Adobe has announced it's next set of Premiere Pro features

Adobe has announced the next set of features that will be added to Premiere Pro this year. You can read about them at the Adobe Blog.

Strangely they aren't going into the features that I am most excited about, which the Premiere Bro Blog actually does.

Adobe is mostly focusing on it's new VR abilities which are extensive, though something I likely will never use. And then it's shared projects features, which will be awesome. Much more AVID like abilities in sharing projects and locking aspects of projects. And the Responsive Design tools sounds great with more ability to edit graphics without having to open premiere.

And in their they mention that you can finally open multiple projects at the same time, much like Final Cut Pro could do! That is awesome!

What the Premiere Bro Blog mentions is being able to preview fonts in the Essential Graphics Panel and set favorite fonts (hopefully also a different default font), and an additional 8 label colors for a total of 16, which is small but awesome addition!
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