Apple releases iTunes downgrade to return App Management for iOS

Since Apple released itubes 12.7 they removed both App management and Ring Ztone management from itunes completely. Well because of complaints Apple has now released iTunes 12.6.3 which features app management, of course once you install it you will no longer get notices for new versions of iTunes and it will eventually break.

Apple should just admit they were wrong and either put the functionskity back or make a new app that has just iOS management.

Apple Giveth and Apple Taketh Away. Taking away ringtone support from iTunes 12.7.

So Apple has released iTunes 12.7 and after years of people complaining have removed some parts of itunes to relieve all it's complaints of bloatware.

They have removed the iOS App store and the Ringtone manager completely from iTunes.

Unfortunately there is no way to now organize or control your ringtones from within iTunes. You can manually drag ringtones to your phone with iTunes, but they have removed the sync feature. This is a feature I used all the time, and this is just frustrating. I make my own ringtones, as I don't want to pay Apple for them, but they obviously just want me to buy ringtones from them.

Of course I still want custom Ringtones. Luckily the latest version of Rogue Amoeba's Fission has updated Ringtone support, that saves the files locally (since it can no longer install them) and you can manually install them using iTunes.

Of course there is the problem of getting the old Ringtones out, but luckily I have Ecamm's PhoneView, which I could pull the ringtones back out to my Mac (as well as backup texts and messages and many other thing).

I hate how Apple has a propensity to remove features that they no longer care about, but many people use all the time and have been using for years!

And I am not looking forward to when I get my next phone and have to re-install all apps via download instead of directly from my Mac!

Mr. Reader for iPad has stopped development and has been pulled from App Store: The Horror!


My hands down favorite RSS reader for the iPad, the great Mr. Reader has had it's development stopped and has been pulled from the App store as of September 2016, after no updates for a year. The worst part is even after no development for so long it was still by far the best. Honestly all it needed was to add the in line Safari viewer so it would support add and pop up blockers!

Now I use Feedly, but never liked it's app much, so I have been going through all the RSS readers in the store to find one i like as much as the late Mr. Reader. Now I used to use REEDER, and I think it works, but not nearly as well as Mr. Reader. I miss scrolling to mark articles as read and marker all as read moving to the next category. And honestly the main the I like in Mr. reader over Reeder is that instead of just showing sites ico files, it showed a preview of the post, usually the featured image, which I have really come to rely on. Especially for photo feeds, such as 500px!

If anyone has any suggestions for anything that will work for me, please let me know.

Apple removed my post on removing 5 Star Ratings from iOS 10!

So i started a discussion on apple discussions about them removing 5 star ratings from iOS 10. It was to get people to contact apple about this to get the feadback, and hope people would show their displeasure and Apple might change their wrongful change, but they erased the posts as of today! The posts were at this point.

Apple dontacted me with the following e-mail:

Hi Jonah (Jonah Lee Walker), 

Thanks for participating in the Apple Support Communities.

We’ve removed your post No 5 Star Song Rating in iOS 10 because it contained either product feedback or feature requests that was not constructive.

To read our terms and conditions for using the Communities site, see this page:  Apple Support Communities  - Terms of Use

We hope you’ll keep using our Support Communities. You can find more information about participating here:  Apple Support Communities  - Tutorials

If you have comments about any of our products, we welcome your feedback:  Apple - Feedback
This is bullshit! Apple is not ony ignoring the posts, but erasing them from existance! WTF! Obviously they have no plans to put this feature back! This could not be more B******t! Nice wat to treat your customers Appke!

Working on 1.1.3 of Sharpei Puppy Stickers

I am working on version 1.1.3 of my Sharpei Puppy Stickers app for iOS 10 Messages. I already have 10 more images of Indy to add. So I need to add more JK Pics, and then will put it up to Apple for a new change.

I have made a few sales, but am hoping for more. Hopefully if people give it reviews it might show up higher in lists, and I am hoping as I add more and more images it will be more of a value! It currently has 46 images, so the next version will have at least 56 images and likely more than that.

Sharpei Puppy Stickers has reached version 1.1.2 and now has 46 stickers!

