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Canon has always been slow but what is up with using such old tech in their mirrorless cameras

OK Canon, what the hell? What are they thinking with the EOS R and EOS RP mirrorless cameras? 4 year old sensors that were behind the times on video quality when they came out.

I mean Canon made the DSLR Camera Video revolution, but when they made their C series video cameras they decided it was time to depricate video functionality on their still cameras in favor of their C series video cameras.

Then the mirrorless revolution started and by Sony, but followed by Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus and recently even Nikon, but Canon glass was so good, that people couldn’t wait for Canon to join in. And finally they have with insultingly old technology, and new very expensive lenses! It is a huge middle finger to everyone with a ton of canon lenses!

Really it makes the new BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4K the last bastion of video for someone with Canon EF lenses and even that is heavily cropped and a small sensor leading to small depth of field.

Canon has betrayed it’s users, opting for usefull video features only with it’s expensive C series video cameras. And the best part is that by doing so they have also betrayed the still users they are supposedly aiming for. Who wants to spend thousands on old technology? A new sensor could have vastly improved both still and video quality, with better low light as well as color technology. Instead they opted for old tech to not canibalize their video cameras and screwed everyone.

Canon has screwed all it’s loyal customers and lost the race for both still and video users. They have betrayed the low end video movement they started and need to nan up and create sone new tech, but at this point it is too late.  With the bigger lenses negating their entire line of EF lenses they have lost their advantage (no matter how good their new super expensive lenses are).  And even their still feature advantages will eventually not save them (sony’s lack of hdr photography is a huge hit).

Camranger mini as a director's monitor a short review


I picked up a camranger mini for my wife for christmas to use a a director's monitor for a dslr.

The Device is mainly used to control a dslr for still photography, but also works for video, though at a very low frame rate. It is works by connecting a small device to your dslr via a USB cable and then connecting your iOS or Android device via wifi. And you can nominally control the camera from the device.

As a director's monitor it works from framing, but not performances as the frame rate is just too low.

Still cool to be able to see without an attached monitor, especially if the camera is in motion, but a higher frame rate would be welcome.

Maybe the announced Camranger 2 which comes out this year will do better.

Red Shark News on DSLR Revolution being over

Red Shark News has an interesting opinion piece on the DSLR revolution being over.

And I think they are right. With the URSA mini being able to up and running for $6000-$7000, only super low budget productions are going to keep using a DSLR. And really global shutters are going to be the new standard. The Canon C300 is an amazing camera, with great low light, but not having a global shutter for $15,000 seems like a huge mistake when the competition has it for so much less.

Kickstarter AllSteady-6Pro DSLR/RED 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The AllSteady-6Pro DSLR/RED 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer is a very impressive looking Gimbal that finishes funding on February 26th, and everything is supposed to ship by March 31st, 2015.

Of course no guarantee from Kickstarter, but would love to run to Orange and check one of these out at Turbo Ace, and the Kickstarter discount is huge! This looks like a really impressive and well manufactured piece of gear!

Cinescopophilia on DEFY G2X 3 Axis Gimbal for under $2000

Cinescopophilia has an article on the impressively small DEFY G2X 2 Axis Gimbal, which is under $2000.

It is amazing how fast this technology is evolving and how quickly the price is going down!  Let's hope that shaky cam makes it's way out in the near future.

PVC on Canon EOS 7D Mark II and it's video capabilities.

Jose Antunes at the Pro Video Coalition has more on the newly announced Canon EOS 7D Mark II and especially focusing on it's video capabilities.

Basically saying it is a baby EOS 1D X without 4K capabilities, but with the ability to record in MOV or MP4 and 3 compression settings, either IBP, ALL-I or Light IPB.

Very exciting for video, and can't wait to see what Magic Lantern can do with it.

Canon announces EOS 7D Mark II

Canon Rumors has the story on this impressive new camera.

