Mr. Reader for iPad has stopped development and has been pulled from App Store: The Horror!


My hands down favorite RSS reader for the iPad, the great Mr. Reader has had it's development stopped and has been pulled from the App store as of September 2016, after no updates for a year. The worst part is even after no development for so long it was still by far the best. Honestly all it needed was to add the in line Safari viewer so it would support add and pop up blockers!

Now I use Feedly, but never liked it's app much, so I have been going through all the RSS readers in the store to find one i like as much as the late Mr. Reader. Now I used to use REEDER, and I think it works, but not nearly as well as Mr. Reader. I miss scrolling to mark articles as read and marker all as read moving to the next category. And honestly the main the I like in Mr. reader over Reeder is that instead of just showing sites ico files, it showed a preview of the post, usually the featured image, which I have really come to rely on. Especially for photo feeds, such as 500px!

If anyone has any suggestions for anything that will work for me, please let me know.

iOS and other Space, Apple really needs to fix this!

Apple iOS has had a serious problem for a very long time, and it seems to be getting worse, or is at least for me. There is a space on iOS devices that is listed as other, and is supposed to be data, be that document data, caches, saves or other things from applications, but it quickly becomes bloated with random crap and can actually completely fill up your device very quickly. In fact I have hit the point where iTunes is in fact reporting that I have more other space than anything else, and enough other to actually not allow my iPhone to sync! Now that is a lot of other data, especially when I last restored my iPhone only a week ago (and a complete restore in iTunes, when you wipe it, re-install the OS and then restore your data and apps from a backup seems to be the only solution to this issue.

Now here is the space on my iPhone.

And here is what iTunes is reporting when I connect my iPhone.

Over 20 GB’s over capacity!

Here is the other space specifically.

And by contrast the Apps and Music space.

Now this is nuts. This is a fresh install of IOS with a restore of my Apps, and I heavily pruned them to make space for more music (as my iPod Classic bit it recently, the horror!).

Now my iPhone won’t even sync because iTunes reports it as over capacity, and yet I have 2 GB free on my iPhone. Now as I said the only real solution is to once again do a backup and restore in iTunes, but this is an imperfect process at best. First off it doesn’t even work from iCloud (I lost 4 months of data when I tried that and had to go back to my last non-cloud backup) and my first restore of my iPhone managed to forget all of my folders and randomly install my Apps until it filled all the pages and stopped installing (though I had more apps on my iPhone before). Another restore fixed this, but it still leaves issues.

You have to re-enter all passwords. And even worse much app data is lost. Google Authenticator will be empty (even with a safe local backup to my computer) so restoring both iOS devices at once is not a good idea, as getting into the things with 2 step authentication without your second password is a huge pain! And apps like SIZER to keep your friends and family clothing sizes just loses all of it data and you have to get it again! And don’t forget to re-log into to your settings for Messages or you will be getting different parts of conversations on different devices!

So just to do a restore, not only does it take at least overnight on your computer, but then you have to spend a good deal of time getting everything working again! Honestly when I backup my iPhone I expect a full backup onto my computer (I can understand a cloud backup being only partial), not a partial backup! Why not make a disc image of the whole install, so a restore literally restores it?

Apple, you need to fix the restore, and especially fix why this Other space bloats to begin with! It has done this since iOS 1, and the problem is only worse now as Apps get bigger and people take more photos and expect to carry more music!

LastPass for iOS 8 Announced


LastPass has announced LastPass as a Safari Plug In for iOS 8. So you can access your vault and fill in passwords right from within Safari in iOS 8! AWESOME!

So about my Password Managers question. The $12 a year LastPass will now work within iOS browsers!

Still want to see what SplashiD does, though I am still considering moving everything over to 1Password as I can keep all my passwords away from the cloud that way. Just don't trust internet security at all anymore, though at least I do use 2 step authentication where I can.

Apple adds a 128GB iPad 4

Apple has added a 128GB iPad 4 to it's lineup (at least within a week), but it is $799 for WIFI and $929 for 4G, so they are charging a premium for more memory instead of staying the same price as they get bigger.

Starting to get to be the right size, especially for video and audio, though I could still use bigger. I keep most of my music in Apple Uncompressed AAC, and it is huge, and I am constantly fighting it being full.

iPad app Readdle Docs reborn as Documents

Macstories has the story on this excellent app, that I have been a fan of for sometime, which has been rechristened Documents, and made even more powerful, with the ability to play audio and video.

I have used this app for sometime, and pretty much use it and iBooks for my document needs.

iPad with Retina Display (or iPad 4)

Wow, 6 months out and Apple has upgraded the iPad from the new iPad to the iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4). It is basically an iPad 3 with an A6x instead of A5x processor, which is supposedly twice as fast. It has a 720p Facetime camera, and a lightning connector and is the same price as the last model, which is no longer available.

Very cool, and a damn fast update!


Big day for Apple, 13" MacBookPro, New Mac Mini, new iMac with better NVIDIA graphics card, iPad 4 and iPad Mini

So Apple is busy making announcements, but they have a new 13" MacBook Pro (Sans NVDIA graphics card), a new thinner iMac with a better NVIDIA 660m graphics cards (Hurray CUDA) and improved Mac Mini, the new iPad 4 (or iPad with Retina Display which is faster, with lightning connector for same price after only 6 months) and the overpriced iPad mini starting at $329 for WIFI 16GB.

