Adobe releases Photoshop Creative Cloud 2017

Adobe has released the new version of Photoshop Creative Cloud 2017, here are the new features.

You can now chose templates to start a project from Adobe Stock.

There is now a Comprehensive Search, across UI elements, documents, Help and learning, and Stock assets.

There is now support for OpenType SVG fonts which include multiple colors and gradients in a single character glyph. And support for Emojis which can combine to change colors or create country flags.

The Polygonal Lasso has been added to the Selelct and Mask Workspace. And have high quality refined previews on mousedown.

Face-Aware Liquify now allows the eyes to be done independently or symmetrically.

Creative Cloud Libraries can now be archived and restored. And you can find stock assets similar to library assets with visual search, and you can drag and drop Adobe Stock elements into Creative Cloud Libraries. And you can share your libraries and Library Assets, which will update across Creative Cloud apps.

There are Property Panels Improvements. It is now part of the Essentials Workspace, and there are additional properties for type layers and stuff can be modified here. It also displays document properties when nothing is selected.

Adobe Camera Raw 9.7 has new been updated. There is now Pressure Sensative Support as well as new cameras and lenses.

And it now works with Adobe Experience Design CC, as SVG's can be copied and pasted.

Other features include, Match Font Improvments, Click outside of a text box to commit text, open PSD files in your Creative Cloud files from the Start Screen, Layer Count is more accurate and includes Group Content, Improved Marquee Selection, Select Highlight Color, Minimum Radius threshold with Smart Radiu, Surface Blu is 10x for 16 bit images, improved contrast in interface, new Preview checkbox in Liquifiy, ability to hide widgets in Face aware liquify, use Apple MEtal with AMD processors in Mac with Oil Paint Filter, Gpano Metadata is preserved in Export As.


Adobe has released Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe has officially released the latest version of Creative Cloud!

Am installing it now. Looking forward to the new features, though still pissed that SpeedGrade didn't at least get a dual monitor view where you can move windows (especially the scopes to another monitor).


The Libraries Panel in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC

Julieanne Kost's Blog at Adobe has a great article on the Libraries Panel in Photoshop CC.

I really didn't realize this feature was in there, or how powerful it is, especially with syncing across your creative cloud accounts and Photoshop and Illustrator. Now they really need to add this panel into After Effects, as there are elements I would love to be able to use across all apps.

Adobe has released Photoshop CC 2014.2

Adobe has released Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014.2!

I am most excited about improved Guides, which can create guides from selected layers! And Overscroll, so you can go past the image when it is in full view! And I like that Adobe Color (formerly Kuler) is now integrated!

Adobe Kuler available for Adobe Photoshop CC 2014


The iOS App Adobe Kuler now has a control panel for Photoshop CC 2014. You can get it at the Creative Cloud Add on Site. The app lets you create and share color themes between your iOS device and Photoshop. Very very cool!

OnOne and Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

It seems OnOne's software will work with 2014, but you will need to re-run the installer again. You can't currently use the Extension panel until they update, but it still works through file Automate.

Mac Performance Guide on a month with his new Mac Pro

Mac Performance Guide now has a month into using his new model Mac Pro and has an article about speed increases over his old Mac Pro.

Now he is mostly using Photoshop and not video programs, but isn't seeing too many speed increases, as most software can't use many cores and or don't have GPU acceleration for the new MacPros.

Adobe Tutorial on how to link Smart Objects in the latest Photoshop CC

Adobe has posted a full tutorial of how to link Smart Objects in the latest update to Photoshop Creative Cloud. They have Tutorial Files and the video.


Adobe Photoshop CC Update New Features Video

Adobe TV has released a video of new features in the latest Adobe Photoshop CC Update.


Adobe Photoshop CC gets new features

Macnn is reporting on the latest Photoshop CC update.

They have added 3D printing support, Perscpective Warp and linked Smart Objects.

I have to say I love how fast Creative Cloud Updates keep coming!

An Interview with Thomas Knoll: The Story of Photoshop

Here is a 2013 45 minute interview done with Thomas Knoll who with his brother John, created Photoshop. From the Luminous Landscape at Vimeo.

Thomas Knoll: The Story of Photoshop from The Luminous Landscape on Vimeo.


Adobe releases Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC

Adobe has released Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC. Generator helps you create image assets in real time out of a single photoshop document that are updated in real time by just adding a file extension to the name of a layer or layer group in photoshop! Very cool!

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 5 crashing Photoshop CC

Now I sweat by Extensis Suitcase Fusion as a great font management tool and love it's auto font activation (though I do wish they would make a plug in for After Effects), but right now Extensis Suitcase Fusion 5's autoactivation plug in is crashing Photoshop CC so it won't launch.

Here is my crash log which I am posting for Extensis to see, and hopefully fix the issue.