20.2 Megapixel APS-C Camera with up to 16000 ISO with CF and SD, and USB 3 as well as GPS.

Brushless Gimbal Camera Stabilizer with Controllers for under $700

CheesyCam has news on a new 3 axis brushless motor gimbal camera stabilizer with controllers, but this one is just under $700! Wow!

Build a $5 Fig-Rig

Filmmaker IQ has the3 videos of how to build your own $5 Fig-Rig using PVC Pipe!

A great idea. I already have a dolly made from PVC and am making a mini green screen as well.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Magic Lantern VS Blackmagic Cinema Camera RAW

Planet 5D has a video comparison of the 2 cameras.

BeSteady Brushless Gimbal Handheld


BeSteady One - final prototype sneak peak from on Vimeo.

Cinescopophilia has info on the BeSteady Brushless Gimball, which will be $3000 fully loaded.

Which Canon DSLR's can do RAW with Magic Lantern?

Cinema 5D has an article on all the cameras this works with and what can be achieved.

Sad that the Canon EOS 50D can do higher quality than my 60D which can only manage 960x540 because of it's slower storage.

Planet 5D has tons of footage from the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 RAW!

Planet 5D has a ton of RAW footage from the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3! Nice!

Magic Lantern RAW can now do 25p

Cinema5D has news on this new feature for RAW with the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 and Magic Lantern.

Magic Lantern adds 3x zoom to RAW for Canon EOS 5D Mark 3

Planet 5D has more on the 3x zoom added to Magic Lantern for the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3.

Magic Lantern RAW video conversion comes to Mac

Planet 5D has some on the Magic Lantern Team RAW video conversion utility for Mac.

Comparisons of Magic Lantern RAW

Planet 5D has some comparisons of H.264 vs a Hacked GH2 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 RAW with Magic Lantern.


Relentless, MoVI for the rest of us?

Cinema 5D has more on the Relentless, the $1800 camera stabilizer for smaller cameras.

Magic Lantern Raw Video Workflow Tutorial


Filmmaker IQ has posted this video with the workflow to the EOD 5D Mark 3 and the Magic Lantern RAW recording.

Why Magic Lantern RAW Video is the best thing to happen to Canon

DIY Photography on why Magic Lantern RAW for the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 is the best thing to happen to Canon!


Magic Lantern pulls 24p RAW video Out of Canon 5D Mark III

This story is all over the web, but Petapixel had it right away. A new alpha of Magic Lantern has managed to get 1920x850 RAW video at 24P out of the camera, and it looks much better than the H.264 compressed video and it sounds like it may be better than the Black Magic Camera. As you can see from this Planet5D post on the subject, and you can see their post on the subject as well.

And you can really get into this with the EOS HD post on it.

I am sure that Canon doesn't want this, as they want you to buy their cine EOS cameras to get RAW capabilities, but it is awesome that Magic Lantern has been able to pull this off!

Relentless Handheld Stabilized Camera System for $1800

Cinescopophilia has an article on the Relentless Handheld Stabilized Ssytem, which is only $1800 vs $15,000 for the MoVi.

This is for smaller cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Camera or DSLR's, and is not as functional as the MoVI, but works with a helicopter very well.


Samyang Announces 18-35mm f1.8 APS-C


Photorumors has the press release on what sounds like a bad ass and fast lens, which as as a C lens acts like a 27-52.5mm on a 35mm and is really fast. No word on price yet, but it likely won't be cheap!

Vincent Laforet on the new MoVi handheld stabilizer

Just before NAB the new MoVi handheld stabilizer with gyro stabilization and accelerometers has been announced, and there is video from it and of it. It is $15000 and they are working on a smaller one for $7500.

Here is the short film Movi:

MōVI from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Here is the Movi rig in action:

MōVI in Action (Quick Video) from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

And BTS:

MōVI BTS from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Sounds very very cool! And the footage all looks amazing for being handheld. Pretty damn impressive. The world needs more of these so we get away from the horrible shaky cam that has become so prevalent of late! This could replace steady cam. And I bet you could make an amazing rig to attach it to your body and not make your arms quite so tired as well.