Movie★Slate to work with Wireless Timecode Buddy

Handheld Hollywood has the scoop that the excellent iPad slating app MovieSlate will work with soon to be released wireless Timecode Buddy for always perfect timecode.TCBuddy-MovieSlate
Now it is not cheap, as the master is 675 pounds and the other unites are $245, but would then have perfect timecode all the way around, which means this would be an awesome smart slate. Just need a great case to keep your iPad safe on set.

The New iPad Rocks


So the new iPad does pretty much totally rock, especially over my first generation iPad. And really it all comes down to the gorgeous screen. The screen looks absolutely amazing. It glows. Actually at first I didn’t think it looked that good since my wallpaper was showing my old wallpaper which looked pretty bad, but when I replaced it with a better image, wow, the whole thing pops!

And it is good to have more RAM as the thing just seems to run better.

Still missing not having Siri, especially since the dictation feature (which does OK) has to have an internet connection, so I don’t get why there is no Siri!

Still this is certainly the best iPad, though apps need to be updated. The wired magazine app has some jagged looking text, but then of course the apps will be so much bigger, so I wish it was 128GB, but 64 GB is certainly not bad, especially after having 24.

Glad to have it up and working, though it did take a lot of sorting to get my apps into place after having to use such an old restore, and I forgot how long backing up takes every time I sync the ipad with my desktop, but oh well.

And my wife loves having my old iPad 1. She is carrying it everywhere, so that is certainly a good thing.

Restore from Cloud not working with new iPad

Was all excited for today, stayed home from work so I would make sure that I would get my new 64GB iPad, but I have not been able to use it in 4 hours, and am having a nightmare time trying to restore it.

Unfortunately I have been syncing to the cloud with my iPad 1, and it seems that a restore from the Cloud does not work right. Instead all the apps get stuck either loading or waiting, and they never move forward. I seem to be able to install new apps, but I can only delete the old apps and if I try to re-install they continue getting stuck. And I have wiped it 2 times in hopes of trying again, but I seem to keep getting the same problem. I wonder if the cloud is down because so many people are restoring today?

I decided to try from my October Backup via iTunes, but took half an hour for iTunes to do anythign with it, it kept balking and saying it seems an iPad, but doesn’t recognize it.

Took a while, but I finally got my new iPad to connect to iTunes via cable and do a restore from an old backup to the computer. It is from October, but hopefully it will work. What seems promising is that now the iPad says Restore in Progress with a shot of water and clouds. It is taking about 20 minutes, then I assume it will start installing apps. We shall see, but I am have already turned off cloud sync for my iPhone and gone back to syncing to my computer, and will do the same to the new iPad if I can manage to restore the thing to any semblance of where it once was.

OK, now it is restarting, and we have the firmware or update screen on the iPad.

And am on the App install stage. 240 Apps, so this could be a while. Hopefully they will install.

Yes, restoring from the computer worked, so either iCloud is messed up or not working right as too many people are using it now, anyway I am moving back to local backups, as it is more secure and actually seems to work!

Am having to add all the apps since October, wow that is a lot of apps, and will be a lot of sorting, but oh well.

The new iPad has arrived

I can see why friends did in store pickups as it took until 3:15 PM to get here! Youch!

Looks pretty sweet, but is currently syncing and since my sync is with iCloud I am sure it is going to take forever, so I am leaving for work in a minute and hopefully it will be done when I get home.

And I am setting up my old iPad on Kelly’s computer, so she will have it when she gets home.

Woohoo, new iPad.

Marware EvoVue case for Newest iPad

One the day of the new iPad release I got my shipment from Marware and got my new Ecovue case for the newest iPad.

I have one of there cases for my iPad 1 and totally love it, and after I found out that M-Edge does not have custom printed cased with magnets (they have them without) for the new iPad I went for another Marware, and it is a great case.
They have a variety of cases for the new iPad, but I went for the EcoVue, which is what I had, and it is even better now.

It even includes a pen and an elastic to hold it on the side. It has a space for the camera to fit through , they moved the place to put the iPad in to the side with the top on it so it won’t fall out, and it has a little stand for having it prop up on a desk.

This is an excellent case, and well worth the price of $54.99.
Well the case fits awesome, the magnets work well. This is an awesome case. I highly recommend it.

Still waiting on my New iPad

It is out for delivery, but I am still waiting unfortunately. Am doing work from home, but have a lot of work to do at work too! Damn I want my new toy! At least my current boss is cool enough to let me stay home today to wait for my new iPad.

Index Card for iPad Updated to 3.0

DenVog, LLC has updated it’s excellent outlining tool Index Card to version 3.0.

What's New in Version 3.0.0

• Column view: Displays stacks in columns. Scroll independently. Great for TV writers, and those that like to view act breaks vertically.

