PVC on Comparing 3D Type options for After Effects

Rich Young a the Pro Video Coalition has an article to check out on 3D Type in After Effects.

VFXER reviews Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8

VFXER has a great new review of the new Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8. It is a good review and does the comparisons with Element 3D and Cinema 4D.

Here is the first video from Zaxwerks on new features. And it seems that the newest feature is speed, as they say fast many many many times in the video! And it does look fast even with Ray Tracing turned on, which Element 3D cannot do.

And the Shadows sounds great, as you don't get shadows from Element 3D, and it includes Lens Flares and Lighting Rigs within the plug in (or stand alone app) which you need Optical Flares to do this with Element 3D.

Honestly I had written off 3D Invigorator Pro as soon as I tried out Element 3D, as it was just so much easier to use and more powerful and quick. And I like how Element 3D integrates the 3D so well into After Effects 3D world (which it looks like it still does better), but this version is the first to impress me in a while. The biggest issue for me is price. $399 is more than basic Element 3D and Optical Flares from VideoCopilot. And even the $149 upgrade price seems a bit steep. And I don't know that I need it now that I have element 3D and can use Cinema 4D within after effects. Still looks like the upgrade they should have done long ago!

Red Giant has updated it's Shooter Suite to version 12.5

Red Giant has updated their Shooter suite to Version 12.5.

It is $399 for full and $99 for upgrades from version 12.

It has a new version of BulletProof 1.2, Plural Eyes 3.5, it now includes Denoiser II, LUT Buddy, and now Instant 4K for uprezzing.

A great suite for on set work, and Plural Eyes is essential for all shoots with separate audio!

Adobe Kuler available for Adobe Photoshop CC 2014


The iOS App Adobe Kuler now has a control panel for Photoshop CC 2014. You can get it at the Creative Cloud Add on Site. The app lets you create and share color themes between your iOS device and Photoshop. Very very cool!

Red Giant has Updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 New Premium Effects. And 3 updated Effects.

What's New in Red Giant Universe 1.1 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Very cool. Lets hope they keep pouring out updates this quickly. The great thing about the subscription model is if they keep getting in money they can keep updating.

Adobe needs to do something about 3rd party Plug Ins to make it easier to upgrade

With the release of Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, we have yet another set of programs installed in our computers, which is nice, as the last version will keep working for old jobs (and when plug ins have not been rewritten yet), but it makes for a pain in the ass in getting plug ins working again.

After Effects has so many places plug ins can be installed. In your Library folder and in the Plug ins folder in it's application. So you have to painstakingly either re-install all your plugs in or go through and copy plug ins over between versions.

Photoshop used to do this well, with a 3rd Party plug-ins folder. So when you installed a new version you could just point Photoshop to this folder, and all your 3rd Party Plug-Ins would be there. Of course in true idiotic fashion they removed this feature.

And sure, some old plug ins will not work, but they could do a browser style plug in checker, which checks if your version works, and you could have a way to force them to work (or at least try to work) if it doesn't know (as is possible in browsers like Mozilla Firefox).

This would just make everything so much easier and smoother with every upgrade! And since all CC users are in Creative Cloud, they will getting all the new updates, and likely implementing them!

Please Adobe do something about Plug-In Management and do it soon!

VideoCopilot with Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014, Element 3D not working yet

Update on VideoCopilot Software and Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014. Looking over at the Forums, it seems that everything except Element 3D is working with Creative Cloud 2014. And according to Andrew Kramer's Twitter Feed, they are working on it.

With Red Giant working, and everything but Element 3D working, most of my plug ins are good. Now time to check on Re:Vision plug ins!

Red Giant Updates for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

Luckily that didn't take long. Red Giant has updated all their software for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.

Really many of the most important plug ins for After Effects. I use them every day!


XtraFinder for OS X


I recently discovered Tran Ky Nam's XtraFinder for OS X.

It is a program that adds extra abilities to the OS X finder. It is intended to add tabs and control tabs within the finder, but since this has been added to Mavericks, it still has many other cool features.

Some of my favorites are recoloring the Finder Sidebar Icons, which I think makes them much easier to see.


