The CalDigit FASTA-6Gu3 USB 3 and ESATA PCI card for Mac does not and will not work with Yosemite

So I have a CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 USB and ESATA PCI Card for my MacPro to add USB 3 to my old MacPro 4,1. And it worked great for a long time, but not since Yosemite came out.

I checked there web site about it, and it says this:

It does not support OS 10.10, so I wrote to CalDigit, and got this response:

Dear Jonah,

We regret to inform you that the mac OSX platform is no longer supporting the chipset used on the FASTA-6GU3 card after 10.9. Therefore, it has become impossible for us to develop a viable driver for the 10.10 platform that will work with the card. Unless you’re able to revert to a previous version of OSX, you will be unable to regain functionality out of the card’s USB 3.0 ports. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.


CalDigit Support
CalDigit, Inc.

It seems you must now buy the Pro version to have OS X 10.10 support.

Total bullshit! I am staying away from this company!


Maximum PC compares Thunberbolt to USB 3

Maximum PC compares Thunderbolt to USB 3 to see who wins overall.

Thunderbolt is the speed king, but not as ubiquitous and certainly more expensive. Check out the article.

Thunderbolt vs USB 3

VideoMaker has a quick little breakdown on the differences between USB 3 (which should be getting a speed improvement to 10Gbps from 4.28Gbps) and Thunberbolt, which is is currently 10Gbps, but with optical cables can go up to 20Gbps in the future and can carry video and more power (though I don't see how that will be possible with optical).

I have a feeling this will be like Firewire and USB, where USB will eventually win as it is cheaper and backwards compatible, even if Thunderbolt is superior in some way.

HighPoint RocketU Quadd USB 3.0 for Mac

Macworld has an article on the HighPoint Rocket U Quad USB 3.0 PCI Express Card for Mac. Sounds pretty fast, now if only BlackMagic’s USB3 video in and out devices had Mac Drivers… Here it is on HighPoint’s web site.

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