More fun with iCloud Bookmark sync

So after giving up on LastPass because it is not e10 multiprocessor compatible, I have been trying to sync my bookmarks using Firefox Sync, Chrome Sync and iCloud Bookmark Sync for windows. Unfortunately iCloud bookmarks is garbage, because it has no simple way to either clear bookmarks, or force a sync from a single source, and unfortunately it often gets completely corrupted! To clear it you have to disable sync everywhere except your mac, and let it sit, then clear your bookmarks and either import or create a new clean set. Unforunately this process is very unstable. It requires much switching off sync and waiting, and hoping.

Keep your fingers crossed, as I am.

LastPass 4 does support e10s in Firefox, but no word on Xmarks

So I was let know that LastPass version 4 does in fact work with e10 multiprocessing in Firefox. The normal update does not work, so you need to install LastPass 4.0 from the web site.

There is no word on Xmarks though.

So I am now running the iCloud Bookmarks Plug In on my Surface Pro 4 to sync between Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. And using Firefox bookmark Sync to sync from my mac to my Surface Pro.

Looks like Xmarks and Lastpass will never support e10 Multiprocessor in Firefox

So it looks like neither Xmarks or Lastpass will ever support e10 Multiprocessing in Mozilla Firefox. For years Mozilla Firefox has been my browser of choice because of all of it's extensions. There was a short period where I used Chrome, but it is not as customizable. Firefox though is changing and is becoming multiprocessor, and that requires re-writing plugins to work with e10, or they won't work. Right no Firefox will still work without e-10, by keeping Firefox in the old mode without mulit-processor support.

I contacted Xmarks/Lastpass support to see about their e-10 support, and I got this response.


Thanks for reaching out to Xmarks Support.

Through testing that we were unable to install Xmarks in Electrolysis e10. At this time, we have no plans to launch Xmarks compatibility with e10. I will submit a formal feature request ticket advocating your desire if you'd like.


So basically a paid service will never update their software and will very shortly lose all support for Firefox my favorite browser! Time to kill my accounts for xmarks and lastpass!

Of course now the question is how to replace these essential programs. I am going to try out Firefox Browser sync, and iCloud sync. Unfortunately iCloud Browser sync only runs on windows, but I have my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10, so I can try Safari Browser sync to sync between Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac. And it is e10 supported, so that might work. I will keep my backup in Firefox on my mac so I can keep replacing my good backups.
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1Password for iOS 8 is out and Free to use with a Pro Paid Upgrade

1Password 5 for iOS 8 has been released with Browser plug in support. And it is now Free to use, though requires a paid upgrade of $9.99 to Pro for some important features.

    •    Create the full range of items including Bank Accounts, Email Accounts, Memberships, Passports, Reward Programs, Wireless Routers, Software Licenses, and many more.
    •    Organize your items with folders and tags.
    •    Create and add Multiple Vaults.
    •    Add custom fields to all items.
    •    Support a great company with world-class human-powered customer service that loves you. Yes, including you.

Still the new features alone make me think that SplashID may be on it's way out as my Password manager of choice:

  •     App Extensions – Use 1Password to log into a growing list of your favorite apps and even update your passwords—all with just a tap!
  •     Safari + 1Password – You read that right. Just like our in-app 1Browser, you can now fill 1Password Logins directly within Safari! Ooh, speaking of thumbs…
  •     Unlock with Touch ID – After unlocking with your Master Password, get back into your vault in 1Password, Safari, and your favorite apps with just your thumb on devices with Touch ID. Check Settings > Security to learn how this works and pick your auto-lock time.
  •     Sync now goes to 11 – We rebuilt iCloud sync using Apple’s new CloudKit and it is awesome. Wi-Fi Sync will be automatic and sync attachments with the forthcoming 1Password 5 for Mac, and it’s just plain also awesomer.
  •     Adaptive UI – Whether you’re on an iPhone 4S, iPad Air, or a brand new iPhone 6 Plus, 1Password’s interface is dressed for the occasion.
  •     So much more – Resume editing items after unlocking 1Password. A brand new Welcome Aboard process makes it even easier to set sail with 1Password. Backup restoration has you covered. And all that is just page one.

And to have the browser extensions choice is just awesome. Now I just wish my iPhone 5C and iPad AIR had Touch ID for unlocking!

LastPass for iOS 8 is out now!

LastPass is first out of the gate with LastPass for iOS 8 with Browser Plug in Support! AWESOME!

And 1Password for iOS is currently FREE, and we know they will also have iOS 8 Plug In Support soon.

Leaving only SplashID with only an iOS 8 iOS app in the works, but no mention of plug in support.