Another really cool feature is adding back the full colored label to labels in OS X. Mavericks had changed this behavior to tags, so that there is only a tiny colored dot, but you can turn back on full colored tags which I think makes them much easier to spot.


You can also add items to finder menus:


Here is show hidden items:


And the ability to launch an application as root!


Overall a very cool finder extension, especially for the power user!


Video Copilot releases new free plug in Color Vibrance

Video Copilot has released another new plug in, and free. Color Vibrance does one thing, but it does it well and easily. Download it from there site.

I love how they will do a tutorial and realize they could create a tool to make it easier, then release it free. Awesome company!

RedGiant Universe is out of Beta

Red Giant has released version 1.0 of it's new GPU accelerated Universe Plug ins. These include 31 free GPU accelerated plugs ins and currently 19 Pro plug ins that can be had for $10 a month, $99 a year or $399 for a lifetime subscription. And they promise dozens of new tools in 2014 alone. Already these protools include a version of Knoll Light Factory, Toonit and Holomatrix.

I love Red Giant's stuff, so this is a great thing. Not sure about all these subscriptions though. So far the small businesses I work with have been very averse to a monthly fee, but the free plug ins are great to have.

Cinemartin makes Premiere Pro Plug-ins for ProRES and H.265 HEVC for Windows

Studio Daily reported the news from NAB.

A 30 Day Trial is available for download.

They will have various versions:

•ProRES 422 including LT and HQ in 1080p 30FPS for $68 with Single Core Encoding

•ProRES 4444, UHD, 4K and H.265 (v2) at up to 60FPS for $137 with Dual Core Encoding

•H.265 SQ and HQ and up to 6 Core Encoding for $551

ProRES is so ubiquitous that this is great news.

RE:Vision Announces Twixtor 6

MacTech is reported that RE:Vision has announced a new version of their amazing slow motion plug in TWIXTOR. This includes GPU Support for NUKE and SCRATCH.

Love this plug in. The most amazing slow motion plug in yet created. Well worth it if you need it, though not cheap!

Red Giant Releases Universe Plug In


Red Giant has released a new set of GPU accelerated plug ins called Universe. Right now you can try out the Free plan which includes 32 free plug ins, and you will be able to get Premium plug ins, or create your own. They are also updating many of their old plug ins to work GPU enhanced in universe.

Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe from Red Giant on Vimeo.

There is the free membership, a $10 a month Premium Plan or a $99 per year plan, or a $399 Lifetime plan that does not expire!

The Plugs include:

Universe Free Tools
Universe Blur (7 plugins)
Universe Distort (8 plugins)
Universe Generators (4 plugins)
Universe Glow (3 plugins)
Universe Transitions (9 plugins)
Universe Premium Tools
Universe Chromatic Glow
Universe Holomatrix
Universe Knoll Light Factory EZ
Universe Noise
Universe Premium Transitions
Universe Prism Displacement
Universe Retrograde
Universe Toonit

This sounds very cool, and I have already installed and am looking forward to trying them out. Not sure about the monthly pricing unless they do add as many effects as they say they will, but the Lifetime is probably the best deal here, especially seeing things like Knoll Light Factory being added with GPU support.

Also is an addition is called Red Giant Supernova, which allows you to program plug ins quickly using the Red Giant Universe Library. So it fairly easy to create your own plug ins.

Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe from Red Giant on Vimeo.


Red Giant Updates Color Suite to 11.0.4 for Premiere Pro CC 7.2 Compatibility

Red Giant has updated it's color suite for Premiere Pro CC 7.2.

Stu Maschwitz releases ProLost Burns v1.6 for $3.99

Stu has updated his ProLost Burns effects. You can read all about them, or order them for $3.99. It is a simple and easy way to create the Ken Burns effect within After Effects.

Thanks Stu!

OnOne has upgraded it's Perfect Photo Suite to 7.5


MacTech has the announcement, and it is a free upgrade for current users or $249.99 for new users on sale for $199.95. This is an awesome set of plug-ins that I use all the time, and can't recommend it more highly.

Check it out at onOne. And onOne's info on it.

AEScripts Toy Bricks


Crossphere at AEScripts has created the $199.99 Toy Bricks 3D Physical Motion collision simulator for After Effects.

