It's December, where is the iMac Pro? And this doesn't bode well for the Mac Pro!

So after being announced 6 months ago, the iMac Pro is said to be coming out in December. Well it is December 4th and there is no more word on it. In fact we still don't know any real tech specs on the speed of processors or the like. And we are right at the end of the fiscal year, so if it doesn't make it out this year, people just might hold off. After all the rumors seem to point to the fact that the processor speed will in fact be much slower than the current iMac 5K, so only being faster in apps that make heavy use of multi-core and faster graphics cards.

And I have to be honest this makes me worry more for the next "modular" MacPro. What the hell is taking so long? I get that the iMac had to have some heavy engineering to fit pro components into the iMac frame (though why it couldn't have been bigger and easier to clean out I just don't know). With the MacPro the last time Apple spent so much time on thinking they knew what people wanted and needed we got the un-expandable trashcan which was a disaster. I don't want Apple to re-invent the wheel here, I want a cheese grater mac with new technology including thunderbolt. And standard off the shelf PCI expansion with USB 3.1. I don't need it to be Modular, it doesn't need to re-invent anything. In fact I don't want it to.

Hell I would go for a bigger version of the cheese grater, with more PCI slots and more RAM slots and more hard drive slots. It could have built in raid with a chasis-less housing for hard drives.

The thing is if it was going to be that it wouldn't have needed to take 6 months. It could have been done and released by now if that was the case. Apple is trying to come up with something new again, and that scares me.

I had been on the edge of buying a PC to replace my MacPro 4,1, but the announcement gave me hope that my next computer could be a MacPro instead of a Windows Machine, but no word on the MacPro and no word even on the iMac Pro gives me pause.

I don't think Apple really gets the pro market, and I don't think they care about it. It is too small of a market (even though it is the market that saved them in the dark years), but they used to understand that it was the pro market's coolness that trickled down and made people use Macs at home. Now they will string us along and give us something new that we really don't want. And I am scared that my MacPro may be the last Mac I ever own.
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