I created a new logo bumper for Whale of a Tale Productions in 4K

For quite some time I have been wanting a new Whale of a Tale Productions logo, and I have need for one in 4K as I have been posting some of my DJI Osmo Test Footage on YouTube.

I had recently upgraded a really old logo that had been NTSC to 4K, but wasn't too impressed with the results, so I decided to create a new one that more closely resembled my new Business card.

So I went to trusty After Effects CC 2017 14.2, as well as Element 3D and Red Giant Tsunami and created the following logo bumper for Whale of a Tale Productions.

Someday I will tackle one in full 3D where the logo can interact with the water, but not right now. For now I am pretty happy with this one.

VideoCopilot has released a free Star Wars Model Pack for Element 3D for May the 4th

VideoCopilot has released the Star Pack of Star Wars Elenents for Element 3D or Star Wars day May the 4th!


Video Copilot releases Element 3D V2

After a slight delay (they seemed to have some issues releasing yesterday) Video Copilot has released Element 3D V2 with shadows, 3D Noise and Deform, Bend and Twist, and a whole slew of new features for $199.95 with a $99.95 upgrade price.

Here is a video with more of the new features:

They also upgraded Pro Shaders to 2K graphics for $99.95, and upgraded Backlight with 8K HDRi Environment and Light Maps for $99.95. And Motion Design 2 High Tech and Industrial 3D Models also for $99.95 or you can buy the full Motion Design for $349.95 or $249.95 upgrade.

Element 3D is a fast and powerful 3D program for use within after effects and is really a must have plug in, so I am excited to see what the new features can do.

Element 3D V2 from Video Copilot will release December 2nd!

Video Copilot has announced that their Element 3D V2 will release on December 2nd! They will also be releasing Pro Shaders 2 with 2K Maps and Motion Design 2 Model Pack!

So looking forward to checking this one out. I love Element 3D, it is so fast and easy to use.


PVC on Free Models for Element 3D from Topher Welsh

Rich Young at the ProVideoCoalition has linked to some articles on getting free Models for Video Copilots Element 3D.

Awesome. I love Element 3D and free Models are always a good thing!

PVC on Comparing 3D Type options for After Effects

Rich Young a the Pro Video Coalition has an article to check out on 3D Type in After Effects.

VideoCopilot with Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014, Element 3D not working yet

Update on VideoCopilot Software and Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014. Looking over at the Forums, it seems that everything except Element 3D is working with Creative Cloud 2014. And according to Andrew Kramer's Twitter Feed, they are working on it.

With Red Giant working, and everything but Element 3D working, most of my plug ins are good. Now time to check on Re:Vision plug ins!

Video Copilot Tutorial on Animating Typwriter Keys

Andrew Kramer has posted another great VideoCopilot Element 3D tutorial.


Simple Car Rig Tutorial in Element 3D

Video Copilot has a new simple car rig in Element 3D Tutorial.

VideoCopilot shows hot to do a simple car rig in Element 3D 1.6

VideoCopilot has posted a tutorial of doing a simple car rig in Element 3D 1.6.

VideoCopilot on new After Effects and Cinema 4D integration

Andrew Kramer seems excited, saying it will force them to make version 2 even better, and that all the Model Packs and Pro Shaders already include Cinema 4D versions!

Element 3D 1.6 released!

Video Copilot has released version 1.6 of Element 3D it's 3D plug in for After Effects. They have a video of new features on their blog. It is a Free Update to registered users. It has a bunch of new features and bug fixes.

  • Added world position pass.
  • Added scene relink.
  • Added replace model option.
  • Added a subsampling mode for post effects.
  • Added planar and polygon mapping types.
  • Added render order.
  • Added group nulls.
  • Added generate 3D position null.
  • Added shape order animation mode.
  • Improved automatic relinking.
  • Fix: issue with baked animation in different groups.
  • Fix: crash due to path aspect ratio fix.
  • Fix: occlusion map was rendering below diffuse.
  • Fix: masks with different aspect ratio than layer.
  • Fix: baked animation wasn't working with 3D object replicator shape.
  • Fix: rendering issues on OSX.
  • Fix: crash when rendering empty scene with missing assets.
  • Fix: licensing popup on Windows when opening old projects.

I love this plug in and think it is a must have and it just keeps getting better and better with each update.

Element 3D 1.6 will have a World Position Pass

This will allow different plug ins with different 3D worlds to interact. There is a video on their site. Looks pretty cool.

Now they need to figure out how to cast a shadow based on this.

Update should be out soon.

VideoCopilot released Metropolitan City Templates

VideoCopilot has announced the releases of 10 City Templates for Metropolitan for Element 3D. They are a free download for those who have purchased the plug in for Element 3D. And they have released a tutorial video on them as well.

VideoCopilot Releases Element 3D 1.5 and Metropolitan

Check them out at VideoCopilot. Element 3D V1.5 is a free upgrade for registered users.

You can watch a video on Metropolitan and the previously posted video on the new features of Element 3D.

After years of using 3D Invigorator Pro, Element 3D is a revelation! It is so fast and easy to use! In fact it is so good, it should be bundled with AE! This is really the new must have After Effects plug in!

VideoCopilot releases a video on Element 3D's new feaur

VideoCopilot has releases and almost 30 minute movie of new features of Element 3D. Can't wait for this free update!

VideoCopilot Element 3D 1.5 Announced!

VideoCopilot announced the free update to Element 3D, v1.5 which includes a real-time glow feature and will be out next week! Woohoo!

And they say 3D shadows won't be till version 2, but this still sounds awesome.

Just having started playing with this plug in recently I have been blown away by it's power! This makes Invigorator Pro 3D seem useless, with it's antiquated interface and slow as can be rendering.

Element 3D Image Based Lighting Tutorial


Video Copilot has released a new Element 3D tutorial, this one on Image Based Lighting in ELement 3D. Otherwise using an HDRI environmental map to simulate the lighting of a 3D scene.

VideoCopilot releases free Halloween Pack for Elements 3D

VideoCopilot has released it's free Halloween pack for Elements 3D. You can download it now.

Can't complain with free! Very cool of them to do this.

Free Halloween Pack for Elements 3D coming soon

VideoCopilot has announced a free Halloween Pack for Element 3D is coming soon. NICE! Free is always good.

I really do need to spend some time playing with Element 3D in the near future.


VideoCopilot has a tutorial and video of use of Element 3D in action

Check out these videos, the tutorial is great, and it is really impressive what this plug-in can do in After Effects.

I already have ideas bouncing in my head for Direct Response uses for something like this, once the product is rendered out in 3D at least.

VideoCopilot has released Element 3D


VideoCopilot has finally released it's long teased Element 3D plug in for After Effects for $149.95. or $195.50 with Pro Shaders, $249.50 with Motion Design Pack and Pro Shaders or $495 including all 6 3D packs and over 500 in 3D models to use with it.

Looks pretty damn cool actually and I would love to give it a try! Been watching videos for some time, and it looks really damn powerful without having to have extensive 3D skills.

Looks like you can do particle effects with real 3D elements, very very cool. I have some ideas just from looking at the footage.
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