My first iOS 10 Messenger Sticker app has reached version 1.1.2 and now has 46 stickers for ¢99. I hope that people enjoy it. I plan on adding more stickers to the pack in the near future!

This picture from the iPad version shows all the current stickers available in version 1.1.2.

I will update this site when I add more images! I hope people enjoy the stickers!


Released my first iOS 10 Messenger Sticker app, Sharpei Puppy Stickers

So I have released my first iOS 10 Messenger Sticker App, Sharpei Puppy Stickers for 99¢.

It is a set of stickers of images of my 2 Shar Pei's Indiana Bones and J.K. Growling. It started with 10 images, but with the second update is already up to 28 images, and I already have 9 more ready to go for the next update (though will probably add at least another 9 to that). All the updates are free, as I figure it is just adding value to the app! I really hope you enjoy it!

I have also added a section of my web site devoted to the app, and future apps, as I already have plans to do a new app with my mother Linda Lee Carnegie who is the amazing artist behind Carnegie Designs.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or issues. Thanks and I hope you enjoy my new app!

Apple has removed Star Ratings in iOS 10, WTF!

And Apple continues it's downward spiral of removing much used and important features in it'/ latest upgrade. I can't beliwve it, but apple has removed it's 5 Star Ratings from Music in iOS 10! Seriously What The Fuck Apple!  I have spent years rating my songs in itunes and a good year re-rating my songs after El Capitan fucked up my iTunes Library!

Now I get the newer and simpler like or don't like,  but I don't use it! I use the 5 stars I have used for years! And I like to rate music on my phone, but with iOS 10 I can't! WTF! This is literally insane!


If you agree please contact apple and tell them to add this feature back! I have!


I stared a thread on the Apple Support Communities in the hopes of getting enough people to request the return of this feature, and so far the thread is already 6 pages long.

Apple iOS 9 Content blockers leaves iPhone 5 and 5 C out in the cold

The ability to add content blockers to your browser in iOS 9 was one of my most looked forward to features, but though Apple doesn't mention it, all the apps for content blocking leave out the iPhone 5C as well as the iPad 3 which can both take iOS 9. It makes me wonder what else is left off of the earlier devices. I am betting that the ability to keep playing a video on the iPad doesn't work on the iPad 3, but will have to test and 3 as soon as I can get my wife to upgrade my old iPad 3.

iOS and other Space, Apple really needs to fix this!

Apple iOS has had a serious problem for a very long time, and it seems to be getting worse, or is at least for me. There is a space on iOS devices that is listed as other, and is supposed to be data, be that document data, caches, saves or other things from applications, but it quickly becomes bloated with random crap and can actually completely fill up your device very quickly. In fact I have hit the point where iTunes is in fact reporting that I have more other space than anything else, and enough other to actually not allow my iPhone to sync! Now that is a lot of other data, especially when I last restored my iPhone only a week ago (and a complete restore in iTunes, when you wipe it, re-install the OS and then restore your data and apps from a backup seems to be the only solution to this issue.

Now here is the space on my iPhone.

And here is what iTunes is reporting when I connect my iPhone.

Over 20 GB’s over capacity!

Here is the other space specifically.

And by contrast the Apps and Music space.

Now this is nuts. This is a fresh install of IOS with a restore of my Apps, and I heavily pruned them to make space for more music (as my iPod Classic bit it recently, the horror!).

Now my iPhone won’t even sync because iTunes reports it as over capacity, and yet I have 2 GB free on my iPhone. Now as I said the only real solution is to once again do a backup and restore in iTunes, but this is an imperfect process at best. First off it doesn’t even work from iCloud (I lost 4 months of data when I tried that and had to go back to my last non-cloud backup) and my first restore of my iPhone managed to forget all of my folders and randomly install my Apps until it filled all the pages and stopped installing (though I had more apps on my iPhone before). Another restore fixed this, but it still leaves issues.

You have to re-enter all passwords. And even worse much app data is lost. Google Authenticator will be empty (even with a safe local backup to my computer) so restoring both iOS devices at once is not a good idea, as getting into the things with 2 step authentication without your second password is a huge pain! And apps like SIZER to keep your friends and family clothing sizes just loses all of it data and you have to get it again! And don’t forget to re-log into to your settings for Messages or you will be getting different parts of conversations on different devices!

