Crashplan closing it’s consumer backup plans is b******t

Crashplan recently announced that it was getting rid of it’s consumer plan and moving to business only plans and when your current plan runa out you would need to switch to one if their other more expenaive plans. And yes you get a sicount on year but can only move over 5 TB of your saves, but i have 7 Tb of saves so i am screwed!

And i just renewed not 2 months ago, but what is the poont of continuing backup to a service that is going to delete a third of my backup? And then I pay more? They should really regund the rest of my plan so i can use it to move to another less expensive service like Back Blaze!

Decided to give CrashPlan a try, and I don't think a 1.5 year backup is going to work for me

1.5 Years! I don't think so! Though to be fair I do have 5.3 TB of data, and the 1.1 TB music drive is on a NAS connected via 10/1000 ethernet, but still! And the number does change. I see it go down to 6 months sometimes, but I also find that for a good portion of every day it seems to be just scanning my drives, and not uploading. And I am on Fios with 35 Mb up and down so I have a fairly fast connection.

I am thankful for the free 30 day trial so I could learn this, very cool, otherwise I would have purchased and realized I would paying for likely 2 years before I had a full backup! Now way!

Now I went with CrashPlan after reading all about it, and seeing reviews and it does look like an excellent cloud based backup solution. And it's Java based app is easy to use and free and can be used for local backups as well.

And they have many plans, from 32.99 for 10GB, 59.99 for unlimited on one computer and $149.99 a year for unlimited on 5 computers. Seems reasonable, though you can only download a certain amount and must pay and send a hard drive for more, (EDIT: I was wrong, they don't charge to download, which is awesome, thanks to the comment) but it does keep your data secure away from your home.

I wanted a cloud backup as I had a drive go down recently and it really screwed me, but I don't think this is the solution. I am still thinking a large local storage would be better for me, though I certainly can't afford it right now.

EDIT: And yes I do have a local backup, though not of everything, I just don't currently have the hard drive space. I have a 3TB backup, and everything on MUSIC is RAID 1, so I have a copy of what is on there, but if things get messed up, they will be messed up in both places.

ADDITIONAL: Been keeping Crashplan running, hoping it will jump forward and have downloaded a lot more by the time the time the demo is over so will then buy it and use it. Lots of the time it seems to spend re-scanning all my drives, and with the amount I have, that takes a lot of time, but yesterday I came home to this:

HA! 10.5 Years huh? And when I tried to snap the picture it was 11.5 years, but I didn't snap fast enough! Now I know that isn't the actual time, but that is a long time to say it needs to back up!

I need a big raid as storage, but with redundancy, though I do like the idea of an offsite solution with great encryption, which Crash Plan is. It just isn't for someone with the storage needs that I have.
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