No Film School on why Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be shot on the RED WEAPON 8K.

No Film School has a good article on why Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be shot on the Red Weapon in 8 K.

It includes James Gunn's post on Facebook, which is really interesting, and I love what he is saying about Film and Digital. How he is not trying to replicate film and just finds it easier to do digital work when it is all digital (which is always what I felt, and what made doing a film like Star Wars The Force Awakens on film seem a little ridiculous). It also for Long Takes and for the small size of the body.

Kickstarter AllSteady-6Pro DSLR/RED 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The AllSteady-6Pro DSLR/RED 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer is a very impressive looking Gimbal that finishes funding on February 26th, and everything is supposed to ship by March 31st, 2015.

Of course no guarantee from Kickstarter, but would love to run to Orange and check one of these out at Turbo Ace, and the Kickstarter discount is huge! This looks like a really impressive and well manufactured piece of gear!

Red Shark has some hints on the rumored RED Weapon a new camera

Red Shark has what it knows about the new RED Weapon that Jared Land has been playing with (and controlling via WIFI). It will likely be revealed at NAB.

Always exciting to see a new RED, though I am still hoping for less expensive cameras, but a larger sensor as rumored and wifi will likely mean more expensive.

Jim Jannard has stepped down as CEO of RED

Red Shark has the news, that Jim Jannard has stepped down as CEO from RED, citing personal attacks on his integrity. Don't know how this will affect the company, but we will see.

Jim Jannard on why 6K at Red Forums

We entered the market way back when with a 4K camera. Our thinking was that 1080P was not good enough to replace film. We were right apparently... 7 years later.

What we learned along the way was that while 4K acquisition was certainly better than 1080P... it was not ideal.

A 4K finish from a bayer pattern sensor (what everyone does) begs for more captured resolution than 4K. A 1080P sensor (1920x1080) does not fill up a 1080P box. A 4K sensor also does not fill up a 4K box.

Our M-X sensor captured 4.5K in a RED ONE and 5K in an EPIC-X (or EPIC-M). Much better. The 4K box was almost full. 6K... the 4K box is overflowing.

Going forward, we realize that down-rezzing has a HUGE advantage to final output. Hence the 6K Dragon.

Not only do you have the option to recompose, stabilize, and zoom... the idea of down-rezzing gives a much better final output to a 4K delivery. It lowers noise. You get apparent sharpness without sharpening.

So while the others have joined the party... they have entered where we were 7 years ago. They have thrown the ball to where the receiver was... not where he is.

At some point you need to decide who you believe will deliver the future. The company with the vision, or the company that follows the vision. Who is ahead and who is behind?

If the company with the vision also happens to embrace their customers at all costs (upgrades instead of all new cameras)... you win every which way you look at it.

The choice is yours...


What makes me wary on the argument of downrezzing for more quality is there is no 6K or even 5K 16x9, so even if you go to a ProRES recorder you will get black bars on the top and bottom and have to spend time converting the higher resolution material and downscaling and pan and scanning. I think it makes sense for features, but for 1080, the non 16x9 resolutions really don't make much sense.

Still I would love to have a RED EPIC with Dragon sensor if I could afford it.

RED starts Dragon Sensor Pre-Orders

RED has started the red dragon 6K sensor pre-orders. You can read all about the Dragon on their web site. And they have a FAQ on the upgrade as well.

It is very exciting that they are are making good on their promisses and releasing upgradeable parts for your RED camera, though it makes it a constan source of putting new money into your cameras as well.

Cinescopophilia Camera Test ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, Sony F55

Cinescopophilia has a Sensor Tests for the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic and Sony F55.

RED Dragon sensor has 20 stops, but loses Scarlet Upgradability!


Cinema 5D has the announcement which was made at and leaves all Scarlet users out in the cold. 20 Stops in unbelievable, especially considering the market leader, the ALEXA has (only) 14 stops! Now if this is true, it will be phenomenal. 20 Stops and 6K!

What will not be so phenomenal is that the Scarlet X will no longer be able to use the dragon as it will no longer be able to be used in the Scarlet, which was previously announced. So I bet they will have some upgrade path to epic for disgruntled scarlet owners.

mLogic mLink and mLinkR Thunderbolt Chassis


Engadget has the news on this new Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis. The normal model is $399 and fits half length PCIe Card to thunderbolt, but the $699 version which will ship later is made specifically for the RED Rocket transcode accelerator, so you can take it on the go, or use it with your iMac. This company was started by the guy who started G-RAID so they are quality. You can check out mLogic.

RED has significant Price Cuts

Photo Rumors has this news (as well as others). After the Sony announcement of the new Sony F5 and F55 4K CineAlta cameras, RED is not sitting on it's heals and has announced steep Price drops across their line.

  • RED EPIC-M: $24,000 (old price: $39,500)
  • RED EPIC-X: $19,000 (old price: $34,500)
  • RED SCARLET-X: $7,950 (old price: $9,700)
  • RED ONE MX: $4,000 (old price: $25,000)

Jim Jannard has a lot to say about it over at

Pretty awesome news which forces it's competitors to stay competitive on pricing! Nice! Wish I could afford a RED, but alas no. Still very exciting news!

FilmMaker IQ on 20 new Camera Pockets guides from Black and Blue

Saw this one at Filmmaker IQ. You can get them at The Black and Blue, which are simple folder pocket guides for 20 cameras in use now. It is $15.00 for all 20 guides.

Red Dragon Sensor 'Single most significant sensor in the history of image capture'


Engadget has an update on the new Red Dragon 6K image sensor. Jim Jannard claims it has less noise at ISO 2000 than the previous sensor has at 800 (it's standard setting) and offeres 15+ stops and 120FPS at 5K. It will be $6000 for Red Epic customers and they haven't said how much it will be for the Scarlet X.

Of course you usually take what Jannard says with a grain of salt, though I don't doubt it will be an impressive sensor!

RED announces 6K Dragon Senson

RED has announced it’s 6K Dragon sensor for the Epik and Scarlet. $6000 to upgrade your Epic and TBD for the Scarlet. Very cool to have upgradeable cameras!


They also announced the Red Ray Player.


And a High End digital projector.

Mike Curtis from HD for Indies on Red Scarlet

Mike Curtis from HD for Indies has a good article on the newly announced RED Scarlet. And it’s pros and cons. It is well worth a read.

It does seem that the Scarlet is the better deal here, though the process is harder to shoot with, but the results should be better.

The Canon lenses issue is the same with both Cameras, and could actually be solved with the new Canon EF Cine lenses they are releasing with the EOS C3800.

I still think both cameras are a bit too expensive, and the Scarlet will have beta issues as it is s RED.

The Red Scarlet has been Announced


So Red has announced it’s Scarlet tonight, to take the shine away from Canon and it’s EOS C300, and it is shipping this year with a Canon Mount with Autofocus (unlike the canon mount on the C3800). And it is $9750 with the Canon AI mount and side SSD, $11250 with TI PL mount or TI Canon Mount, and $14015 as a package with the canon mount (as well as aside handle touch lcd, redvolts, redmag 64GB red station and AC adapter).

It shoots true 4K, though not with ramping (and if you try hdrx mode it only shoots at 12FPS in 4K). It shoots at 50MBps, which is much higher than the Canons 50Mbps.

Still harder to shoot with as RED is a process, but is certainly the superior camera, but sounds like the EOS is more going against Sony.
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