So just to do a restore, not only does it take at least overnight on your computer, but then you have to spend a good deal of time getting everything working again! Honestly when I backup my iPhone I expect a full backup onto my computer (I can understand a cloud backup being only partial), not a partial backup! Why not make a disc image of the whole install, so a restore literally restores it?

Apple, you need to fix the restore, and especially fix why this Other space bloats to begin with! It has done this since iOS 1, and the problem is only worse now as Apps get bigger and people take more photos and expect to carry more music!

FitBit will not be integrating with Apple HealthKit and it's Health App

Well it seems that FitBit will not be integrating it's Fitness data with the newly released Apple Health App via HealthKit.

You can see this very commented post at Fitbit's Forums, where FitBit gives the following statment:

 Status: Reviewed By Moderator
We do not currently have plans to integrate with HealthKit.

It is an interesting new platform and we will watch as it matures, looking for opportunities to improve the Fitbit experience. At the moment, we’re working on other exciting projects that we think will be valuable to users. The question we want you to keep in mind when providing feedback is: What do you imagine a HealthKit integration would entail and what do you expect to get out of it?

Your voices are being heard. We're actively reviewing your responses and providing feedback to our product development team.

Now they say they are listening and want to your feedback, but there are already 32 pages of feedback of people wanting this integration, and they do say they have no plans to integrate with HealthKit.

FitBit does have a $49.99 a year premium service called Benchmark to get better info on your fitness data, so they want to make money off of your data, but they already offer free integration with Microsoft's Health Vault, which negates any argument about having to pay to access your data how you want to.

Health and HealthKit are one of the most exciting new features of the recently released iOS 8. It is a new central repository for your health data, that eventually will even be able to pass information to your doctor if something changes with your health. It is meant to not only work with the new Apple Watch, but with other fitness trackers and devices. And Apple even showed the FitBit app in their presentation, hoping that Fitbit would integrate.

Now I have been a FitBit user from the beginning, with an original, a One and a Force (which I returned because it was giving me a rash) and an Aria for weight, and got a FitBit for my mom as well. So I have been a very good customer. And I have even been saving my refund check for my Force to see what FitBit would be replacing it with, but this makes me think I would be better off putting that money into an Apple Watch.

I have been quite excited by the Apple Watch as it is a Fitness tracker and also a replacement for my Pebble Watch, but the one day battery life and lack of waterproofing has me quite nervous, but the Fitibt Force was not WaterProof and neither is the One.

So maybe it is time to start thinking about moving away from Fitbit. I could sell my One and my Aria and get an Apple Watch and either an iHealth Lite or iHealth Body Analysis Scale (iHealth already has HealthKit intergation from their 4 apps and 9 devices!).

FitBit really needs to get on the ball here or they are going to lose a lot of customers who don't want to be stuck only within their ecosystem.

Adobe Updated and added to it's iOS Mobile Apps

Adobe has completely updated it's line up of Mobile Apps. Including Adobe Premiere Clip for Editing and Adobe Voice for creating animated videos from Lightroom, and Adobe Illustrator Draw and Line apps. And the new Adobe Shape to create custom Vector Shapes.

Very cool. If only their pen and ruler were less than $200. I still wish I had the Wacom tablet, though really it needs a new version, but maybe the Wacom pen would be great.

LastPass for iOS 8 Announced


LastPass has announced LastPass as a Safari Plug In for iOS 8. So you can access your vault and fill in passwords right from within Safari in iOS 8! AWESOME!

So about my Password Managers question. The $12 a year LastPass will now work within iOS browsers!

Still want to see what SplashiD does, though I am still considering moving everything over to 1Password as I can keep all my passwords away from the cloud that way. Just don't trust internet security at all anymore, though at least I do use 2 step authentication where I can.

iCloud iOS bookmarks are messed up again

Well it seems to have happened again. My iOS Bookmarks are totally screwed up again, and I can't seem to get them to clear up.

I will explain my situation again, which has changed slightly. I run Firefox as my primary browser (used to be Chrome, but I am starting to not feel comfortable with Google having dominion over everything I do on the web), but I still use Chrome for some things. To keep my Bookmarks in sync I run Xmarks, and to get my bookmarks on iOS I run Xmarks for Safari, but it doesn't seem to do the trick.

