It's Official Kodak Files for Bankruptcy

that Kodak has filed for Bankruptcy in the US. Wow, does that mean that Film is really and truly dead? If not now, in the very near future everything will be digital it seems.
Reuters is reporting

Video Space from Digital Rebellion for iOS

that Digital Rebellion has released their free Mac App Video Space for the iOS for 2.99 in the Apps Store. I have often used the Mac version to calculate disk space based on video codecs, so seeing it for the iPhone and iPad is quite welcome. is reporting

Sony's F65 CineAlta, a true 4K Camera

on the Sony showing off it’s soon to be released F65 CineAlta with supposedly true 4K, though it in fact has an 8K Super 35 MM Sensor.
Sony has released some videos on it. You can watch the
F65 Presentation from Creatasphere in Burbank, CA. The F65 Behind the Scenes, and the F65 ‘The Arrival’ Behind the Scenes.
And you can check out the
official web site, and download the Preliminary Brochure.
And at $65K Pretty Reasonable, not as cheap as a Red, but reasonable.
It is CMOS, but hopefully they have worked out the Rolling Shutter issue, and the addition of a Rotary Shutter is pretty cool. And it of course can capture in it’s own RAW (or the SR Codec to tape with an external recorder).
I am sure Sony has made an amazing Cinema camera here, and it is pretty exciting. I wonder what the RAW workflow will be? Will it be as difficult as the RED workflow?
Creative Cow has an article

PVC on Green Screen Lighting on the Cheap!

. It is well worth the read.
The Provideo Coalition has an excellent article by Jeff Foster on how to do Green Screen Lighting on the Cheap

Fresh DV on how to make your own Light Leaks

. It does sound like a fun process, and I will have to try this out.
FreshDV has a cool article on how to make your own Light Leaks

PVC on Lytro being the new RAW

. It has a great interview with the creator of the Lytro, where he talks about the Technology, the future, and the possibility of video cameras in the future.
I would love a Lytro, this is amazing technology that will eventually change everything in shooting, though the quality will have to improve.
I honestly didn’t know that there were other cameras with Light Field technology in existence, even if they do cost huge amounts, or that Red was experimenting with it. That does excite me. As editor, the ability to change shots in post excited me a great deal, but that is a long way off at this point, we are just at the start of this technology right now in terms of storage and processing power.
The Pro Video Coalition has an excellent article on Lytro being the new RAW

DSLRPro has 4 Pros talk about the Canon C300

. Worth checking out. Sounds like people do really like this Camera, though to me it does still seem overpriced!
DSLR News has 4 Pros talk about their experienced using the new Canon C300 with video

Corel has Updated Painter 12 to 12.1

Corel has updated it’s Painting Simulator to version 12.1. People who own it can download the update here for Free.
It’s new features are:
Easily share brushes, save valuable design time. Simply post to a file system, then email, post online or share via a USB memory device. The receiver can double click on the file to launch Painter 12 and automatically import the brush, category or brush library.
Enhanced Live Brush Stroke Preview
Get a sneak peek of an exact brush stroke before you paint the canvas! The enhanced preview feature brings the selected color into the stroke preview. If any brush attributes have changed, the edits will show up in the brush preview window.
New Moving and Copying Brush Variants within a Library
Updated brush variants and category creation bring more design flexibility and fewer steps when saving variants. Now, you can quickly move or copy a brush variant to any category by simply dragging the variant within the brush selector.
New Workspace Management
Workspaces can now be deleted! An active workspace that is being deleted will allow you to select another workspace or a default workspace. In addition, brush libraries can also be removed from Painter 12.
Enhanced Color Mixer Palette
Import a RIFF, PSD, JPG, PNG or TIFF file with custom colors, using the mixer pad import feature. This handy tool gives you the ability to pull a color collection from any source and start using it as a baseline color mixer.
New and improved drag and drop support for panels
Panels can now be dragged and dropped to the exact location you need them in your workspace. Plus, enjoy fine grained control over panel placement within a palette.
New Panel Resizing and Panel Presentation Options
Improved usability allows for panel resizing and the ability to hide context specific information on individual panels. If three dots are visible, you can resize the panel without impacting other panels in the same palette.
Enhanced Adobe® Photoshop® Plug-in Support
Take advantage of 3rd party Photoshop® plug-ins on Mac (32-bit) and 32- or 64-bit Windows.
New and Improved Brush Sharing and Management

Arstechnia on why Pros are moving away from Apple

Ars Technica has an article on why Pros are moving away from Apple. It talks about the whole Final Cut Pro debacle, the fact that MacPro’s have not been updated in so long, and are rumored to be EOL’ed, but it does end with quotes about how FCP X is not that bad, which may be true for some people in certain situations, but for most Pro’s it is too little and too late.
I mean my first Apple was a IIC, and then a Mac Classic and I have never looked at a Windows PC, but have been pricing them out of late, and even talked to adobe to find out the process for moving my Creative Suite license to Windows, as it is likely that Mac just won’t be around for me as a professional editor and graphics artist.

