Sonnet has announced a rack mountain solution for the new MacPro, the xMac Pro Server

Sonnet has announced it's xMac Pro Server, to add the new MacPro to a Rack. Of course that is not all as it also adds PCI expansion through Thunderbolt 2, room for optical drives and ports. It is $1499, but adds 3 PCIe Ports to the MacPro including a Red Rocket (through Thunderbolt 2, so no graphics cards) with a 300W power supply, places (with additional kits) to install optical drives and additional hard drives.

A very cool idea, if a bit expensive.

Sonnet releases Enhanced xMac mini Server


Creative cow has the press release, but you can check out the new xMac at Sonnet's site. Using thunderbolt to expand a Mac Mini is a brilliant idea now that not only is there not an X-server anymore, but the MacPro has not been upgraded in ages, and though we have Tim Cooke's promise of a new MacPro, this may be the best Mac Server solution going right now, as you can expand it with many PCI cards, and make a real server, with an inexpensive Mac Mini.

Sonnet releases Thunderbolt Dock

MacTech has the news on these new Thunderbolt Docks.

It features:

15 ports: four USB 3.0, one Gigabit Ethernet, one FireWire 800, one headphone, one microphone, one speaker, one audio in, one pass-through Thunderbolt (for either another Thunderbolt device or an external display), two eSATA, and two internal SATA (one port for included optical disc drive and one 6 Gb/s port for a user-installable 2.5-inch SSD or 3.5-inch hard drive). In addition, the Echo 15 Thunderbolt Dock includes an 8x DVD±RW drive, or optionally, a Blu-ray BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW drive with Blu-ray player software for OS X

They range from $349 to $549.

Thunderbolt products are still a bit too expensive, but this is pretty impressive, especially since you could hook up a new MacBook air to and have a pretty impressive desktop machine (sans a serious video card).

Sonnet Updates Temp SSD card to be bootable

Mactech has this exciting news. Now you can get one of the PCI card based SSD housings from Sonnet Technologies and Macsales (which can fit one or two high speed SSD drives) and you can now boot the system off of it. Nice! This should really speed up a lagging MacPro.
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