Looks very cool. A bit too much for me to get and play with, but does seem very fun.

AEScripts Create Pivotal Null


Zach Locatt has released the Create Picotal Null script at AE Scripts. It lets you quickly create a null at key layer points and parent layers to that null. It is $5.99 or name your own price.


Here is the control panel.

Again, looks very useful, I just wish there was a way to have all my scripts in the cloud and be able to use them wherever I log in, as I work in too many other bays, and hate to get used to things that make my life easy when I can't use them elsewhere!

GuideGuide for Photoshop free plug in


Check out free photoshop grid's plug in called GuideGuide.
It's free, and great when you need to be precise. Works with CS5 and CS6.

Richard Harrington posts 2 Free Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

Richard Harrington over at Creative Cow has posted 2 free Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins.

A simple mask with rectangular or elliptical masks.

Anda a Vignette plug in.

Both are from Creative Impatience. They also have a Feathered Crop and a Power Window plug in available.

Free is always good.

Piccure Camera Shake Reduction Plug in Beta

Petapixel has an article on the beta of the new Piccure Camera Shake Reduction Plug in that you can download for free for 14 days to try to give feedback. Looks pretty amazing, I am looking forward to giving it a go. Be interesting to see if it is better than Adobe's own solution which is coming with the next cloud version of creative cloud.

Check it out at their web site.

Simple Car Rig Tutorial in Element 3D

Video Copilot has a new simple car rig in Element 3D Tutorial.

After Effects Render Booster from Tinka Tinka

Tinka Tinka has released the free Render Booster to easily do background and multi-machine renders with after effects.

Paul Tuersley Scripts at AEscripts

Paul Tuersley has released some new really useful scripts for After Effects. Check out his page, where he lists all 15 of his scripts.

He has released:

pt_TextEdit 2 for $34.99 which allows you to search and edit text layers throughout your project (awesome for text changes and spelling error fixing).

pt_EffectSearch 3 for $34.99 which lets you search for missing effects or where effects have been used, turn them off and on and even delete them or link them.

pt_ExpressEdit 2 for $34.99 which allows you to search, apply and edit all expressions throughout a project.

And older scripts he has include:

pt_OpenSesame for $69.99 which brings backwards compatibility via exporting projects as editable human readable text files.

pt_Multiplane for $29.99 which turns layered Photoshop or Illustrator files into 3D multiplanes with expressions to control their z axis!

All incredibly useful, though I would be more likely to use them if I wasn't forced to work in offices so often. And his are a little more expensive than the average ones on AEScripts, but still very very useful.

New Features of Mocha AE Included with next After Effects

Todd Kopriva has posted a list of new features of the included Mocha with the new version of After Effects.

This is already one of the most powerful 3D motion trackers around, but any additional features to make it a little more accessible are a great idea.

It of course sounds better. Wonder what the upgraded AE version will include? And with their technology now included in CoreMelt SliceX, they are getting even bigger.

onOne Announced Perfect Photo Suite 7.5

Photoshop Support has the news on the newly announced Perfect Photo Suite 7.5, which will be free to current users, $199.95 for the Premium Edition and $99.95 for the Lightroom and Aperature Edition.

I see this as a must have plug in for all photographers and photoshop users. They give upgrades for large updates and the program is always reasonably priced!

VideoCopilot Element 3D 1.5 Announced!

VideoCopilot announced the free update to Element 3D, v1.5 which includes a real-time glow feature and will be out next week! Woohoo!

And they say 3D shadows won't be till version 2, but this still sounds awesome.

Just having started playing with this plug in recently I have been blown away by it's power! This makes Invigorator Pro 3D seem useless, with it's antiquated interface and slow as can be rendering.

Red Giant Price Drop

Red Giant Software has made significant price drops on their software, of up to 50%. You can now get the entire suite for $899 down from $1740.

And check out these prices on individual software.

Great deals.

I love there software and have been using it for many years.

25% VideoCopilot Software at Toolfarm today

Today only Toolfarm is having a 25% off sale on all VideoCopilot Software. I can't recommend anything more highly than Element 3D, and their lens flares plug in is awesome too.

Red Giant Software 40% Sale Today only!