Kickstarter Project Timelapse+

There is a very cool new Kickstarter Project for a Timelapse+ Timer Control for Digital DSLR’s.

This an inexpensive and impressive intervelometer that you can pick up for $129.

Here are the intervalometer features:
  • Take an unlimited number of photos
  • Take sets of photos per interval for HDR (up to 10)
  • Each exposure in the set can be set to a different duration
  • 1/10 second resolution for the interval and BULB duration
  • BULB ramping - shift exposure smoothly during the timelapse (to be implemented)
  • Auto BULB ramping based on the light meter (to be implemented)
Three important things govern the design:
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and Extendability
  • Durability
It's easy to setup and the large screen lets you see everything you need to know at a glance, yet it supports complex timing configurations.

Sony shows Crystal LED at CES 2012

Sony showed off a new television technology called Crystal LED, which is literally every pixel is a RGB LED pixel, has better contrast and a lower power consumption.

You can check out a YouTube video, or more from sony at CES at their blog.

Looks like this tech is a bit in the future, but sounds very cool, and I have seen described as between plasma and lcd. Personally deeper black is very exciting, and with individual led’s it should have pretty good color fidelity.

Now I just wonder how expensive it will be.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite adds Media Composer Support


The Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite Version 11.2, has added Looks compatibility with Avid Media Composer! You can also install a single program out of the complete installer, which as of the last version only requires one serial number.

Very cool. I love Looks, and see this as a further death nell for Final Cut Pro (and no I don’t include FCP X in that distinction, that is iMovie Pro).

FxFactory updated to 3.0


Noise Industries has updated their Flag Ship Plugs in suite to version 3.0!

This version has new Playback Ready transitions, as well as other new updated effects for it.

Still I wish they had added Premiere Pro support, as having Final Cut Pro support is no longer so important for me (yes I still use After Effects) and Adobe Media composer support would be nice as well.

Lightroom 4 Beta released, some Epic RED R3D support!

fxguide is reporting on the release of Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta. And reporting that some settings can be applied to video!

Video Support
Lightroom 3 added the ability to import, manage and tag video files but as the popularity of video capture increases it’s important to provide a single, robust workflow solution that can support all of your imaging needs regardless if they’re still images or video captures. Lightroom 4 adds native playback for a wide variety of formats from mobile phones to high end DSLRs. Photographers can also apply common image adjustments to their video clips in real time. Additional video details:

  • Video playback directly within Lightroom
  • Video trimming (In and Out points)
  • Set Video poster frame. (This is the thumbnail that appears in the grid view)
  • Extract a single frame from a video as a JPEG file
  • Most popular DSLR, compact camera and smart phone video formats supported including AVCHD (AVCHD is the native format for Sony DSLRs and many new Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens, MIL, cameras)
  • Videos can be adjusted with a subset of the same controls we use for images.
    • White Balance (JPEG Equivalent)
    • Basic Tone
    • Exposure
    • Contrast
    • White Clipping
    • Black Clipping
    • Saturation
    • Vibrance
    • Tone Curve
    • Color Treatment (HSL)
    • Black and White
    • Split Toning
    • Process Version and Calibration

You can read about the beta at the Lightroom Journal.

It has many other new features that are pretty exciting.
Check out this video at Adobe TV to see the newest photography features.

JVC Introduces 4K Camcorder


HDVIDEOPRO has an article on JVC introducing a new 4K Camcorder at the Consumer Electronics Show. Check it out at JVC’s own site! It comes in at just under $5000 with a fixed lens and can record something like 2 hours of footage on one SD card at variable 144 compression. Here are the features of this new 4K camera.