Even though my bookmarks on my Mac in Safari match my bookmarks in both Firefox and Chrome, this doesn't seem to make it over to my iOS devices.

In the past I have run Chrome in Windows 8.1 in Parallels. I would download the latest bookmarks with Xmarks, and the Chrome iCloud plug in seemed to overwrite the iCloud bookmarks with clean ones, but this doesn't seem to be working currently.

I just wish Apple would go back to allowing direct bookmark overwrite via iTunes. They used to allow this, and have gone back to allowing it for Contacts and Calendars, but not for Bookmarks! If they aren't going to give you settings to overwrite things on iCloud, they need to at least let you just overwrite from your computer!


Macrumors is reporting that the next version of iTunes restores local contact and calendar syncing, and my iCloud Bookmark solution.

MacRumors has the news that iTunes 11.1.6 Beta has returned local iTunes Contact and Calendar sync to your iOS devices. I have railed about this because iCloud syncing is very very broken, especially without the ability to easily overwrite the iCloud information from your computer. Now if only they would add back Bookmark syncing so I could forget about the damn iCloud which seems to constantly screw up my bookmarks! Honestly I have now figured the only solution which seems to get clean bookmarks to my iOS devices. I use x-marks to sync my bookmarks, as I use Chrome as my primary browser with Mozilla as my secondary browser. Since I am not a PC (which has the great iCloud Sync extension for Windows) I have to get my bookmarks into Safari on my mac to be able to sync bookmarks to my iOS devices, so I use X-marks, but while my Safari seems to then have good clean bookmarks, it does not follow that my iCloud bookmarks are at all the same. Instead I seem to end up with many duplicate folders, but most of which are empty in random orders. In order to fix this, I have found that the aforementioned iCloud plug in for Safari only available on PC's seems to actually overwrite the iCloud bookmarks, which I can't seem to manage from my Mac. So I boot up Windows 8.1 in Parallels (can also be done in BootCamp) and launch Chrome for PC. Then I download clean bookmarks from Xmarks and wait for iCloud to sync, and that seems to clean up my bookmarks for a little while at least. Why Apple can't add a control to iCloud to control overwrite, like they used to have for syncing, or like x-marks has I will never know. I mean if there weren't issues they wouldn't have brought back local syncing in any for. Lets hope they bring back local syncing of bookmarks soon, so I can forget about the broken iCloud bookmark syncing!!!

iOS 7 Mavericks and Bookmarks!

I just had to get my iPad 3 replaced as the home button was broken, and not only did I lose Gmail Push (as it has been discontinued except for Apps and there is no way to upgrade a normal GMAIL account to apps), but I have also lost all my bookmarks on my iPad as they no longer allow direct syncing from iTunes, you can only get bookmarks from iCloud.

That would be fine if iCloud bookmark syncing worked, especially with LastPass, which I use to sync my Chrome and Firefox bookmarks with Safarl. The problem is that ages ago my iCloud bookmarks became corrupted, and I could never get them to work right again, and now they seem to be empty. As even with iCloud bookmark sync on, I get no bookmarks on my iPad whatsoever! THIS REALLY SUCKS!!

If only apple would allow you to have basic controls over iCloud, like overwrite iCloud with this computers bookmarks (like they used to have), but now it is so dumbed down that my bookmarks are screwed up and I can't fix them, and I can't just sync my bookmarks with iTunes like I always did previously!

APPLE YOU HAVE REALLY FUCKED THIS UP! I don't want to have to go into the Apple Store to try and fix this either, but it might be the only method since there is no phone support. I just want my Bookmarks reset on iCloud. Why can't I do this?

iPad app Readdle Docs reborn as Documents

Macstories has the story on this excellent app, that I have been a fan of for sometime, which has been rechristened Documents, and made even more powerful, with the ability to play audio and video.

I have used this app for sometime, and pretty much use it and iBooks for my document needs.

How crappy is Apple's new Lightning Adapter

So with the iPhone 5 Apple updated and downgraded it's connector to the new lightning connector. The good news is it is smaller, and will work in either direction. The bad news is it is the same speed as the old adapter, sends less data, so many old accessories won't work, and for those that do it requires an adapter at $28 for a direct or $39 for a cable.