How if only someone could come up with one for much cheaper, though it certainly wouldn't be as impressive. Wow.

Cinescopophilia on Dog Schidt Optiks

Cinescopophilia has a great little article on the British Dog Shit Optics, which use old Russian lenses and make them for either DSLR's or ARRI-PL mounts, and while built off of old Zeiss designs, they have no coating, so will flare like crazy! VERY VERY COOL!

They are quite reasonable too. You can buy them from their Etsy store for $155 for the DSLR version and $310 for the ARRI-PL mount.

I so want one

How to build a Spherical Panorama Head


DIY Photography has a great article on building an inexpensive spherical panoramic head. Would love this to make HDRi photos for 3D images!

Creating a black background in still photography with a flash

Canon Blogger has a good article on creating a black background using a flash.

PetaPixel behind the scenes of Matthew Albanese's Miniature Worlds


Check it out at PetaPixel. This guy is amazing. His photos look real. Really incredible miniature making and photography! WOW!

Canon announces the Full frame EOS 6D

CanonRumors, TechHive, and DSL News Shooter, all have articles.

For about $2100 they are offering the body that is a full frame 20.2 Megapixel Full Frame Sensor and includes both a GPS and WIFI! This is almost a $1000 less than the next full frame sensor.

Doesn't have the swing out LCD of my 60D though. Nor does it have a headphone jack for audio monitoring, so you really need a separate audio recorder! The WIFI will be amazing though, when you can control it from your iPhone or iPad! HOW COOL IS THAT? Think of remote focus pulling?!??! AWESOME!!!

DSLR Film Nube on the V-Control USB Follow Focus Controller


DSLR Film Nube has a review of the new V-Control USB Follow Focus Controller. Sounds pretty awesome, especially for only $185. And I love that it comes in a leather case and with 15mm Rail mounts. This sounds pretty damn good. I WANT ONE.

DIY Photography has a very easy DIY slider


Check it out over at DIY photography. Looks very easy to make. Might have to build one.

New Samyang Cinema Lenses for DSLRs


Cinesopophilia has info on 3 new Samyang Cine Lenses all with T Stops. T stops mean smooth aperature so it can be pulled. And these are made for Nikon and Canon DSLRs.

They have a 35mm t1.5, a 24mm t1.5 and a 14mm t3.1 lens coming out.

Samyang lenses sell as Vivitar, Rokinon, Wlimex, Bower and Pro-Optic lenses. The Rokinon 35mm T1.5 for Canon is at B&H for presale at $549.00. And the Rokinon 8mm t3.8 fisheye for Canon is at B&H for $349!

Problem with Canon EF 40mm f2.8

Canonrumors is reporting on a problem with the Canon EF 40mm f2.8

If pressure is applied to the lens barrel while the lens is mounted to the camera (pressure can be applied even while attaching the lens cap or while carrying the camera with the lens attached in a bag), the autofocusing function of the lens may stop working.

It seems they will have a firmware update for the camera in August to fix the problem, but for now just remove the lens and put it back on.

I built a DIY PVC Tabletop/Skate Dolly with help from DIY Photography


Here it is in all it's Glory, a bit different than the one they show, but perfectly adequate and can't wait to start using it. It seems to roll pretty smoothly.

Check out the article and instructions by Martin Taylor at DIY Photography.

Now I tried following his instructions directly but at Home Depot I could not find a few of the pats, mainly the 4x connectors and the 4 x 3" risers threaded on both ends (though now I am thinking maybe they are in the sprinklers sections instead of the PVC section).

Anyway, I did it with a couple of pieces of 3/4" PVC pipe and a hack saw. My cuts weren't straight, but when I glued them in they were perfectly straight, so it worked fine. It is a little bigger than his example (I had to get connectors for the caps since my 3/4" didn't have threads on the ends). And I had to get T parts without threads on the bottom, as I didn't have the threaded extensions. Luckily having a bigger wheel base might make it a bit more stable.