Today only Red Giant is having a 40% off sale on all there products! Just enter 2012BSF40 at checkout and you will get the discount, which applies to all products including upgrades! This is a great deal and I love their suites of FX as is. So if you don't have them today is a great time to catch up.

EDIT: And it now goes till 10 AM Pacific this Wednesday 12-12-12, so you have a couple of more hours.

Element 3D Image Based Lighting Tutorial


Video Copilot has released a new Element 3D tutorial, this one on Image Based Lighting in ELement 3D. Otherwise using an HDRI environmental map to simulate the lighting of a 3D scene.

FX Factory Updated to 4.0 now with Premiere CS6 Support


Noise Industries has upgraded the FxFactory to 4.0 and added Premiere Pro CS 6 Support. I have a ton of their compatible and free plug ins, but don't actually own this suite (always thought it was a tad expensive), but this gives me one more reason, as I have moved from any version of Final Cut and now prefer Premiere Pro (though I of course still have Media Composer which works with very few plug ins).

AEScripts Layer Libray

AEScripts has a new one, Layer Library which lets you create prestes of groups of layers and properties to be used between different projects in After Effects. It is listed at $29.99, but is name your own price.

Very cool, especially for those we often do repeated tasks between projects.

Dan Stevers posted a Trapcode Essentials Tutorial

Dan Stevers has posted a Trapcode Essentials Tutorial Video that is almost an hour long on Vimeo. Worth Checking out.

PetaPixel on new SmartDeblur technology

PetaPixel has info on new SmartDeblur technology, which can literally take out of focus images and sharpen them. Now it isn't print quality, but the sharpening is amazing. Look at the image of the out of focus text. That is unbelievable!

There is a free tech preview for windows. Pretty impressive.

CoreMelt releases free ActiveText for Premiere Pro


CoreMelt has released the free ActiveText plug in for creating text with pre-animated templates, no keyframes.

I am not too much of a fan of templated effects, but you really can't argue with free.

Stock Footage Pond 5 Plug In for Premiere Pro


Pond 5 has released a new plug in to search for stock footage from within Premiere Pro. You can browse their library, and automatically import free watermarked clips into your project, and if you purchase the clips, you can automatically conform to replace the clips with full versions! A very cool idea!

onOne announces Perfect Photo Suite 7


onOne software has announced it's new Perfect Photo Suite 7. A revamp of their already awesome photoshop and lightroom plug-ins, with new versions of Perfect B&W, Perfect Protrait 2, Perfect Layers 3, Perfect Effects 4 and Perfect Resize 7.5 Pro and older version of Perfect Mask 5 and Focal Point 2. This is an awesome company too. They gave all their 64 bit upgrades free for their users, so that has created some serious loyalty at least with me. It ships in Late October.

You can read all about it at their web site.

Some more cool After Effects Scripts

Some more really cool looking scripts from AEScripts and the Pro Video Coalition.

Layer Repeater to easily offset layers in space and time suggested $19.99 but name your own price.

Masks and Shapes gives you more control over creating shapes and masks and can save them out as a text file, suggested $9.99 but name your own price.

Projection, makes it easy to camera map onto 3D planes in After Effects with 3D Camera Tracker, Syntheyes, Boujou or PF Track. $24.99 down from $49.99.

Illumination adds a new dimension of lighting control, and adds the softbox. $19.99 down from $39.99

Pixel Cloud, a compositing tool to relight a 3D generated image or displace the pixels in 3D space, $89.99 down from $129.99.

Paste Multiple Keyframes, lets you copy and paste keyframes from multiple layers at the same time, suggest $9.99, but name your own price.

Auto Lip-Sync, create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording. $39.99

Null Swapper swaps null layers for light layers for Trapcode Particular and Plexus, and this one is free.


Red Giant has released Trapcode Suite 12

Trapcode Suite 12 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Check it out at Red Giant, where it is $899 or between $99-$499 for an upgrade.

The new upgrade includes Trapcode Mir a brand new motion design tool.

Trapcode Mir from Red Giant on Vimeo.

It now includes 105 Particular/Shine Guru Presets from MoGraph artist David Vinson.

