An argument against Xeon Processors, QuickSync and H.264 Compression

Mac Performance Guide has a new test showing a MacBook Pro vs a MacPro doing h.264 encoding. The MacPro has a consumer CPU which has QuickSync. Now you have to do specific encoder settings to get this result, but it clearly shows the MacPro being thoroughly beat by the MacBookPro!

It is pretty idiotic that Intel would actual have better features in their consumer chips than their much more expensive professional Xeon chips! Really for most uses the Xeon is really best because you can have more cores and you can have dual processors, but since you can get higher core i7 chips now, maybe a hackintosh with a Core i7 would be better in many circumstances!

Apple has updated it's MacBook Pro Retina Display models

Apple has updated it's MacBook Pro's with Retina display, and dropped the prices, though you have to go to of the line for $2599 to get a discreet NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB of VRAM or you are stuck with iNtel Iris Pro Graphics, so for any heavy editing work.

13" MacBook Pro with Retina, not for Editing

Apple today released the 13" MacBookPro with Retina Display. And unlike it's 15" Cousing which sports an NVIDIA Geforce GT 650m and a Intel HD Graphics 4000, the 13 model only has the Intel HD Graphics 4000, which means no CUDA support for Premiere Pro editing, and certainly not as good graphics.

It is still an impressive little machine, but not really a solution for editors.

It starts at $1699 and is shipping today.

I wouldn't want one, as the 15" would be much more conducive to editing.

Went to an Apple Store and checked out a MacBook Pro with Retina Display and it is awesome

I already have a the New iPad with Retina display and love it, and haven't owned a Laptop in years (my last was the black plastic Mac Laptop, which was fantastic), and have been unpleased with the lac of NVIDIA cards in mac laptops to work with CUDA, but this answers that problem in spades.

And the screen is fantastic. Being able to switch to a 1920x1080 resolution for editing is fantastic, I could really use one of these. The screen is gorgeous and this is a powerful machine, just have to upgrade when you get it, as it is not user upgradeable, so spend more on the high end and the bigger hard drive and more RAM, so it would cost an arm and a leg. Still it would be worth it to have a portable editing machine this powerful!

I so want one, but can't afford it, though I sure wish I could.

MacRumors on the new MacBook Pro's Retina Display

MacRumors has a very interesting look at the new MacBook Pro Retina display and some features I didn't know about. It seems you can increase the apparent resolution of the 15 inch display by decreasing the PPI. Normally the display is equivelent of a 1440 x 900 display at full PPI, but cna be changed to 1680 x 1050 High-Res or 1920 x 1200 and you just lose pixel density, but would be awesome for editing.

Also the loss of the glass cover is supposed to reduce glare by 75%!

Of course it is now coming out that it has no user upgradeable parts and soldered RAM, so buy it with the Max RAM that you will need because you won't be adding anymore later!

Apple WWDC News

So far there is a new MacBook Air which is faster and faster MacBook Pro 13 and 15" models and the 15" gets an NVIDIA GeForce 650M, so say hello to Mercury playback from Adobe, nice.

And a new MacBook Pro, which is super thin, but not like an Air and has a Retina Display. Only .71 inches thick and only 4.46 pounds, lighter than current 13" MacBook Pro, and it has a 15.4 inch screen, with a 200 ppi pixel density or 5,184,00 pixels! No Optical drive in this model of course. And an updated version of lion with Safari, iMovie, iPhoto made for Retina, as well the pro-apps including Aperature and Final Cut Pro X (yipee fucking do), though being able to see full 1080p in the viewing window is pretty cool, but must take a serious video card! And Photoshop has been updated (or will be soon). Yup it has a GeForce GT 650M with 1 GB of Video Ram. Nice! And up to 768GB of internal flash storage. And up to 7 hours of battery life (that screen has to be a major draw on power). For ports it has SD card, HDMI, USB3 and 2, Magsafe 2, 2 thunderbolt ports and headphone.