Youch! Honestly i would rather have had the old adapter still so all my old devices would work. Especially since Apple said they won't make docks for the iPhone 5, and i prefer my iPhone and iPods in docks!

Anyone else lament the loss of development of hard drive based music players like the iPod Classic?

Sure I have an iPhone and an iPad, but even with the largest models of their generations and a bunch of apps 64 GB doesn't leave much room for music. Not only that but I rip all my CD's at Apple Lossless, which is about half the size of CD quality with no loss of quality. That leaves me with my venerable iPod Classic with 120 GB harddrive (there was once a bigger model, but it is no more). Still not huge, especially with hard drives growing every year, but sans a plethora of apps it can store quite a bit of music. And there is nothing else that matches it's size. Sure eventually static memory will get larger, but so does app size as screens get better. And don't even get me started in how much space large photos take up on the new iPad!?!?!

And streaming music doesn't work for me as long as data plans have caps. And even most unlimited plans are not even close to unlimited! As streaming could be the future, but only if it can be all your songs just as they are in your computer!

I know it will never happen, but i would love a new hard drive based ipod, say 320GB, with an updated interface. It can still be scroll wheel, but playlists needs a fast scroll like artists have! It could store most of my music and mean i can just worry about apps on my iOS devices!

Apple WWDC News

So far there is a new MacBook Air which is faster and faster MacBook Pro 13 and 15" models and the 15" gets an NVIDIA GeForce 650M, so say hello to Mercury playback from Adobe, nice.

And a new MacBook Pro, which is super thin, but not like an Air and has a Retina Display. Only .71 inches thick and only 4.46 pounds, lighter than current 13" MacBook Pro, and it has a 15.4 inch screen, with a 200 ppi pixel density or 5,184,00 pixels! No Optical drive in this model of course. And an updated version of lion with Safari, iMovie, iPhoto made for Retina, as well the pro-apps including Aperature and Final Cut Pro X (yipee fucking do), though being able to see full 1080p in the viewing window is pretty cool, but must take a serious video card! And Photoshop has been updated (or will be soon). Yup it has a GeForce GT 650M with 1 GB of Video Ram. Nice! And up to 768GB of internal flash storage. And up to 7 hours of battery life (that screen has to be a major draw on power). For ports it has SD card, HDMI, USB3 and 2, Magsafe 2, 2 thunderbolt ports and headphone.

It seems the magsafe has been made thinner, nice!

And Firewire 800 and gigabit ethernet adapters for thunderbolt, though I would rather have the ports!

And no word on the 17" MacBook Pro so it is likely EOL.

Uh Oh, now OS X, does that mean no MacPro. I sure hope not!

Onto Mountain Lion. And 8 new features.

•iCloud built in. With Apps updated for iCloud, so your documents can live in the cloud (hurray can we use Pages docs with iPad and Pages on the Mac? Looks like it ). And a final version of messages for the Mac, which will also send SMS (How does that work, do you pay via your phone?).

•Notification Center, banners are top right (just like Growl) or can slide notification center our from right. And can support from other services like Twitter.

•Dictation to the Mac. Probably need something to replace my old iSight though!

•Sharing, now built in to share to twitter from everywhere, and an SDK for any app to support it.

•New Safari, unified top search and url bar like Chrome. Share tabs across iCloud to mac and iOS, and can see what tabs you have open in what place. And Visual Tab View.

•Power Nap. Keeps Mac up to date while it sleeps, fetching e-mail and keeping track of calenders. Still backup to time capsule, download from app store and automatic software updates, and doesn't spin up fans and goes easy on battery.

•Airplay mirroring, display your mac onto your TV with an Apple TV and up to 1080 content (how does that work with the new retina display?).

•Game Center makes it to the Mac. Can even play Mac to iOS on certain games.

And Mountain Lion is released next Month for only $19.99! WOW! And that is from Lion and Snow Leopard! And one purchase will do all your personal macs! That rocks!

Now iOS 6. 200 New Features.