And maintenance updates for Lux, Echospace, Particular and Form.

The Guru presets help, but this doesn't seem like much of an overall suite upgrade for the price, especially if you already have the guru presets! I mean a new app, that you may or may not use, and no update to the rest of the suite, and the upgrade costs the same as buying the app. Red Giant obviously included the Guru presets to make this seem more worthwhile, but at $99, it seems a bit much when all you get is a maintenance release for all the apps you know and love.

RedGiant Upgrades DeNoiser to 1.3

Red Giant has Upgraded their new DeNoiser Plug in to version 1.3.

VideoCopilot has a tutorial and video of use of Element 3D in action

Check out these videos, the tutorial is great, and it is really impressive what this plug-in can do in After Effects.

I already have ideas bouncing in my head for Direct Response uses for something like this, once the product is rendered out in 3D at least.

Zaxwerks releases 3D Invigorator Pro V6

3D Invigorator Prto

Zaxwerks has finally upgraded 3D Invigorator Pro to Version 6. And it had better be a whopper of an upgrade now that After Effects CS6 has Ray Traced Extruded Text and Shapes.

New features for Invigorator Pro include:

Ray-Trace Reflectivity & Shadows! (NEW)
Ultra Realistic Shadows with Ambient Occulusion (NEW)
Create Glass or Water with Refraction (NEW)
Super Easy Grid Creator (NEW)
Increased Number of Sets and Layer Maps (NEW)

Here is what they have to say:

Our new Ray Trace renderer produces ultra-cool pictures, with reflections of objects in other objects, smooth realistic shadows, and glass refractions. Mmmmm. Sweet, sweet pictures.
New workflow features include the ability to trace pictures then map the picture back onto the object with one click; the ability to turn whole folders of images into 3D objects; and the ability to collect all project related files if you have to move the project from one computer to another. If you’re not a 3D-techie this means it’s now easier than ever to turn client artwork into flying 3D objects.
Best of all in version 6 are the new Object Fragmentation features. This set of features lets you slice, chop or crack your 3D objects into little fragments. Big deal, most 3D programs can do this, right? Not even close. What ProAnimator does is to turn fragmentation into a design tool where you can change your mind as the design evolves. Slice your logos into planks, strips, cubes, chips, chunks or shards. No pre-planning required. Change the fragmentation, change the text getting fragmented, change the bevels, change the color, change anything at anytime for the greatest flexibility imaginable.
ProAnimator 6 has also added more animation controls especially designed to take advantage of the thousands of pieces generated by the fragmentation features. So now you can take your thousands of fragments and spin, tumble, whip and cascade them in cooler, fresher and more eye-catching ways than before. Spill the fragments into the screen and watch them assemble into your logo. Drop the fragments and watch one word turn into another. This can be done with any text, logo or imported 3D object.
Stop for a moment and realize that now you can design on the fly with fragments as easily as full objects. It’s like a particle system that’s easy and fun to control and completely real-time and interactive. It’s all waiting at your fingertips to give your work an exciting edge over your competition.

It is $399 or $99 for an upgrade from 5.0.

VideoCopilot has released Element 3D


VideoCopilot has finally released it's long teased Element 3D plug in for After Effects for $149.95. or $195.50 with Pro Shaders, $249.50 with Motion Design Pack and Pro Shaders or $495 including all 6 3D packs and over 500 in 3D models to use with it.

Looks pretty damn cool actually and I would love to give it a try! Been watching videos for some time, and it looks really damn powerful without having to have extensive 3D skills.

Looks like you can do particle effects with real 3D elements, very very cool. I have some ideas just from looking at the footage.

Trapcode lesson on making realistic Dust Hits with Particular

Trapcode's blog has an excellent tutorial by John Einselen on how to create realistic dust hits with Trapcode Particular.

PluralEyes Connector for Premiere Pro CS6

PluralEyes has released a connector Plug In for Plural Eyes so it can launched from within Premiere Pro CS6.

You can download it here. For Both Mac and Windows.

Nice, can't wait to try it out.

Red Giant updates for CS6

RedGiant Software has released updates for Adobe CS6 compatibility.
Cannot complain about day and date release and free updates at that. Way to go Red Giant!

