Red Giant Updates Universe to 1.3 with 6 new Free and 7 New Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.3!

The Premium effects seem awesome, especially fixing gopro and the the very cool lookin VHS effect.

Red Giant Updates Universe to 1.2


Red Giant has updated it's new realtime effects plug in system Universe to 1.2
with 3 new free effects and 6 new Pro effects, as well as Native Style Effects. You can get Universe from Red Giant for free, or with a subscription for Premium, or a lifetime payout.

Check out the new features and plugs in in the video here.

What's new in Universe 1.2 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

I have been very impressed with Universe so far. And am looking forward to trying out the free Exposure Blur Effect as a transition in After Effects. And CrumblePop Half Light for the Pro section, which has light leak effects.

Red Giant has Updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 New Premium Effects. And 3 updated Effects.

What's New in Red Giant Universe 1.1 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Very cool. Lets hope they keep pouring out updates this quickly. The great thing about the subscription model is if they keep getting in money they can keep updating.

RedGiant Universe is out of Beta

Red Giant has released version 1.0 of it's new GPU accelerated Universe Plug ins. These include 31 free GPU accelerated plugs ins and currently 19 Pro plug ins that can be had for $10 a month, $99 a year or $399 for a lifetime subscription. And they promise dozens of new tools in 2014 alone. Already these protools include a version of Knoll Light Factory, Toonit and Holomatrix.

I love Red Giant's stuff, so this is a great thing. Not sure about all these subscriptions though. So far the small businesses I work with have been very averse to a monthly fee, but the free plug ins are great to have.
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