Larry Jordan on Adobe Prelude

Larry Jordan has an excellent article on the new Adobe Prelude CS6 for ingesting and logging footage.

I knew it was for logging and even cutting a rough assembly, but didn't realize it could export to either Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro 7. Very cool.

And it sounds like the biggest issue is the lack of ProRES presets for Media Encorder, which I always found odd, but not hard to create for oneself.

Larry also offers a complete 2 hour tutorial on how to use Prelude at his site.

PluralEyes Connector for Premiere Pro CS6

PluralEyes has released a connector Plug In for Plural Eyes so it can launched from within Premiere Pro CS6.

You can download it here. For Both Mac and Windows.

Nice, can't wait to try it out.

Julian Kost from Adobe on Adobe Photoshop CS6 what's New

At Adobe TV they have a 60 minute video on what is new in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Worth checking out.

Some install issues with CS6 Creative Cloud

Had some install issues. Had to restart after install though it never said anything about that, then photoshop would not write preferences, nor would After Effects until I went into my library folder and made sure to change all permissions so I could read and write. Not hard, though made harder by the Library folder being hidden in Lion (the stupidest thing ever in my opinion).

All working now, but need to learn about the new features.

Trouble opening a current Premiere Pro CS5.5 sequence in Premiere Pro CS6

I have posted the following to the Adobe Forums and hope to get a response soon:

I am trying to open my current Premiere Pro CS 5.5 project within Premiere Pro CS6, but am getting the following error message:

The preset used by one or more sequences requires third party components that could not be located.

This was a project that was imported from Final Cut Pro 7 originally, but the only 3rd party stuff used in it are Magic Bullet Suite plug ins and I have already installed them all.

I can't even see if this project has CUDA acceleration anymore, as it is set to Custom Sequence and greyed out.

Any ideas what I can do?
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PVC on 10 things Final Cut Pro Editors may miss in Premiere Pro CS6

Scott Simmons over at the Pro Video Coalition has a list of 10 things Final Cut Pro editors might miss in Premiere Pro 6.

The biggest here for me is selective past and remove attributes which I use all the time in FCP and it will be an adjustment for sure.

Still all livable changes, just have to get used to it.

Macstories review of Collage for iPad

MacStories has a good review of the strange new Adobe Collage iOS app, which allows you to make collages and share them on your adobe cloud drive.

Creative Cloud Touch Apps not actually included

This Adobe Document shows what the actual deal is with the Adobe Touch apps and Adobe Creative Suite.

Basically if you buy any 3 of the following apps, and then log in with your Adobe Account you get a free month of Adobe Cloud.

  • Photoshop Touch for Android
  • Adobe Ideas for Android
  • Adobe Collage for Android
  • Adobe Proto for Android
  • Adobe Debut for Android Adobe Kuler for Android
  • Photoshop Touch for iOS
  • Adobe Ideas for iOS
  • Adobe Collage for iOS
  • Adobe Proto for iOS

Adobe Creative Cloud is out

So if you purchased it is time to download or time to try the free 30 day trial. Looking forward to seeing what new apps or previews come out to keep it worthwhile over just getting the Master Suite or Production Bundle.

A Kickstarter Remote Control Cable System

An awesome remote control cable control Aircam for GoPro cameras has it's project up on Kickstarter. A $375 Pledge will get you one.

This looks very cool, and so reasonably priced, though the $75,000 might be a lot to expect to raise. Still a very cool project.

And for a bit more you can get a tripod attachement for the remote head. Very cool!

Todd Kopriva Free Video Tutorial of Premiere Pro CS6 New Features at Video2Brain

Another must have free download from Video2Brain.

Todd Kopriva Video on After Effects CS6 New Featurees at Video2Brain

Topp Kopriva has a video on After Effects CS6 new features over at Video2Brain.

RE: Vision Effects updates it's Plug Ins for Adobe CS6

Re: Vision Effects has released updates to all of it's plug ins to support Adobe CS6 After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Personally I can't live without Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur, so these are welcome updates.

Blog is fixed, and all the archives are back up, and there is now a search implemented

I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

Still will likely be going down for a period of at least a month and maybe more coming up as I have open heart surgery, and will not be able to do much with my arms until my sternum heals and really can't sit in front of a computer. At least it will give time for my carpel tunnel which has been acting up to heal a bit.

Julieanne Kost has a video tutorial of new Photoshop CS6 Features

Check it out at her blog. She looks at the Mercury Graphics engine, Camera Raw 7, Photographic Blur Effects, and straightening with Adaptive Wide Angle, as well as new type styles, shape Layers and the new Crop Tool. Worth checking out.