PVC Reviews Plural Eyes 3

PVC and Scott Simmons have an excellent preview of the stand alone Plural Eyes 3 from NAB. I can’t wait, and hope that at least Premiere Pro and Avid can be integrated in the single app! Especially since they are trying to group clips after syncing in FCP like they do in Premiere and FCP.

Singular announces PluralEyes 3.0

Creative Cow has the news from NAB. Sync is now faster, and the whole workflow is done within PluralEyes instead of within your NLE. No word on price or release dates though.

OnOne Releases Perfect Layers 2 for Free!


  • Create and edit multi-layered files without Photoshop
    • Combine images directly from Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture into a new layered file
  • Create layer masks and build composites
  • Add Color Fill Layers for photographic effects

OnOne Releases Perfect Effects 3 Free


  • The next generation of PhotoTools 2.6 Free
  • Based on the popular, new Perfect Effects 3
  • Over two-dozen professional photographic effects
  • Live, full-screen effect previews
  • Combine multiple effects to create your own unique look
  • Includes Perfect Layers for creating layered files
  • Works as a standalone application or directly with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom or Aperture

OnOne Updates Perfect Photo Suite to 6.1

OnOne Software has updated it’s perfect Photo Suite to 6.1. It is a free update for 6.0 Users.

Here are there updates.
Improved Refine BrushRebuilt for improved results, the Refine Brush in Perfect Mask now better recognizes soft edges, like hair and trees, so you can make your edges more defined between your foreground and background.New Color Spill BrushRemove unwanted reflected or transmitted colors with the new Color Spill Brush in Perfect Mask to ensure all areas of your image reflect their true colors.Enhanced Brushing PerformanceExperience faster, smoother and more responsive brushing functionality, including improved opacity control with Wacom tablets and reduced brush stickiness, that allow you to create high-quality and natural looking masks with just a few strokes.Retouch Portraits with Faster ToolsImages and presets now open faster in Perfect Portrait, and the automatic detection of smaller faces has been improved, so you get to the task of retouching your portraits more quickly.  
Visual Tips to Get You Started FasterGetting Started tips show you the key tools to use when you open each module, recommending the first steps to take to start realizing your photographic vision.Select Your Performance PreferencesNow you can optimize the Perfect Photo Suite’s memory usage and undo behavior to match the resources of your computer.Additional performance updates

  • Improved panning speed and responsiveness
  • Updated Raw processing library, added support for 35 more cameras
  • Ability to change thumbnail size in matrix view on the browser
  • Improved tool tracking when interacting with other controls
  • Improved speed when using as a Photoshop plug-in
  • Improved preview quality at all zoom levels
  • Added mask thumbnail to Stack in Perfect Effects
  • Perfect Mask Pen Tool greatly improved for classic use
  • Borders in Perfect Effects now scale non-proportionally to fit the image better

I love how this company does business. The 64 bit versions of their plug ins were free, and they keep releasing either free versions of plug ins or making some of them completely free. This is a company that not only loves it’s customers, but knows it’s whole suite is good enough that it is worth giving away stuff for free since it will make enough sales.

Twixtor for FCP X released

MacTech has the press release, that Revision Fx has released a FCP X compatible version of Twixtor. It is $329.95, and is not the full pro version.

Magic Bullet Denoiser 2 Released!

This was announced by Red Giant today. After losing the technology license behind Magic Bullet Denoiser they had to pull it earlier this year from their site, and promised a ground up re-write, and this is it, and even better it is a free upgrade.

Here is a list of features:

  • We’ve developed Magic Bullet Denoiser II from scratch (completely new code) to bring you the quality of Denoiser 1, but with more stability. Red Giant owns this code 100% – which means the product is not going anywhere.
  • We have spent lots of time developing the default settings for Denoiser II to give you the best possible look as soon as you apply. There’s is always room to tweak setting, but often you won’t need to.
  • Currently Denoiser II is only available for After Effects, but it will support multiple host apps in the future (readTHIS FAQ for more info).
  • Denoiser II is a Free Update for all Denoiser 1 and Magic Bullet Suite users. I repeat: If you already owned a license of Denoiser or bought the Magic Bullet Suite after Denoiser was discontinued, you get Denoiser II for FREE.
If you own it, or the Magic Bullet Suite, download it here. If you are new to the program, you can buy it here.

