XBOX One Blu-Ray player is inferior to PS3

I moved from the PS3 to the XBOX One and gave my PS3 to my sister in law, and have to say the XBOX One Blu-Ray player is far inferior so far. On many discs it is slow and seems to get stuck after playing trailers and leave me on a black screen. I then have to stop it playing amd start again and watch more trailers to get it to work. Sometimes you can skip the trailers the second time, but not always. And this often happens. They need to fix this!

Also the kinect controls are only mediocre, so I use my awesome Harmony one universal remote to comtrol my system, and it is annoying to have the on screen controls come up every time they do! And they take a while to go away. It is plain annoying. It should respond differently from a remote control and not bring up on screen controls!

It is just plain slow and not responsive, and they need to fix it. And on screen controls need to only show up when controlling with audio controls, not with a remote or xbox controller!
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