Intel launches new Xeon's, likely what will be in new MacPro

Intel is launching a new series of scalable Xeon processors. They have a new mesh architecture which will make them more optimized. They all can run dual processor from Bronze  with 8 cores at 1.7 GHz, silver with 12 cores at 2.2 GHz, gold can run up to 4 processors with 14 cores at 3.6 GHz or 22 cores at 3.4 GHz and Platinum with 28 cores at 3.6 GHz and support for 8 CPU's.

I bet the 1.7 is too slow, but we could see the 2.2 GHz and up in a new MacPro though I doubt they have more than dual CPU options. These are certainly not the processors in the iMac Pro though.

These Skylake Xeons should have a 1.65 times performance boost over the current Broadwell Xeon's which likely will be in the iMac Pro.

Let's hope the new Mac Pro really is a great machine. We all just want the cheese grater though and not some design wonder.

If Apple really wants to support Pros they should make High Sierra compatible with MacPro 4,1's!

So Apple showed off their next OS High Sierra today at WWDC, with Metal 2 for more graphics acceleration.

Well if they want to prove that they are supporting Pro users as they make a new Mac Pro and work on their iMac Pro, they should re-open the os to 4,1 MacPro's and continue to support 5,1's until the new models come out. They killed 4,1 support with Sierra (though users can hack their 4,1's to becone 5,1's but it is not officially supported!

The new iMac Pro looks amazing, but I still don't want an all in one, get that new Mac Pro out soon!

EDIT: So they will continue to support the 5,1 but they should expand their support back as a sign of goodwill to Pro Users!
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