  • 1/2.3" Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor (8.3 million active pixels)
  • Ultra high resolution F2.8 10X Zoom Lens
    (F2.8 to 4,5 — f=6.7-67 mm) (35 mm conversion: 42.5 to 425 mm)
  • Built-in optical image stabilizer
  • 4K Recording: 3,840 x 2,160
    MPEG-4 AVC/H.264(.MP4) 4 Stream Separate Recording 60fps/50fps/24fps Progressive at 144Mbps
  • 4K recording for up to 2 hours (32GB SDHC, x4)
  • JVC file utility included for combining separate streams into single editable file
  • Also functions as fully featured full-HD camcorder
    AVCHD progressive (.mts) 60i/60p or 50p/50i
  • Interval (time lapse) recording in both 4K and HD modes
  • JVC's patented "FOCUS ASSIST" function
  • Full HD (1920x1080) trimming function
  • 3 assignable user buttons
  • 2 audio channels
    4K mode: AAC, 2ch, 48kHz,16bit
    HD mode: AC3, 2ch, 48kHz, 16bit
  • Manual audio level controls with audio meter
  • XLR inputs with 48V phantom power
  • Large 3.5-inch 920,000 pixel LCD display with touch panel
  • 0.24" Lcos 260,000 pixel viewfinder
  • Records to inexpensive SDHC/SDXC memory cards
    4 used in the 4K mode
    1 used in the HD mode
  • Wired remote control capability

Personally I am excited by 4K cameras as an editor of HD material as it will allow editors to zoom in without losing quality and to stabilize shaky footage without losing resolution (past 1080 HD). This camera may not do it, but a future one will, and it will change documentary, behind the scenes and direct response shooting. Exciting.


Students and Smoke

The Pro-Video Coalition is reporting on the exciting news that students can now Smoke for free for 3 years with a Student ID! Wow, that is cheap! Now if only they would lower the normal price so us Professionals could have it in our arsenal!

Bunim/Murray drops Final Cut Pro for AVID

Arstechnica is reporting that, that top reality show producer and long time Final Cut Pro proponent Bunim/Murray has dropped final Cut Pro and is moving back to AVID media composer.

Due to the large volume of media generated by our reality shows, we needed to re-evaluate our editing and storage solutions. At the same time, we were looking for a partner who would understand our long-term needs,

Basically FCP X is not good enough, and FCP 7 is old and gettiing long in the tooth, and with AVID now being 64 bit, they felt the need to make the move.

PT_OpenSesame at After Effects Scripts

Paul Tuersley at After Effects Scripts has released a new script pt_OpenSesame.pt_opensesame

This amazing script will translate projects to open in earlier versions of after effects! Adobe needs to buy this and release it! The price is $49.95 and will be worth it when you need it! Very cool!

Blackmagic released HyperDeck Update to DNxHD

MacTech has an article on Blackmagic Design having announced a Pulbic Beta of their version 2.0 software for the HyperDeck, which gives Avid DNxHD format to the device.

I actually wonder if ProRES will stay as a big format now that FCP X is no longer pro software, looks like AVID and Premiere will be the way to go.

Avid Assistant Editor Handbook

The AVID assistant Edtitor’s Handbook has been released.

The Avid Assistant Editor's Handbook provides new users a solid foundation for working in Avid, and it can accelerate an Avid assistant editor's transition to a coveted editor role. There is also a comprehensive chapter on multigrouping that details this often-used process and often-encountered job requirement.

Sounds interesting, and anything to teach assistant editors is a good thing, and I am sure there are quite a few editors who could use this as well.

NVIDIA Open Sources CUDA

MaximumPC is reporting that NVIDIA has open sourced the new CUDA LLVM based Compiler.

This means that people will be able to port other programing languages or port CUDA to other platforms like AMD’s or Intel’s. The others have used OPEN CL, but it is not as robust as CUDA, which is why Adobe is so reliant on CUDA for acceleration, and it is hopefully that which will push CUDA to go across all platforms.

Blackmagic has dropped the price on a Teranex

Creative Cow is reporting that Blackmagic Designs has officially dropped the price on the Teranex VC100 from $90,000 to $19.995! Here’s hoping they also incorporate the technology into future video cards!

After Effects Link for Lightwave

AEScripts has a new plug in, AE Link lightwave to After Effects Export.
This will export Cameras, Nulls, Lights and Rendered sequence into After Effects, and will update as you do more work in Lightwave!

It is $125, but well worth it if you use the two programs. Check it out!