• Stack count indicator: Displays how many cards a stack contains

• Selectable font size for cards on main corkboard (small - 5 lines of text, medium - 6 lines, large 7 - lines)

• Preview: See what your compiled project will look like

- Open In... : Send Simple Text or RTF file directly in another iPad app, without needing to use mail or dropbox. Great for working on a plane!

- Print: Send your file to AirPrint enabled printer

• Text Selection options:

- Selecting a URL (including http://) presents Open in Safari option

- Selecting an email address presents Mail Composer option

- Word count for selected text displayed in popover

• Forward Delete: Extended keyboard button enables delete to the right of the cursor

• Label memory: The last selected label will be the default for new cards

• Stats: Displays Project count, Card count for entire app (accessed via Info button on menubar)

• RTF export font now matches screen app display font

• Navigate to previous card from a new card (when working on a new card, swipe left-to-right)

• Editing screen background matches user setting


• Onscreen keyboard will no longer partially cover the last line of text, when Long Text is set to OFF

• Changes in progress will be saved if you leave the app while editing screen is still open (didn't tap Cancel or Done)

• Adding a new card while viewing back of card notes, will flip you to the front of the new card, ready for typing in Title

• Tapping the button for a popover that is already visible will dismiss it

• Selected item count now displayed in title, instead of individual buttons

• Select All / None toggle button for quicker selection of cards

I am looking forward to try this out, as I have already outlined a screenplay on this app and loved it. This is an excellent app all the way around.

My the new iPad has shipped, still not delivering till Friday

Just evil, I want it now! Ha!

Apple releases the new iPad

Apple has surprised no one and released the new iPad. Retina Display, more Ram, a better processor, better graphics, an improved forward camera (thought not the camera facing you) and 4G internet, for the same price. .
There is also a new iPhoto App that looks pretty impressive, though I don’t have the hard drive space to keep that many photos on my phone, though maybe if they expanded cloud or made it more like Adobe Carousel. Will check it out on my iPhone 4.

The weirdest thing is that Siri is not included, but I guess since not every model can have always on internet, though it can dictate what you say to it, so the technology is there, they just haven’t activated Siri.

Too bad there is not more processing power and more hard drive space, as well as a better forward facing camera but it is still a rocking machine. I can’t wait to get it!

I am getting one with my X-Mas Money! Thanks Mom and Baba! I can’t wait for Friday March 12th to come. Going to have to see about going in late for work so I can make sure I get it.

Adobe has released Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2

Scott Kelby has a goof article on adobe’s release of Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2 (not for the iPad 1, which I have so I can’t check it out).
It has Levels. It has Curves (it has CURVES!). It has Shadow/Highlight, there’s a Gaussian Blur Filter, you can add text, the Layers have blend modes (Screen, Multiply, Overlay, etc.), and you can show/hide them — change their opacity — create blank layers, duplicate layers, all that stuff. There are effects filters, there’s noise reduction, you can make selections (and you will love how they implemented them). You can share images direct to Facebook, and a whole bunch of other stuff I didn’t think would be there….but is.

Of course, it doesn’t have everything the desktop Photoshop has (or there is no way it be able to run on a tablet), but I think you’ll be surprised at the cool stuff it does have.

Sounds pretty cool, and I would love to try it out

AVID releases AVID Studio for the iPad has an article on the newly released AVID Studio for the iPad. Here is the link to it in iTunes. It is currently $4.99, but will jump to 7.99 in 30 days. Looks pretty cool. Looks higher end than iMovie for the iPad. Looking forward to trying it out.

Big-screen moviemaking comes to the touchscreen with Avid® Studio for iPad.We’ve distilled the world’s leading film-editing technology into an easy-to-use app that enables you to edit video, audio, and photos at the speed of your creativity.'
'Swiftly arrange your clips in the Storyboard, make precision edits using the Timeline, and add high-quality transitions, effects, and a soundtrack.Then share your movie directly to YouTube, Facebook, and more—or export your project to Avid Studio for the PC and continue editing with even more advanced tools.'Easily Access Your Media
Work with any media on your device—video, audio, and photos
Access media from external devices via an iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately)
Capture video and photos from within the app
See your media organized by Albums, Events, Faces, and more
Get started quickly with how-to materials
Easily navigate your project with intuitive gestures
Swiftly arrange clips in the Storyboard
Make precise edits and trim individual frames in the Precision Trimmer
Use the Razor Blade tool to cut on the fly and delete or replace the second half of the clip
Easily replace one clip with another
Quickly create multi-layer 3D animations, transitions, and titles with included Montage templates
Easily composite video tracks to create layered looks
Add high-quality fades and dissolves to help your story flow
Generate professional-looking motion titles and graphics with full control over text, font, color, size, position, and rotation
Create amazing Picture-in-Picture effects with full control over position, size, and rotation
Pan and zoom on your photos to create high-impact slideshows
Enjoy full-screen playback
Create Soundtracks
Use your own audio or choose from the included sound effects
Trim audio to any length, set levels, and fade audio in or out
Easily share movies via YouTube, Facebook, email, and much more
Export projects to Avid Studio for the PC
Pro Technology, Pro Results
Created by Avid, the maker of the world’s leading film and music editing technology
Easy enough for the hobbyist, powerful enough for the pro

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