What's coming in Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2014.1, it answers most of my issues

The Adobe SpreedGrade Blog has info on the next version of Adobe SpeedGrade Creative Cloud 2014.1.

And it answers most of my problems with SpeedGrade that I have been complaining about, though a problem with multiclips isn't mentioned (and I will talk more about it later).

The coolest feature is the addition of CURVES, which I have talked about! Woohoo. Curves are such a fast and easy way to quickly do a correct on an image and it will soon be here!

The Second is BlackMagic support, not just AJA anymore! NICE!

Also there is layer based grouping to easily work on effects.

They also have added across the Video Suite support for HiDPI displays, which is great, though without much support for HiDPI monitors, it won't affect too many.

Audio is now supported for DIrect Link, for easier sync to audio cues, which is great.

Let's hope this comes out soon!

The only issue that they still need to work on is multi angle clips. I have been working with them in Premiere Pro and while you can color correct them, the plug-in doesn't show up in Premiere Pro, so you can't turn off the correction there as you can with other clips. They need to fix this soon, and lets hope they did in this version, though I am not holding my breath.
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