Adobe Configurator 4 Preview now Available


Adobe has updated Adobe Configurator 4
, and it is available from Adobe Labs. It is a preview, but lets you make custom panels for Indesign and Photoshop! Very very cool.

Now if only you could sync them through Creative Cloud so you could always have your custom panels with you!

Adobe Photoshop CC removes the Additional Plug-Ins Folder

I couldn't locate the option in Photoshop, so I started searching and found the answer on one of Adobe's Blogs.

Note: we removed the option in preferences to point to a “Additional Plug-Ins Folder” in Photoshop CC as it caused more problems than it solved.

Now here is something I completely don't agree with as this folder made it so much easier to upgrade versions, as you could keep your 3rd party plug ins in a separate folder, and just point the new version at them. SO MUCH EASIER THAN HAVING TO GO THROUGH YOUR PLUG INS FOLDER EVER UPGRADE AND MIGRATE STUFF! Annoying adobe, very annoying!

Adobe Creative Cloud doesn't work for me at all!

In fact, the only application in the entire suite that will launch is Bridge CC. Every single app has a different problem when it launches, but none of them will launch.

Premiere Pro has dynamiclinkmanager quit again and again and again, so often that I can't do anything until I can manage to force quit Premiere.

Photoshop launches quickly, but then sends me to a broken web site, and freezes and starts the dynamiclinkmanager quitting.

After Effects says it can't change the name of some file and quits!

I have restarted, fixed permissions, logged in and out of Creative Cloud, run Diskwarrior and Tech Tool Pro, and no joy.

And with my 72 hour work week, I don't have time to call Adobe right now and talk to their incomprehensible Indian Tech Support.

I run a MacPro 4,1 running the latest OS 10.8.4, and CS6 runs just fine. Did they even test CC? WTF! Why am I am a member of Creative Cloud? They better fix this fast!

Adobe Photoshop CC Help Page

Here is the Adobe Photoshop Help page, and it doesn't seem to have a PDF Manual as of yet.

OnOne has upgraded it's Perfect Photo Suite to 7.5


MacTech has the announcement, and it is a free upgrade for current users or $249.99 for new users on sale for $199.95. This is an awesome set of plug-ins that I use all the time, and can't recommend it more highly.

Check it out at onOne. And onOne's info on it.

CGMeetup on creating a Cartoon Charcter Face with Serge Birault

CGMeetup has a series of videos on creating a cartoon character face in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Sneak Peak Lighting in Photoshop and After Effects

Just ignore Rain Wilson being a moron, but this is so impressive. Being able to relight and image with another similar photo in photoshop, and even cooler being able to steal a look from an image or movie and process your video with it. They say it is very processor intensive and I believe it, but still very impressive!

GuideGuide for Photoshop free plug in


Check out free photoshop grid's plug in called GuideGuide.
It's free, and great when you need to be precise. Works with CS5 and CS6.

Piccure Camera Shake Reduction Plug in Beta

Petapixel has an article on the beta of the new Piccure Camera Shake Reduction Plug in that you can download for free for 14 days to try to give feedback. Looks pretty amazing, I am looking forward to giving it a go. Be interesting to see if it is better than Adobe's own solution which is coming with the next cloud version of creative cloud.

Check it out at their web site.

Adobe Photoshop preview of Camera Shake Reduction

Adobe has released a quick YouTube Video of their new Camera Shake reduction tool for Photoshop. So very cool!

onOne Announced Perfect Photo Suite 7.5

Photoshop Support has the news on the newly announced Perfect Photo Suite 7.5, which will be free to current users, $199.95 for the Premium Edition and $99.95 for the Lightroom and Aperature Edition.

I see this as a must have plug in for all photographers and photoshop users. They give upgrades for large updates and the program is always reasonably priced!

onOne announces Perfect Photo Suite 7


onOne software has announced it's new Perfect Photo Suite 7. A revamp of their already awesome photoshop and lightroom plug-ins, with new versions of Perfect B&W, Perfect Protrait 2, Perfect Layers 3, Perfect Effects 4 and Perfect Resize 7.5 Pro and older version of Perfect Mask 5 and Focal Point 2. This is an awesome company too. They gave all their 64 bit upgrades free for their users, so that has created some serious loyalty at least with me. It ships in Late October.

You can read all about it at their web site.

6 Free Bokeh Brushes for Photoshop

Photoshop support has the link to the free 6 Bokeh Brushes from Bittbox, which are free for personal use or $9.99 per file for commercial use.

Layers Magazine on Photoshop CS6 Type Styles

Layers magazine has an excellent article on the powerful new Type Styles in Adobe Photoshop CS6. This is very cool, as you can apply layer styles to different type layers, and then if you change the style, you automatically make global changes to text. TOO COOL!

Arstechnica has an excellent in depth review of Adobe Photoshop CS6

Arstechnica and Dave Girard have another excellent review, this time of Photoshop CS6. Well worth checking out, even if you have already picked it up.

