DJI Osmo+ Test Footage at Huntington Garden

I shot some more test footage with my DJI OSMO+ at Huntington Gardens in San Marino, CA. It was shot manually with Sharpness at 0, Saturation -2 and Contrast -2. It has a split screen as shot and color corrected on the other side. It was not shot with the Z-axis so you can certainly see the less stabilization, but I still think it works.


DJI Osmo+ Test Footage at Stony Point, and Color Correction

This is some test footage with my DJI Osmo+ at Stony Point Park. It was shot with auto exposure as I have yet to get any ND filters to stop own the exposure. And the first shot was wrongly white balanced. It was shot with D-Log, Sharpness 0,  Saturation -2 and Contrast -2.

This is the color corrected shot.

This is a comparison as shot and color corrected.


Color Correction Test with DJI OSMO+, Canon 60D and iPhone 6S and Visual Effects of Gun Shots

I shot some test footage with 3 of my cameras, my DJI OSMO+ my Canon 60D and my iPhone 6S. I color corrected the footage using DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and did the Visual Effects in Adobe After Effects.

The visual effects include adding the gun shots, light flashes, and color correcting the orange tip of my gun so it is gray.

I was trying to show my ability to color match the footage from such different 3 cameras, as well as add the visual effects to make an interesting little sequence.

Let me know what you think!

DJI Osmo+ Test Footage in the Los Angeles Rain Storm February 17th, 2017

Some more test footage with my DJI Osmo+ in the big rain storm in Los Angeles, on February 17th, 2017. Shot in D-Log with Sharpness of 0, Saturation of -2 and Contrast of -2. I did a simple color correct in Premiere Pro 2017 with Lumetri Color. Still not 100% happy, but I think it looks pretty good.

The footage is a bit shakier than I would like, but the wind was strong and it kept gusting and hitting me and the camera with water.


DJI OSMO+ Test Footage for Color Correction

DJI OSMO+ Footage with Sharpness set to 0 and Saturation and Contrast set at -2 and Standard footage set at 0, and then color corrected in Lumetri in Premiere pro 2017. Still not quit happy with the look, though I love the stabilization.

DJI OSMO+ Walking Footage flat with color correction footage test

DJI Osmo+ Footage test walking footage trying to get flat footage with color correction. Setting set to D-Log with Sharpness set to -2, Saturation to -2, and Contrast to -3.

Still not quit happy with the color correction or flat image.

DJI OSMO+ with Z-Axis in Low Mode Test Footage

Test Footage with my DJI OMSO+ and the Z-Axis in low mode for stabilization. Looking more stable for sure, but not yet there. And really not happy enough with the color correction.


DJI Osmo+ Test with DJI Extension Rod in Low Mode with my Shar Pei's Indiana Bones and JK Growling

So this is a new test with my OSMO+ and DJI extension rod working in Low mode with my Shar Pei's Indiana Bones and J.K. Growling.

I did a quick, though insufficient color correction in Premiere Pro 2017 Lumetri, though I have not gotten the image flat enough as of yet. It was on auto exposure and UHD settings.

More DJI OSMO+ and Z-Axis test Footage at SuihoEh Japanese Garden in Van Nuys

So this is a stringout of more footage of my first tests with the DJI OSMO+ with Z-AXIS. I did a simple color correct, and the music is Tiny Parham and his Musicians "Washboard Wiggles" from PublicDoman4u.

I need to practice more for sure as you can still see my steps quite a bit. And I am thinking ND filters would be a good bet, as the exposure certainly goes from peaked to crushed across the board. Need to play some more.

First 4K test footage from DJI OSMO+ with Z-Axis

Some of my first test footage with my DJI OSMO+ with Z-Axis shot at the Suiho En Japanese Garden of Water and Fragrance in Van Nuys. This is unprocessed other than being recompressed for 4K YouTube. I still need to get better at the Z-Axis to stabilize my walking better. And it could certainly use a color correct. Still I am pretty impressed.


Kamerar Baton Extender for DJi OSMO

I have been looking at 3rd party accessories for a DJI Osmo of late and came across this, the Kamerar Baton Extender.

This $100 device basically extends the reach of the OSMO by 22" with electronic extension controls and a second handle for control (and so you don't break the mount on your Osmo handle).

It looks very interesting, especially becoming more like a jib.

Mr Cheesy Cam has an interesting video review.


DJI has released the Osmo+

DJI has released an updated version of it's 3 axis stabilized camera, the DJI Osmo+. The new version includes a 22-77mm zoom lens, 3.5x optical and for 1080 video an additional 2x lossless digil zoom. It has a 50cm minimum focus distance, and support for motion timelapse! And it is $649.

The original Osmo for $569, includes a free spare battery, a $35 value, but the new camera should be worth the difference.

Damn I want one!

A couple DJI Osmo Reviews one very good and one good and bad

So I have been really looking into the $650 DJI OSMO and really want one, and would love to try it on my 2 axis Glidecam Smooth Shooter for really stable shots.

The first review I watched was from Everyday Reviews on YouTube. It is a very positive review overall.

The next review I checked out is a bit less positive from Chelsea & Tony. They had more issues, especially with it working right away, but overall they will still use it and it still makes me want one.

I still so want one. I wish I had one to review, as the short I have been working on for ages could really use it, and it has a lot of low light so I would like to test it's low light capabilities.

DJI is giving away free Microphones to fix OSMO's audio issues!

I saw this at DIY Photography, after getting really interested in an OSMO just 2 days ago. And have been watching a lot of reviews and everyone complained about the audio, so this sounds to be very good news.

It will be free with all OSMOS as of now, but you can also get one for your already purchased one starting in March. Very cool.

Looking forward to how well it does with getting rid of the servo noise!

I so want one of these!

DJI Osmo, a stabilized action cam for $649!

The newly announced DJI Osmo stabilized action cam for $649 really blows my mind! It is basically a 4K GoPro with full image stabilization and some cool still features as well. And it can also be used with the $2100 X5 which can use 3 interchangeable lenses, but really I think this is more to get individual shots that raise the production value enough that you don't mind that it is basically a GoPro because the shots are so cool.

I would love to get my hands on one of these! It would be amazing!
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