I love Denoiser, and used it extensively on my latest the Misadventures of Bear short, but did find it a bit buggy, so I can’t wait to try out the new version and see what it can really do.

PHYX releases Defocus for FCP, Motion and After Effects

Creative Cow has the press release on this new defocus tool that works with Noise Industries FX Factory.

Some Features are

  • Chroma Aberration – Editors can simulate chroma aberration – the imbalance of RGB color channels that can occur with camera lenses.
  • Fast Defocus – This effect can be used to simulate ‘bokeh,’ or out-of-focus lens effects. Editors can create depth of field with the use of a depth mask, rack-focus effects, and more.
  • Pan / Tilt – A popular effect used in many motion pictures and music videos, users can create a tilt-shift setup for still and motion picture cameras, with smooth, defocused gradients.
  • Vignette Vision – With two effects options, editors can defocus either the outer edge or the center of the image. Defocusing the outer edge simulates POV shots, vintage lenses and more. Defocusing the center of the image allows editors to censor images, create hallucinations, etc.

You can read all about it at Noise Industries Site.

After Effects Corner Cutters Scripts

AESCRIPTS has released a new set of 16 Corner Cutters for $19.95 to speed up many tasks in your workflow.


I haven’t tried these out yet, but certainly will in the future. They sound very interesting, and have a great little video for each one to show how to use it.

Canon MXF ingest for FCP X

FCP.Co has the announcement of Canon having released a new MXF ingest for FCP X. Download it from Canon here.

FxFactory updated to 3.0


Noise Industries has updated their Flag Ship Plugs in suite to version 3.0!

This version has new Playback Ready transitions, as well as other new updated effects for it.

Still I wish they had added Premiere Pro support, as having Final Cut Pro support is no longer so important for me (yes I still use After Effects) and Adobe Media composer support would be nice as well.

PT_OpenSesame at After Effects Scripts

Paul Tuersley at After Effects Scripts has released a new script pt_OpenSesame.pt_opensesame

This amazing script will translate projects to open in earlier versions of after effects! Adobe needs to buy this and release it! The price is $49.95 and will be worth it when you need it! Very cool!

After Effects Link for Lightwave

AEScripts has a new plug in, AE Link lightwave to After Effects Export.
This will export Cameras, Nulls, Lights and Rendered sequence into After Effects, and will update as you do more work in Lightwave!

It is $125, but well worth it if you use the two programs. Check it out!

Magic Bullet has updated Magic Bullet Suite to 11.1.2

Red Giant has updated it’s Magic Bullet suite to 11.1.2 including removing Magic Bullet Denoiser. Here are their listed changes:
PhotoLooks 1.5.2

  • Those of you installing PhotoLooks along with the entire suite may have noticed categories that show up in the Looks drawer that happen to be empty – this occurs because Looks created for Looks 2.0 used new tools and aren’t usable in PhotoLooks (yet). We’ve fixed things up for now so you wont see a bunch of empty categories – only categories that have Looks you want.
  • “Save Image As” in the Photo LooksBuilder was never meant to be left in the application and was not working correctly. It has been removed completely. Use the host app you launch PhotoLooks from to save your images.
  • For those of you who also use QuickLooks, there was a bug in the installer that would cause all of your QuickLooks presets to disappear after installing PhotoLooks. We’ve fixed this up.
Looks 2.0.4

  • For those of you using Looks 2.0 in Sony’s Vegas Pro on non-English 32-bit Windows systems, we’ve fixed up the truly annoying OMP error that pops up on your screen.
Colorista II 1.0.5

  • In Premiere Pro, dragging the power mask preview outline was not lining up with the actual mask. We’ve sorted this all out and it’s working great.
Grinder 1.5.1

  • The Timecode Start setting was always working in ‘Continuous’ mode – ‘Reset’ and ‘Time of Day’ were being ignored – all fixed up.
  • Choosing “Original + Timecode” as the main format option was causing the timecode to be off by a factor of 100. We’ve got the math all working now and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
Bye-Bye Denoiser 1.0


Magic Bullet Denoiser is gone!