It seems the magsafe has been made thinner, nice!

And Firewire 800 and gigabit ethernet adapters for thunderbolt, though I would rather have the ports!

And no word on the 17" MacBook Pro so it is likely EOL.

Uh Oh, now OS X, does that mean no MacPro. I sure hope not!

Onto Mountain Lion. And 8 new features.

•iCloud built in. With Apps updated for iCloud, so your documents can live in the cloud (hurray can we use Pages docs with iPad and Pages on the Mac? Looks like it ). And a final version of messages for the Mac, which will also send SMS (How does that work, do you pay via your phone?).

•Notification Center, banners are top right (just like Growl) or can slide notification center our from right. And can support from other services like Twitter.

•Dictation to the Mac. Probably need something to replace my old iSight though!

•Sharing, now built in to share to twitter from everywhere, and an SDK for any app to support it.

•New Safari, unified top search and url bar like Chrome. Share tabs across iCloud to mac and iOS, and can see what tabs you have open in what place. And Visual Tab View.

•Power Nap. Keeps Mac up to date while it sleeps, fetching e-mail and keeping track of calenders. Still backup to time capsule, download from app store and automatic software updates, and doesn't spin up fans and goes easy on battery.

•Airplay mirroring, display your mac onto your TV with an Apple TV and up to 1080 content (how does that work with the new retina display?).

•Game Center makes it to the Mac. Can even play Mac to iOS on certain games.

And Mountain Lion is released next Month for only $19.99! WOW! And that is from Lion and Snow Leopard! And one purchase will do all your personal macs! That rocks!

Now iOS 6. 200 New Features.

•Significant enhancements to Siri, including partnering with Open Table and Yelp. And working with car manufactures to add a siri button to cars! Now that is cool! BMW, GM, Jaguar Mercedes, Honda, Land Rover, Audi, Toyota!

•Integrated Facebook like Twitter before it with public API.

•Phone App enhancements. Can reply with message or add reminder to call back later!

•Do Not distrub, to get no notifications, or allow it to ring for only certain numbers. Or let a second call from someone though.

•Facetime has been enable over cellular. And unifiying phone number and apple iD, so it will work with mac or iPad and the same with iMessage.

•You can upload photos in Safari

•Smart App Banners to let people know of native apps in App Store

•Photo Stream adds sharing and can comment on photos of friends

•Mail adds VIP, really important people, want to be notified, new mailbox, and a flagged mailbox.

•Mail can add photos from compose window.

•Passbook, looks like a replacement for SplashID and 1Password. Also has location based allerts and can load things like your movie ticket on the window. Airline tickets, Fandago Tickets, Store Card from Starbucks, coupons for Target, express hotel check in and all integrated with Lock Screen. Sounds very cool.

•Accessiblity. There is guided access, lets you lock out controls you don't want kids to be able to access. Single App Mode. Can lock things up so students can't leave the app to get answers.

•Maps. Yup, rumors were right, they are doing it all themselves, no more Google Maps. What does this mean for traffic? Adding local search. Ah, new traffic view added, shows incidents. All crowd sourced traffic from other iOS phones. Built in turn by turn navigation. With an ETA based on traffic. Integrated with siri and works on lock screen. Siri can give time estimates.

•Flyovers for Maps with 3D photographic models. Maps are all vector based. Can rotate and zoom labels, zoom in far enough buildings appear. And satellite view in 3D. Can change camera angles. Adaptive cinematic camera angles.

•Maps, siri can read out directions and give an eta.

•Maps get an overview at any time and just tap to resume turn by turn directions.

•Mail has per account signatures! Nice!

•Lost Mode where you can send a phone number to that phone and someone who finds it can tap it and call you back.

•iOS 6 will ship this fall and goes to beta developers today.

NO NEW MACPRO! WTF! Either the rumors were wrong or they didn't bother announcing it.
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