Expandrive sent me a test build of 5.4.3 and it fixes my crashing issue

After having Expandrive stop working with version 5.4.2 for Mac, I contacted Expandrive, and they just sent me a test build of 5.4.3 and it works again. It seems one of the libraries they updated had a processor based incompatibility that was only effecting a very small amount of people and I was unfortunately one of them!

Glad it is fixed, I had no idea how much I had come to rely on it!

Expandrive 3.5.2 Crashing and not connecting with any Service in MacOS Sierra

I have quickly grown to love and be very dependent on ExpanDrive on both Mac and Windows, but the latest update to 3.5.2 on Mac does not work at all for me, though 3.5.1 seems to work just fine. Luckily it is possible to download old versions at ExpanDrive's site.

I have contacted support and sent my crash reports and diagnostic reports, but have not heard back as of yet.

For those who don't know, ExpanDrive lets you mount cloud drives as Network drives without keeping the files local, especially important on Laptops with limited hard drive space! Plus it is just one application instead of having to run and app for each of your cloud drives!
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