Blackmagic Design announces Fusion 8 for Mac and Linux

Blackmagic Design has announced Fusion 8 for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is currently windows only on Version 7, but version 8 which will be released in quarter 3 of 2015 for Windows, OS X and Linux, and is being shown at NAB.

There will be a free and $995 full version as there are now.

Looking forward to learning a new compositor at a reasonable price. I love what Black Magic is doing!

Definition Magazine has an interesting comparison of Fusion, Nuke & Smoke

Adam Garstone at Definition Magazine gives a quick overview of these 3 powerful 3D Compositing Programs. Work a read.

After learning Shake years back I would love to get into one of these, but can't afford either Nuke or Smoke, but once a free Mac version is released of Fusion by BlackMagic Designs I will probably spend the time to learn it, and hopefully they will have added a good 3D camera tracker by then.

BlackMagic Design releases Fusion for Windows for Free or $995 for Studio Version!

BlackMagic Design has done it again, and they have released their recently Purchased Fusion compositing program for free or $995 for the Studio Version with advanced 3D tools, OpenFX plug In support and unlimited distributed rendering.

Awesome news, and I would love to learn this. Going to give me a reason other than gaming to fire up BootCamp and boot into Windows 8 on my Mac, because since learning Shake back in the day I have loved Nodal compositing software. And the true 3D compositing and even 3D model rendering all in one will be pretty amazing.

RedShark on all BlackMagic Designs announcements from IBC 2014

RedShark has an article on all of BlackMagic Designs exciting new announcements from IBC 2014.

My personal favorites are:

DaVinci Resolve 11.1 is out now.

And BlackMagic has purchased Eyeon Software the maker of Fusion the high end digital compositing, visual effects and Motion Graphics Software! Wow, and lets hope they do to it exactly what they have been doing with Resolve, make it better, and cheaper than ever! Let's hope they eventually have a free version with full Resolve back and forth for an amazing new free or affordable compositing program! And lets hope for a Mac version very soon!

Fusion looks insane. Node based, but their Sizzle Reel stills looks very very complicated!

It supposedly already supports CUDA for acceleration so it sounds like a great fit with Resolve.

Info on Eyeon is available at the Eyeon Web Site.
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