Submitted a support ticket with Fitbit, said to use a rubber band!

So I submitted a support ticket with Fitbit about the defective strap on the Fitbit Force, and got a reply.

They told me to watch this video on how to put it on. And no I am not putting it on wrong!

And then they said to try using a rubber band! You have to be kidding me? The Force is so badly designed that they recommend using a rubber band? WTF!??!?!?! And how exactly? All the way around so it blocks the screen and presses on your wrist, or tied around the defective clasp, so it rubs wrong on your wrist? Neither is a viable solution!

Some designer decided to try and re-invent the watch clasp, but there is a reason they make watch clasps like they do, because they work, and they have for a long time! The watch band on the Fitbit Flex is just a bad design that falls off, so this product wilk get lost, or broken or fall in liquid and die!

Already there are more One Star Reviews of the Force on Amazon than 4 star reviews, because of this design flaw. And Fitbit has even started to respond. I have a review up already at as do many others!

Fitbit needs to redesign and replace with a normal watch clasp, and recall the defective units!
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