NVIDIA releases Quadro, GeForce for OS X drivers

Macnn is reporting that NVIDIA has updated it's graphics card drivers, but you need CUDA 5.5.28 to work with them.

I tried installing them in my MacPro with a PC NVIDIA Geforce 670 and it wouldn't restart, had to zap the PRAM, so be careful with these!

NVIDIA K6000 Quardro Announced

FXGuide has the news on this awesome new video card.  2880 CUDA cores and 12 GB of memory! A workstation class card if there ever was one. Way too expensive for normal use though! 

AnandTech has some great comparisons on this new wondercard.

Until I have a really big company to afford something like this I would still like a GTX TITAN.

The Edit Doctor on NVIDIA Quadro Performance speeds with Premiere CC and my worries on new MacPro

The EditDoctor has an interesting article on how recent NVIDIA drivers have literally doubled the performance of Quadro's for Premiere Pro.

And this is why I worry about the new MacPro. OpenCL acceleration is not nearly as fast as CUDA on the PC, and the Mac has always had a far inferior OpenCL installation. Multi GPU's are incredibly hard to code for and only give moderate performance enhancements on even the most mutli-GPU aware games on the PC, so they are only for the most hard core of gamers. The only exception to this is a Maximus configuration from NVIDIA which is a Quadro with a TESTLA card (the non-consumer version of a Titan), which has incredible power and speed and really can use both processors. This all leaves the new MacPro in the code. Most software won't be coded for multiple AMD GPU's and even if they are the performance increases are usually pretty modest, and OpenCL can't touch CUDA! So why made a new "pro" machine without the option for CUDA? The only argument I can see if form over function, and that seems to be what the new MacPro is all about!



Steve Hullfish has a great article on the power of the NVIDIA QUADRO K5000 with CUDA enabled apps

I really would like to see someone test the speeds on this next to a GTX TITAN and a GTX 680 MAC edition. I know the MacPro has a slower bus than what any of these can do, but I would still love to see the comparison as the QUADRO is expensive. And if you were to add a TESLA...

Bare Feats tries out Tandem Video Cards for Pro Rendering

Bare Feats has tried out Tandem GTX 680's and K5000s in After Effects and the Octane Renderer! Don't even want to think about running separate power for another video card! Ha!

Love that the GTX 680 is faster than the K5000s. Think if it was GTX TITANS! Ha!

Renderosity reviews the NVIDIA QUADRO K4000

Renderosity has a review on the NVIDIA QUADRO K4000. Not as powerful as the much more expensive K5000, but more powerful than the previous 5000. And a single slot card, so possibly a good solution to use with a TESLA.

Renderosity Reviews the NVIDIA QUADRO K5000

Renderosity has a great review of the NVIDIA QUADRO K5000 from a graphics perspective. The only thing I would like to see is something like a Geforce 670, 680 or 690 instead of a GTX 480 as the comparison to a standard card, as I would like to see it's performance against another Kepler card, one for gaming and one for workstation graphics and see the difference there.

NVIDIA announces more Quadro Cards

Engadget has the announcement of 3 new QUADRO cards from NVIDIA based on Kepler to fill the space over the $2500+ K5000. They have the K4000 for $1300, the K2000 for $600 and the K600 for $200. Nice. Not for gaming, but great for 3D and architectural and video work.
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