greatest 10.0.8. Too me an unorganizable timeline is next to useless, but one that has problems like this even more so.

NVIDIA K6000 Quardro Announced

FXGuide has the news on this awesome new video card.  2880 CUDA cores and 12 GB of memory! A workstation class card if there ever was one. Way too expensive for normal use though! 

AnandTech has some great comparisons on this new wondercard.

Until I have a really big company to afford something like this I would still like a GTX TITAN.

ZBRUSH has been updated to 4R6

The awesome ZBRUSH digital sculpting program has been updated to 4R6, and Renderosity has the news.

Adobe Output Module for Bridge CC has been Released

Adobe has released the Output Module for Adobe Bridge CC.

MoVi M10 August 15, and MoVi 5 $4999

Planet 5D has the good news on the MoVi 10 shipping on August 15th, and the MoVi 5 priced at $4999!

Magic Lantern can give a canon EOS 5D Mark 3 14 Stops of Dynamic Range

Planet 5D has the news on this one, where you can now give the Canon Eos 5D Mark 3 14 Stops of Dynamic Range. Pretty damn impressive!

PVC on 13 After Effects Plug Ins you may have forgotten you had

Chris Zwar at the Pro Video Coalition has 2 posts on 13 plug in you may have forgotten about in Adobe After Effects.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Apple has updated Logic to Logic Pro X

Apple has updated it's pro audio app Logic Pro to Logic Pro X and lowered the price to only $199.

I am not an Audio so I can't speak to if they pulled a Final Cut Pro X and nuetered their pro software with a crappy new interface, but at least one review from The Loop doesn't seem to think so.

After Effects Extend Script Training 13-15 are out at PVC

Dave Torno at the Pro Video Coalition has released more of his After Effects Training.

13 is on his ExtendScript Development Utitlity

14 is on Processing Text Strings

15 is on Keyframes

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 5 crashing Photoshop CC

Now I sweat by Extensis Suitcase Fusion as a great font management tool and love it's auto font activation (though I do wish they would make a plug in for After Effects), but right now Extensis Suitcase Fusion 5's autoactivation plug in is crashing Photoshop CC so it won't launch.

Here is my crash log which I am posting for Extensis to see, and hopefully fix the issue.

Is this the deathnell for the new Apple MacPro

Arstechnica is reporting that Acer one of the leaders in Thunderbolt is dropping it for at least the next year. The entire new MacPro is dependent on Thunderbolt to act as it's expansion, since it has no user addable PCI slots. So you must use expensive Thunderbolt expansion to add accessories to your new Cylinder MacPro. The thing is that so far Thunderbolt support is pretty underwelming. There are some good raid enclosures, but almost nothing for just hard drive housings for your old drives, and everything else is very expensive. In fact there are very few PC motherboards with Thunderbolt, and none with support for Dual Xeons, so it is very very niche!

Everyone is betting on USB 3, which is almost as fast (and plans on getting even faster, and has backwards compatibility), which every PC has, and yes the MacPro has a few ports, but not enough.

And Thunderbolt is not really a PCI replacement. It is fast, but not nearly as fast as PCI, so you can't say put an external NVIDIA video card for CUDA support. It would just be too slow.

And without PC support it will always be a very Niche product.

Makes me think if I want to stay with Mac I will have to do a Hackintosh, which are notoriously unstable, but could at least run windows easily, and have everything I want internally instead of in a spiderweb of external expensive thunderbolt peripherals!

I don't want to have to move fully to windows, but even now I am running bootcamp. And Windows 8 boots faster on my Mac than Mac OS X, and I can build a PC with almost all the expansion I want within a single case with a single power cord. I mean I already have such a serious snake of power cable is am surprised it doesn't trip the fuse more often!

OS X Issues, Quicktime died but I fixed it, but Finder is still slow

Been having some serious OS X issues of late.

First quicklook died in my finder. Couldn't see any quicktime movies, and I realized also could not open then in Quicktime, quicktime was basically dead. I tried booting as Root and the issue persisted so I realized it was not my user file, and was something with my system. The problem also persisted in Safe Mode, so it had to be a system issue.

Since my last major issue was a major system fault, I currently have a spare 2 GB hard drive, so I installed OS X on it and moved my user over to it using migration assistant to see if the problem persisted. Twice when I did it the computer froze. It was on, but all USB devices were unpowered, and pulling them and plugging them back in didn't help, and the monitor was black. So I re-installed OS X a second time, and then started it before migrating my old user, and turned off sleep and it migrated fine. And that system worked fine, quicktime was good and everything was there. Since everything had moved over OK, and I now had a backup (beyond my Time Machine), I decided to try re-installing OS X over the old one using my new 10.8.4 recovery partition, and after that OS X booted fine (well a few things are weird, like Sugar Sync, X-marks and it seems Java is now gone for CrashPlan).

After the install my computer boot much faster. I have a PC NVIDIA GTX 670 for my graphics card, so it doesn't show the mac startup screens until it goes gray and the desktop appears, and it was taking a good minute to boot, but now it boots in under 30 seconds, so that is great. And Quicktime now works fine, as does quicklook. No idea what happened to cause it, it just happened.

And I have already run Diskwarrior and TechTool as well as ClamXav, so I have no issues with drives or viruses. No idea what tanked my quicktime.