Magic Bullet has updated Magic Bullet Suite to 11.1.2

Red Giant has updated it’s Magic Bullet suite to 11.1.2 including removing Magic Bullet Denoiser. Here are their listed changes:
PhotoLooks 1.5.2

  • Those of you installing PhotoLooks along with the entire suite may have noticed categories that show up in the Looks drawer that happen to be empty – this occurs because Looks created for Looks 2.0 used new tools and aren’t usable in PhotoLooks (yet). We’ve fixed things up for now so you wont see a bunch of empty categories – only categories that have Looks you want.
  • “Save Image As” in the Photo LooksBuilder was never meant to be left in the application and was not working correctly. It has been removed completely. Use the host app you launch PhotoLooks from to save your images.
  • For those of you who also use QuickLooks, there was a bug in the installer that would cause all of your QuickLooks presets to disappear after installing PhotoLooks. We’ve fixed this up.
Looks 2.0.4

  • For those of you using Looks 2.0 in Sony’s Vegas Pro on non-English 32-bit Windows systems, we’ve fixed up the truly annoying OMP error that pops up on your screen.
Colorista II 1.0.5

  • In Premiere Pro, dragging the power mask preview outline was not lining up with the actual mask. We’ve sorted this all out and it’s working great.
Grinder 1.5.1

  • The Timecode Start setting was always working in ‘Continuous’ mode – ‘Reset’ and ‘Time of Day’ were being ignored – all fixed up.
  • Choosing “Original + Timecode” as the main format option was causing the timecode to be off by a factor of 100. We’ve got the math all working now and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
Bye-Bye Denoiser 1.0


Apple finally brought iBooks inline with the Kindle App

Well Apple has finally updated their iBooks app to be more like the Kindle App (can anyone say scared of Amazon Fire) and it now does full screen and night modes where you get gray text on a black screen. I complained about this to Apple right away, but went with Kindle App, because I have found the grey text on a black screen very easy to read, especially at night.

Black Magic buys Teranex!

HD Magazine is reporting that Black Magic Design has bought Teranex Systems!

Wow first Davinci, now Teranex. It will be amazing to see Teranex products at a more affordable price. They always made the best conversion utilities. Wow! This is certainly good news!

Jon Yi's Canon C300 test video

Canon Rumors has posted Jon Yi’s Test video from a pre-release Canon EOS C300. It really shows how well this camera performs, and is pretty funny as well. ll worth checking out.

I still think that the Camera is overpriced though, and should have been more around the price of a 5D body, or maybe even twice that, but $20,000 is just too much for a camera that takes EOS lenses.

Did Apple have a completed 64 Bit Final Cut Pro 8 that they scrapped?

MacGasm is reporting on a video of Richard Harrington that FCP.CO reported on and posted the video which has subsequently been removed.

Harrington said in the video:

"There was a Final Cut 8 and it was 64bit and it was done and they looked at it and said 'This is not what we want to do, this is evolutionary, this is not revolutionary' and they killed it."

If this is true I am totally disgusted. If it is true, Apple should have released the 64 Bit Final Cut Pro 8, and also released Final Cut Pro X as something else, probably iMovie Pro and then done what they could to implement some of the new technology as add ons to Final Cut Pro 8. They would have had a huge hit on their hands, and could have revolutionized editing, but instead they have killed Final Cut Pro as a professional editing program and made FCP X a completely consumer program. Sure it has some great technology, but it will never become a standard even if it does have some good new ideas, because it does not work as well or efficiently as Final Cut Pro 7.

I still can’t figure out why they did this to begin with. A new program that is a revolution is fine, but you should not throw out an industry standard program because you have a new idea.

Magic Bullet Denoiser is gone!

Red Giant has announced that they have lost the rights to the technology behind Magic Bullet Denoiser. It seems Google has bought Green Parrot Pictures, and they own the technology behind Magic Bullet. So the old version of Denoiser will still work, but you can no longer download it from their web site.

They are going to make a new Denoiser, Denoiser 2, which current owners will get for free, and they promise to get the same level of denoising.

I personally hope it is more stable than the previous version, as I often have a lot of problems with it.

Will Apple return to NVIDIA for Laptops?

Applinsider is reporting a rumor that Apple is set to return to NVIDIA for the next round of MacBook Pro’s. This would be great news for editors who have made the switch to Premiere Pro after the whole Final Cut Pro X debacle! I just hope the 17” adds the top of the line GeForce GTX 580M. That would be a pretty bad ass CUDA machine, and with a thunderbolt port could be a pretty serious editing system.

If this happens, maybe you will even be able to get an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 for the MacPro (if they release one more MacPro system at least), it won’t top an SLI system for CUDA, but would be a pretty serious CUDA system.

One can only hope!
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