Red Giant has announced that they have lost the rights to the technology behind Magic Bullet Denoiser. It seems Google has bought Green Parrot Pictures, and they own the technology behind Magic Bullet. So the old version of Denoiser will still work, but you can no longer download it from their web site.

They are going to make a new Denoiser, Denoiser 2, which current owners will get for free, and they promise to get the same level of denoising.

I personally hope it is more stable than the previous version, as I often have a lot of problems with it.

Stu at Prolost on Pimping your After Effects

Stu at Prolost has a great article on pimping out After Effects, what settings he uses, and some must have scripts.

On the scripts,
BG Renderer is a must, at $29.99 it allows you to not only render in the background, but also to e-mail you when a render is done, so you can walk way, and know right when it is ready continue.

And of course
Stu’s own DV Rebel Tools are also another must have.

Automatic Duck Plugs Ins are FREE!


I honestly thought with them moving to Adobe that the old plug ins were gone for good, but it seems not as
Automatic Duck has released all their old plug ins for FREE!

I already owned Pro Import AE 5.0, which allows you to import either Final Cut Pro 7 or AVID Media Composer sequences into After Effects. You use Free XML exporter for FCP and it works almost perfectly. A must have.

Pro Export FCP 5.0 is for FCP X and is to allow OMF export.

Pro Export FCP 4.0 lets you export either OMF or AAF from FCP to AVID, and I previously owned this.

And their is Pro Import FCP 2.0 which allows you to import an AVID sequence into Final Cut Pro.

And they are all FREE. So download them now. Sure they will not be updated again, but free is a huge price drop!

PVC After Effects Script of Week, Change Render Locations

Pro Video Coalitions After Effects Script of the Week, will let you change the Render Location for multiple items in your render queue. Very cool, but there is currently no link to it, so hopefully he will add it later.

FCP.CO shows off DVcreators new FCP 7 Plug ins

FCP.co is showing off DVcreators 3 new film looks FXScript plug ins for Final Cut Pro 7 created by the great Graeme Nattress. The effects look great and are only $35 dollars, which is good as they don’t work with FCP X or anything besides FCP 7, which is EOL.filmstyles_fcp_dvcreators
Check out the filter FilmStyles at DVcreators.

Inexpensive enough that people may still get them for FCP 7, but they had better add Premiere Pro support soon!

onOne Releases Perfect Photo Suite 6


onOne Software has released Perfect Photo Suite 6 for Photoshop. This has long been one of my favorite Photoshop plug in suits, and they have added new plug ins, Perfect Effects 3 replaces PhotoTools, they have added Perfect Portrait and Perfect Mask replaces Mask Pro 4. I am always using Photoframe and the rest of the suite is well worth it. Also love that when I owned the earlier version they gave a free 64 bit upgrade. This company totally rocks.

Trapcode has an excellent Smoke Project

Trapcode is sharing an excellent Smoke Project. Download it here.

Intelligent Assistance has a great new Event Manager for FXPX

Well for those still struggling with FCP X, Intelligent Assistance has released Event Manager X, so you can have an intelligent manager to pick which media and which projects show up in FXP X (I can’t help thinking this shouldn’t be part of the program).

Alex 4D posted a new FXP X Effect

The Amazing Alex4D has posted another free FXP X filter fora text pox with a color or gradient.

If you are using FCP X, download it for sure.

Magic Bullet Suite 11 and short film Plot Device

So Magic Bullet today released an upgrade to it’s Suite of video filters created by the great Stu Maschwitz, and giving you the ability to give your video controllable filmic looks, control the color, denoise, enlarge, and now has new effects.

Cosmo is an effect to clean up skin in your video, and has some pretty amazing results, and they have updated Magic Bullet Looks to 2, with a much improved interface and better functionality.

This is a suite I have used for years and couldn’t recommend more highly.

To see some of the effects in action Red Giant has created a short film called
PLOT DEVICE to showcase the effects, and it is fun and well worth checking out.

Now that FCP is dead, let’s hope Stu manages to make this suite for AVID Media Composer in the near future, though I am OK with it being in Premiere, as that is probably my next edit system.
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