The one issue I have been having that persists is a slow finder. For the last 6 months or so my finder has been very slow and gets the beachball of slowness all the time. I mean all the time, and I have not been able to fix the issue, no matter what I do.

I have been trying to clean out my user to see if that is it, and have been using CleanMyMac 2, and manually cleaning as well. Nothing has helped the finder issue so far.

I even found this Apple Support forum thread, where they tell you to try this terminal command to see what is installed as finder extension. "kextstat -kl | awk ' !/apple/ { print $6 } '"

For results I get:
For my Microsoft Ergo Keyboard
For my Trackball
For my Razer gaming keyboard
for my Sonnet Tempo SATA E4P PCIe via which I run my SATA drives for editing
How I run Lightwave 3D
For makemkv
I am removing this WireTap Studio KEXT to see if that helps
For my Geforce GTX 670
If anyone has any ideas on how to speed my finder back up without having to re-install everything on a clean OS X install I would greatly appreciate any help!


Red Giant Plural Eyes 3.2.0 for OS X released


Red Giant has released the 3.2.0 update for OS X.

  • Support for the just-released Avid Media Composer 7
  • Using MP3 files as external audio is now supported
  • Added an option to save the synced project to a specified location
  • Now properly supports audio tracks with more than two channels
  • Now properly handles ProRes PAL footage
  • Now supports Avid Media Composer 5.0 AAF files
  • Added support for imported media where audio gain was applied in Avid Media Composer
  • Spanned P2 MXF files will no longer show up as an “Unsupported Format”
  • Now preserves clip spacing when importing an AAF file
  • Fixed problem with media captured from iMovie, CineForm Studio, and Final Cut Express

You can download the update here.

10 New Premiere Pro CC Features Final Cut Pro Editors will Love blog has a great post on the 10 new Premiere Pro CC features that a Final Cut Pro 7 Editor will Love. This is a must read!

Surgery and Diet Update

Haven't given an update in a while, so I decided it was about time as quite a bit is going on.

I am working 12 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, so up to 72 a week, and I am tired. Exhausted in fact. This job is really burning the candle at both ends. And before surgery I know I would either be sick, or getting sick, and I am not sick at all, which is a huge change. Before the surgery I know this much stress and this many hours would have made me really sick. I had asked my cardiologist about it, and he had said it had nothing to with my condition, but post surgery I am not getting sick as easily. I wonder if anyone else with hyper trophic has experienced this?

Of course things aren't all good. I has been doing a 2.1 mile walk every day, then taking the subway to work, and getting over 10,000 steps every day. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to sprain my left foot quite badly. I don't know how, and I do know it is at least not broken, but I am walking with a cane. I have some prescription anti-inflammatory, but I am almost out. The worst part is that I have not been doing my walk because of it, so have been getting only about 5-6000 steps a day which is affecting my diet.

I am still on the 8 Hour Diet, but the getting up at 3 in the morning thing makes it so hard to not eat till noon, and I haven't made it every day, plus have eaten up till 9 some nights, but even before my foot, and eating well I have been staying about the same. Had gone from 258 to 236, but now am hovering above 240, going up a bit, but always back down, but not below 240. Hopefully when my foot heals I will be able to walk more, and when not working 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM, the weight will start coming off again.

Scar is about the same. Still a bit sore and am still using a pillow over it in the car, but I think that is likely because of the 3 bags i carry to work, that rub against it on the subway. I ave my backpack with my lunch and spare t-shirt and towel, an original xbox bag with 2 big full water jugs, and my briefcase/messenger bag with iPad and kindle. And I get a good 4500 steps walking from my car to the subway and from the subway to work and back every day, plus quite a few flights of stairs!

Looking forward to the job ending, and hopefully a couple of weeks off before getting a nice long term job! One can always hope!

Canon EOS 70D DSLR Announced


PhotoRumors has the story on the newly released Canon EOS 70D
. It is $1199 for the body, $1349 with an 18-55mm and $1549 for an 18-135MM. 20.2 Megapixels, with built in WIFI and the swing out lens of it's predecessor. And Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus while you shoot video. And can shoot at 7 fps in still mode!

This sounds like an awesome replacement for the 60D! If only it had RAW Record built in! And lets hope Canon didn't block MagicLantern's access to the very cool new RAW features they have found!

Adobe Configurator 4 Preview now Available


Adobe has updated Adobe Configurator 4
, and it is available from Adobe Labs. It is a preview, but lets you make custom panels for Indesign and Photoshop! Very very cool.

Now if only you could sync them through Creative Cloud so you could always have your custom panels with you!

PVC Posts Media Composer 7 Top 10 and info on new Audio Features

Steve Hullfish at the Pro Video Coalition has posted his top 10 new Media Composer Features, and info on the new Audio Features.

PVC Posts 25 New Features of AVID Media Composer 7

Scott Simmons at the Pro Video Coalition has posted 25 new features of AVID Media Composer 7.

Let's hope the cached waveform redraw is great, as this has been a sore point with AVID forever!

Spanned Markers is a cool idea for sure.

Masks on output monitor is awesome, especially for center cut shows done in widescreen, which I often have to do!

Changing audio gain in timeline is a great addition.
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