SplashID 8 announced, no iOS plug in support mentioned...

SplashID has announced that Version 8 is coming soon, according to their blog.

And they list the new features:

- Brand new optimized apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and the web
- Updated UI enabling more functionality on a single screen
- Advanced list view
- Automatic backup feature
- New full featured browser plug-ins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
- Security dashboard featuring alerts and one step fixes for outdated passwords, weak passwords, and duplicated passwords

No mention is made of iOS 8 Plug In. And if that is the case, both LastPass and 1Password will be having that as a feature, and if that is the case it looks like I might be changing password managers!

Honestly I am kind of excited about 1Password not being cloud based at all, so that might just be what I move to, because I would like to have most of my data off the cloud, but I do use LastPass a lot, so I might move to 1Password and LastPass instead of SplashID and LastPass as I currently use. I like the idea of having one completely offline, that syncs via the computer to my iOS devices. And if 1Password works well maybe I will consider giving up on LastPass altogether, though I do love it's security checks.
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