So far LastPass has taken the lead by releasing the morning before iOS 8. Still think I may try out 1Password and see how well it takes my SplashID data though.

SplashID 8 announced, no iOS plug in support mentioned...

SplashID has announced that Version 8 is coming soon, according to their blog.

And they list the new features:

- Brand new optimized apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and the web
- Updated UI enabling more functionality on a single screen
- Advanced list view
- Automatic backup feature
- New full featured browser plug-ins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
- Security dashboard featuring alerts and one step fixes for outdated passwords, weak passwords, and duplicated passwords

No mention is made of iOS 8 Plug In. And if that is the case, both LastPass and 1Password will be having that as a feature, and if that is the case it looks like I might be changing password managers!

Honestly I am kind of excited about 1Password not being cloud based at all, so that might just be what I move to, because I would like to have most of my data off the cloud, but I do use LastPass a lot, so I might move to 1Password and LastPass instead of SplashID and LastPass as I currently use. I like the idea of having one completely offline, that syncs via the computer to my iOS devices. And if 1Password works well maybe I will consider giving up on LastPass altogether, though I do love it's security checks.

LastPass for iOS 8 Announced


LastPass has announced LastPass as a Safari Plug In for iOS 8. So you can access your vault and fill in passwords right from within Safari in iOS 8! AWESOME!

So about my Password Managers question. The $12 a year LastPass will now work within iOS browsers!

Still want to see what SplashiD does, though I am still considering moving everything over to 1Password as I can keep all my passwords away from the cloud that way. Just don't trust internet security at all anymore, though at least I do use 2 step authentication where I can.

Password Managers for Mac and iOS future features

I have been a long time user of Password managers, just for the convenience. And with internet security crumbling around us, we might need them even more. I actually use 2 password managers, but might have to consider changing up based on future features, many of which have been announced.

Now about the two programs I use and why.


For web browser based password management I have used LastPass for years. Now Cloud based security has always scared me, but they use plug in based encryption, and 2 Step Verification (I used Google Authenticator to get a second password to log in). It is a great paid service (yearly fee) and offers security checks on passwords and warns of security breaches, but the interface is a bit archaic, and it does seem to have many problems with ending up with many different password entries for many web sites, and it can be hard to tell which one is correct. It has an iOS APP, but doesn't integrate with iOS Safari as it does with browsers on Android, so I don't like it's interface, and use another solution. I do already use it's sister app Xmarks to sync bookmarks though so I have always gotten a discount for both!


For an iOS and Mac based password manager I used Spashdata's Splash ID Safe. It has Mac and Windows based apps, as well as iOS Android and many other apps. I went with Splash ID as I had been using their apps since old Palm Pilot days. Now originally you could buy Splash ID and it synced via iTunes sync (or Android syncing) to your phone, and kept in sync with your computer with your passwords. It never had problems with multiple entries as it did not work as a browser based system, so you enter everything, and can organize it easily as you see fit. And yes I do enter all my passwords in it, and then let LastPass also have my passwords. Of course now it has moved to a cloud based system, though you can chose to not go cloud, but to sync between devices you need Cloud, which I have always felt it was less secure, but now it has 2 pass verification, but I still prefred to have something online.


Now there has been a 3rd solution for a long time, which I do not use which is 1Password. It is browser, App and Phone based, kind of combining 1Pass and SplashiD safe (i now LastPass has iOS and Android apps, but I never liked it much, and the iOS one can't integrate with your browser anyway, though it can on android) but without the cloud based solutions, so it is more secure, though less portable to say a work computer. Still this does mean more security, which I do like, and it can do iCloud, Dropbox or WIFI only sync.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is because of future features of these apps, because I saw an article on MacStories about how 1Password iOS App is adding Extension for the future iOS 8 which will make it work within iOS Safari to both recall and generate passwords! This would make it the best overall all around Password manager around, so I am going to look into it, but SplashData is going to be adding features too.

According to SpashData's SplashID Safe Blog, SplashID 8 is coming soon. It is updating the apps and making the UI even better, with automatic backup, new plug-ins for Chrome, Safari and Firefox to make it fully browser usable, and with a security feature to alert and one step fix compromised, outdated, weak and duplicate passwords, which would be awesome! My only question is if it will also do an iOS 8 Extension so it works with Mobile Safari?

(A quick little update on 1Password, it seems they have a new feature called Watchtower that checks for site vulnerabilities and warns you about weak, duplicate and compromised, much like SplashID's new feature, though it does not as of yet add one step fixing as far as I know.)

So what to do? Hmmm, not sure yet, but I am going to research 1Password, and see if I can easily move to it, but wait to see about SplashID, because it would be great to be able to move to a single Password manager I can sue across all devices!
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