Apple has updated it's MacBook Pro Retina Display models

Apple has updated it's MacBook Pro's with Retina display, and dropped the prices, though you have to go to of the line for $2599 to get a discreet NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB of VRAM or you are stuck with iNtel Iris Pro Graphics, so for any heavy editing work.

Apple adds a 128GB iPad 4

Apple has added a 128GB iPad 4 to it's lineup (at least within a week), but it is $799 for WIFI and $929 for 4G, so they are charging a premium for more memory instead of staying the same price as they get bigger.

Starting to get to be the right size, especially for video and audio, though I could still use bigger. I keep most of my music in Apple Uncompressed AAC, and it is huge, and I am constantly fighting it being full.

Blackmagic Design has updated DaVinci Resolve to 9.1 with Retina Display Support

Creative Cow has the press release. As always you can download the free version from Blackmagic Design.

Here are the new features.

  • Support for Apple Macbook Retina technology.
  • Support in XML for FCP X Audition.
  • Improved XML integration for better workflows between Resolve, FCP X and Final Cut Pro 7.
  • Integration with DeckLink 4K Extreme.
  • Includes CinemaDNG Input Device Transform (IDT) for grading Raw images in ACES workflows.
  • Ability to generate new AAF for MXF audio renders.
  • Improved chase audio feature allowing specification in either frames or seconds.
  • Support for timeline audio when PowerMastering.
  • Playback support for Sony Raw F55/F5 files.
  • Improved rendering times for Sony CineAlta SStP files.
  • Playback support for the Red Mysterium-X Monochrome sensor (software decode only).
  • Playback and render support for DNxHD 100.
  • New ASC CDL metadata extraction from ARRIRAW headers.
  • Matte clips can now be assigned to multiple clips in the Media Pool.
  • Red Rocket can now be disabled from Preferences.
  • NTSC DV playback supports both 4X3 and 16x9 aspect ratios.

I really need to spend the time and learn this, whenever I get some free time that is!

13" MacBook Pro with Retina, not for Editing

Apple today released the 13" MacBookPro with Retina Display. And unlike it's 15" Cousing which sports an NVIDIA Geforce GT 650m and a Intel HD Graphics 4000, the 13 model only has the Intel HD Graphics 4000, which means no CUDA support for Premiere Pro editing, and certainly not as good graphics.

It is still an impressive little machine, but not really a solution for editors.

It starts at $1699 and is shipping today.

I wouldn't want one, as the 15" would be much more conducive to editing.

iPad with Retina Display (or iPad 4)

Wow, 6 months out and Apple has upgraded the iPad from the new iPad to the iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4). It is basically an iPad 3 with an A6x instead of A5x processor, which is supposedly twice as fast. It has a 720p Facetime camera, and a lightning connector and is the same price as the last model, which is no longer available.

Very cool, and a damn fast update!


Went to an Apple Store and checked out a MacBook Pro with Retina Display and it is awesome

I already have a the New iPad with Retina display and love it, and haven't owned a Laptop in years (my last was the black plastic Mac Laptop, which was fantastic), and have been unpleased with the lac of NVIDIA cards in mac laptops to work with CUDA, but this answers that problem in spades.

And the screen is fantastic. Being able to switch to a 1920x1080 resolution for editing is fantastic, I could really use one of these. The screen is gorgeous and this is a powerful machine, just have to upgrade when you get it, as it is not user upgradeable, so spend more on the high end and the bigger hard drive and more RAM, so it would cost an arm and a leg. Still it would be worth it to have a portable editing machine this powerful!

I so want one, but can't afford it, though I sure wish I could.

MacRumors on the new MacBook Pro's Retina Display

MacRumors has a very interesting look at the new MacBook Pro Retina display and some features I didn't know about. It seems you can increase the apparent resolution of the 15 inch display by decreasing the PPI. Normally the display is equivelent of a 1440 x 900 display at full PPI, but cna be changed to 1680 x 1050 High-Res or 1920 x 1200 and you just lose pixel density, but would be awesome for editing.

Also the loss of the glass cover is supposed to reduce glare by 75%!

Of course it is now coming out that it has no user upgradeable parts and soldered RAM, so buy it with the Max RAM that you will need because you won't be adding anymore later!
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