Motionworks After Effects CS6 3D material templates

MotionWorks has a template for After Effects 3D Materials and a tutorial for there use.

LFiHD on Switching Video Output in Premiere Pro with an AJA

Little Frog in High Def has an article on getting output of an AJA to work with 23.976 footage playing out to 29.97. The disturbing part is that he doesn't think that Black Magic has this option right now, so black magic won't play out 24P footage to a monitor that only supports 29.97 like Final Cut Pro will do. I will keep on this and see if this is true. If so they really need to fix this and fast!

GPU Features in After Effects 6

Todd Kopriva has an article on GPU acceleration in After Effects CS6 including CUDA and OpenCL.

  • GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer (CUDA on specific graphics cards)
  • Fast Draft mode, Hardware BlitPipe, and GPU acceleration of Cartoon effect (OpenGL with somewhat stringent requirements)
  • OpenGL swap buffer (OpenGL with looser requirements)
Looking forward to more speed in AE, even if most still has to be rendered (though with the RAM saving it may need a lot less rendering).

Premiere Pro 6 and OpenCL

Todd Kopriva has an article on Premiere Pro using OpenCL on AMD Radeon HD 6750M and AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics card with 1GB VRAM in MacBook Pro computers running Mac OSX v10.7 Awesome that they give some acceleration to non-CUDA macs since there are barely any available CUDA cards for Mac, and most Macs have AMD cards. Still they need further support in the future.

Still makes me thing that in the not too distant future a PC will be my main editing machine as it will have superior CUDA support.

Adobe will keep improving Premiere Pro

Adobe blogs has a great little piece on how they continue to want feedback on Premiere Pro and will continue to update it, especially for Creative Cloud users (who are paying more anyway).

The great thing about Adobe is that they do talk to their users and do listen. Look how great Premiere Pro has gotten in such a short time, and it will only get better.

AVID Media Composer for Final Cut Editors from DigitalFilms

DigitalFilms on AVID Media Composer for Final Cut Pro Editors. And must read for any recent switcher to let you know about the features you need to look into to really become an expert in AVID.

Derek's Nerdblog on Premiere Pro CS6 New and Missing Features

Derek Lieu has an article on New and Missing Features of Premiere Pro CS6. A useful read.

Phillip Bloom on moving from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro 6

Camerman and editor Phillip Bloom has a quick little article on moving from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro CS6 and why.

Sounds like the non-CUDA acceleration is pretty damn good, though as I have said I keep wishing for more NVIDIA on the mac, but it looks less and less likely to happen every day.

David Lawrence first time Premiere Pro 6 impressions from an FCP User

David Lawrence has an excellent article over at Creative Cow.

He really sums it up in a Creative Cow Forum Post.
Believe the hype, the Conan boys are right. It really is Adobe's Final Cut Pro 8.
Though later says:

Is Premiere Pro 6 Adobe's Final Cut Pro 8? If you ask me, the answer is no. It's something different and potentially better. Is there room for improvement? You bet. If you miss certain features, let 'em know. They're listening.

 I am so looking forward to Premiere CS6, and do hope it is an FCP 7 replacement, though that also makes me wish for more NVIDIA CUDA cards for the Mac, or it looks like editing is going to move all PC in the future.


Red Giant updates for CS6

RedGiant Software has released updates for Adobe CS6 compatibility.
Cannot complain about day and date release and free updates at that. Way to go Red Giant!

Adobe CS6 is shipping, Creative Cloud coming soon!

It seems Adobe is officially shipping CS6 and they have trial versions available. And in a move that will piss off retailers the upgrades are only available from Adobe themselves. So no deals from other places like the awesome videoguys.

People waiting for Creative Cloud will have to wait till May 11th.

Creative Cloud will certainly be more expensive over time, though additional tools and access to early versions of new technology I think will eventually make it worthwhile.
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Richard Keates on why he dropped FCP X

Richard Keates has a good article on why he dropped FCP X after trying to use it to cut corporate video, and why Premiere Pro is the solution for what he needs to do (graphics heavy productions).

Unfortunately I see many places moving back to Media Composer which I do find inferior for graphics work and hope that Premiere CS6 can make some inroads. I just wish that Apple would re-commit to the MacPro and push to get powerful CUDA Nvidia cards across their line to allow people who are unhappy with FCP X to use the products they want to and stay with Mac!

Dan Frakes on Launchbar

Dan Frakes at Macworld has 2 excellent videos on my favorite launcher LAUNCHBAR. from Objective Development.

The first page is here and the second with more advanced features is here, but I have embedded them below.