Julian Kost from Adobe on Adobe Photoshop CS6 what's New

At Adobe TV they have a 60 minute video on what is new in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Worth checking out.

Julieanne Kost has a video tutorial of new Photoshop CS6 Features

Check it out at her blog. She looks at the Mercury Graphics engine, Camera Raw 7, Photographic Blur Effects, and straightening with Adaptive Wide Angle, as well as new type styles, shape Layers and the new Crop Tool. Worth checking out.

OnOne Releases Perfect Effects 3 Free


  • The next generation of PhotoTools 2.6 Free
  • Based on the popular, new Perfect Effects 3
  • Over two-dozen professional photographic effects
  • Live, full-screen effect previews
  • Combine multiple effects to create your own unique look
  • Includes Perfect Layers for creating layered files
  • Works as a standalone application or directly with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom or Aperture

OnOne Updates Perfect Photo Suite to 6.1

OnOne Software has updated it’s perfect Photo Suite to 6.1. It is a free update for 6.0 Users.

Here are there updates.
Improved Refine BrushRebuilt for improved results, the Refine Brush in Perfect Mask now better recognizes soft edges, like hair and trees, so you can make your edges more defined between your foreground and background.New Color Spill BrushRemove unwanted reflected or transmitted colors with the new Color Spill Brush in Perfect Mask to ensure all areas of your image reflect their true colors.Enhanced Brushing PerformanceExperience faster, smoother and more responsive brushing functionality, including improved opacity control with Wacom tablets and reduced brush stickiness, that allow you to create high-quality and natural looking masks with just a few strokes.Retouch Portraits with Faster ToolsImages and presets now open faster in Perfect Portrait, and the automatic detection of smaller faces has been improved, so you get to the task of retouching your portraits more quickly.  
Visual Tips to Get You Started FasterGetting Started tips show you the key tools to use when you open each module, recommending the first steps to take to start realizing your photographic vision.Select Your Performance PreferencesNow you can optimize the Perfect Photo Suite’s memory usage and undo behavior to match the resources of your computer.Additional performance updates

  • Improved panning speed and responsiveness
  • Updated Raw processing library, added support for 35 more cameras
  • Ability to change thumbnail size in matrix view on the browser
  • Improved tool tracking when interacting with other controls
  • Improved speed when using as a Photoshop plug-in
  • Improved preview quality at all zoom levels
  • Added mask thumbnail to Stack in Perfect Effects
  • Perfect Mask Pen Tool greatly improved for classic use
  • Borders in Perfect Effects now scale non-proportionally to fit the image better

I love how this company does business. The 64 bit versions of their plug ins were free, and they keep releasing either free versions of plug ins or making some of them completely free. This is a company that not only loves it’s customers, but knows it’s whole suite is good enough that it is worth giving away stuff for free since it will make enough sales.

Adobe has released Photoshop CS6 Beta

Adobe Labs has released Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta. Download it here. You can read all about it here.
You can check out Russell Brown’s 6 Favorite Features at Youtube. Here are Julianne Kost’s 6 Favorite Features, and Terry White’s 6 Favorite Features.

Interesting that it has serious video features now, though I would rather just have more feature integration in After Effects.

This will obviously be down once CS6 comes out, which is likely soon, and will available within the cloud before too long.

Adobe has released Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2

Scott Kelby has a goof article on adobe’s release of Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2 (not for the iPad 1, which I have so I can’t check it out).
It has Levels. It has Curves (it has CURVES!). It has Shadow/Highlight, there’s a Gaussian Blur Filter, you can add text, the Layers have blend modes (Screen, Multiply, Overlay, etc.), and you can show/hide them — change their opacity — create blank layers, duplicate layers, all that stuff. There are effects filters, there’s noise reduction, you can make selections (and you will love how they implemented them). You can share images direct to Facebook, and a whole bunch of other stuff I didn’t think would be there….but is.

Of course, it doesn’t have everything the desktop Photoshop has (or there is no way it be able to run on a tablet), but I think you’ll be surprised at the cool stuff it does have.

Sounds pretty cool, and I would love to try it out

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Sneak Peaks

Adobe has posted 4 video Sneak peaks of new technology that will be released in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Very exciting technology. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Adobe has added a 5th video, showcasing how you can now share presets, and how they have added contact sheets back to photoshop.

onOne Releases Perfect Photo Suite 6


onOne Software has released Perfect Photo Suite 6 for Photoshop. This has long been one of my favorite Photoshop plug in suits, and they have added new plug ins, Perfect Effects 3 replaces PhotoTools, they have added Perfect Portrait and Perfect Mask replaces Mask Pro 4. I am always using Photoframe and the rest of the suite is well worth it. Also love that when I owned the earlier version they gave a free 64 bit upgrade. This company totally rocks.
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