Also I would change the screws to 1/4" and 2 inches long instead of 1.5" long. You could make them smaller with washers, and you could put more washers to make the whole thing more stable. These screws worked, but didn't leave much space, and I had to shave the whole in the top piece to allow the screw to stick out at all.


And I had gotten my scooter wheels years back to build a dolly (actually got 8 of them) at the dollar store for $1 for 2. Wish I had bought more now! Overall including a hack saw, the parts, the wheels, the pvc, screws and the glue cost me around $32, but that was with only $2 for wheels, and it could be more like $20. Looks like you can get them at Amazon for $4.99 with $5.34 shipping, though hopefully that would cut down if you ordered more than one set, though not sure. And this obviosly still needs a head, but you can get this one at Amazon for $12.99, or this one with a quick release plate for only 22.95.


Am already thinking of building a low mode one, that would only go straight (this one can turn either set of wheels) byt taking out the elbow pieces and just going to the middle T, and that way the camera would be lower.

Cheesy Cam on Canon 40mm F/2.8 Pancake Lens Manual Focus Noise

Cheesy Cam has a video on the Manual Focus noise of the new Canon 40mm F/2.8 Pancake lens which could be an issue for video shooting.

Inexpensive Quick Release Follow Focus only $88

Cheesy Cam has some news on an $88 reversible follow focus system. Damn that is a good price. Still need a set of 15mm Rails to support it, but still pretty impressive.


Hondo Garage Barely Rail only $45

Hondo Garage who make this excellent and inexpensive follow focus, now have the $45 Barely Rail. It is currently out of stock but will be back in stock before too long. That is a great price for rail! Very very cool!

Richard Harrington on how to Expose a DSLR Video Shot

Richard Harrignton has an excellent video on how to expose a DSLR Video shot.

Cinevate Trawly compact Dolly, Mini Tripod and Handheld Rig

DSLR News Shooter has some info on a new Cinevate Trawly, 3 in one Camera Dolly, Tripod and handheld rig.

Here is a Video on it.

Trawly - Compact Camera Dolly from Cinevate on Vimeo.

It is $49 until March 1st, then goes up. You can read more about it at Cinevate’s web site.

Looks very cool.

eMotimo Motion Control DSLR Time Lapse

There are 2 models, the PT 2 axis pan and tilt motion control and the TB3 that does 3 axis motion control. The PT is available now for $537 and the TB3 is coming soon for $725 wired and $745 wireless.
Pretty inexpensive for what they do and very impressive. I so want one!
I was looking at DSLR motion Control rigs for Timelapse and found this incredible looking

Hurlblog has 7 Tips for HD & DSLR Color Correction

. Well worth checking out if you use Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.
The Hurlblog from Hurlbut Visuals has an excellent article on 7 Tips for Color Correction with HD and DSLR

Kickstarter Project Timelapse+

There is a very cool new Kickstarter Project for a Timelapse+ Timer Control for Digital DSLR’s.

This an inexpensive and impressive intervelometer that you can pick up for $129.

Here are the intervalometer features:
  • Take an unlimited number of photos
  • Take sets of photos per interval for HDR (up to 10)
  • Each exposure in the set can be set to a different duration
  • 1/10 second resolution for the interval and BULB duration
  • BULB ramping - shift exposure smoothly during the timelapse (to be implemented)
  • Auto BULB ramping based on the light meter (to be implemented)
Three important things govern the design:
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and Extendability
  • Durability
It's easy to setup and the large screen lets you see everything you need to know at a glance, yet it supports complex timing configurations.

Which Lens to Buy for DSLR

Philip Bloom has an excellent article on which lenses to buy for DSLR photography and videography.

I wish I could afford all Canon Lenses, but this article is really worth checking out.
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