•Significant enhancements to Siri, including partnering with Open Table and Yelp. And working with car manufactures to add a siri button to cars! Now that is cool! BMW, GM, Jaguar Mercedes, Honda, Land Rover, Audi, Toyota!

•Integrated Facebook like Twitter before it with public API.

•Phone App enhancements. Can reply with message or add reminder to call back later!

•Do Not distrub, to get no notifications, or allow it to ring for only certain numbers. Or let a second call from someone though.

•Facetime has been enable over cellular. And unifiying phone number and apple iD, so it will work with mac or iPad and the same with iMessage.

•You can upload photos in Safari

•Smart App Banners to let people know of native apps in App Store

•Photo Stream adds sharing and can comment on photos of friends

•Mail adds VIP, really important people, want to be notified, new mailbox, and a flagged mailbox.

•Mail can add photos from compose window.

•Passbook, looks like a replacement for SplashID and 1Password. Also has location based allerts and can load things like your movie ticket on the window. Airline tickets, Fandago Tickets, Store Card from Starbucks, coupons for Target, express hotel check in and all integrated with Lock Screen. Sounds very cool.

•Accessiblity. There is guided access, lets you lock out controls you don't want kids to be able to access. Single App Mode. Can lock things up so students can't leave the app to get answers.

•Maps. Yup, rumors were right, they are doing it all themselves, no more Google Maps. What does this mean for traffic? Adding local search. Ah, new traffic view added, shows incidents. All crowd sourced traffic from other iOS phones. Built in turn by turn navigation. With an ETA based on traffic. Integrated with siri and works on lock screen. Siri can give time estimates.

•Flyovers for Maps with 3D photographic models. Maps are all vector based. Can rotate and zoom labels, zoom in far enough buildings appear. And satellite view in 3D. Can change camera angles. Adaptive cinematic camera angles.

•Maps, siri can read out directions and give an eta.

•Maps get an overview at any time and just tap to resume turn by turn directions.

•Mail has per account signatures! Nice!

•Lost Mode where you can send a phone number to that phone and someone who finds it can tap it and call you back.

•iOS 6 will ship this fall and goes to beta developers today.

NO NEW MACPRO! WTF! Either the rumors were wrong or they didn't bother announcing it.

Editorial: Problem with iOS

I just needed to add a little rant here. It is the difference between using iOS and a Mac, and specifically iTunes. Now I have way too much to even be allowed to join the iCloud and have my music there. I have 35531 music tracks and 1091 movies.

It is easy to sort within iTunes, as first off I have a trackball and a scroll wheel so I can move through my playlists and movies very quickly on my mac, but it is way too much scrolling in iOS. Sure in some apps you can click on the letter to jump, but there needs to be a quicker way to scroll.

This is even worse in Apple TV. I have an Apple TV to be able to watch the movies on my HDTV instead of my Mac. To find a movie on my Apple TV I have to scroll through my 1091 items, which is slow and not very efficient. They need a quick ability to search or a way to easily pick starting letters.

On my iPad there needs to be a faster to jump pages. I have way too many apps, but I use them, and have them very well organized, but to get from the first to the last page takes a whole lot of scrolling. I want a way to quickly see all the pages and jump to where I want to go instead of just having to scroll.

iOS is great, but it needs work, and honestly it needs more functionality like Mission Control. Instead of the MacOS being more like iOS, iOS needs to be more like the Mac.

Honestly for me in an ideal world I would have a very powerful MacPro, that was expandable and more upgradeable. I am talking even new Motherboards and processors, so it could last years. I would be able to access it in my office for screaming fast speed and video editing especially, but it would have an online portion where I could access it all the time from other computers, say my iPad and a laptop. So I could use the apps there, and basically have dumb portals as my laptops and iPad that could access my main computer and run it’s apps and use it’s documents. And honestly I don’t want everything stored in the cloud, because I don’t trust it, I would rather have the main storage local for me.

Now that is a best case scenario, but that way I could have one computer and one file system, and I could use it from anything with an internet connection. Now this would require fast internet everywhere, and the end of all these internet caps on broadband and wireless.

Now I might not be able to edit completely remotely, but I should be able to do all of the basic things on my computer and work with my computer, and even do basic editing.

Who knows when the technology will be there, but hopefully before too long.
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