Cinema 4D lessons on making 3D Grass

So I have been learning Cinema 4D of late, as a new weapon in my arsenal. Been doing lessons every day, but the next job where I might be using it would include grass, so I have been doing a lot of lessons on how to do grass in Cinema 4D.

If anyone is interested Toolfarm has posted a page of the best Cinema 4D Grass Lessons, and they are all really worth checking out!

Chris Schmidt's is awesome, and I have been trying to get the movement from Quick VFX, but haven't pulled it off yet.

And on Cinema 4D Lite

I so want to play with this. Been wanting to learn Cinema 4D for a while anyway, as it would be really useful in my career, though I need to not be working 12 hours a day! Should go through all the Adobe Videos on CC, but there is not enough time in the day.

PVC on Oblivion using Cinema 4D

The Pro Video Coalition has a press release on how the film Oblivion used Cinema 4D to do it's effects. Interesting.

Cinema 4D is on my list to learn after DaVinci Resolve, as it's new After Effects integration will be huge!

Details of After Effects & Cinema 4D integration from Todd Kopriva at Adobe.

Todd Kopriva at Adobe has posted a document with details on the integration between After Effects and Cinema 4D in the new After Effects. He links to more extensive discussions, and then has extensive details on this.

Damn this makes me want Cinema 4D! I wonder if Autodesk and NewTek are on the horn working with Adobe to add something like the for their programs as this will really make Cinema 4D the number one 3D for ease of use between it and After Effects.

More on After Effects and Cinema 4D using Cineware


The Pro Video Coalition has a lot on the new After Effects Cinema 4D integration, but so does Maxon itself!

Check out the videos at Maxon, which show this in detail.

Not only do you no longer have to render from Cinema 4D, as the Cineware Plug in will let you render within After Effects to save time, but it also includes the incredible Cinema 4D Lite, a plug in within after effects that is limited yet feature rich version of Cinema 4D within After Effects! This may give Video Copilot's Element 3D a run for it's money!

I wonder if they will be able to do this with other 3D programs in the future, like Maya or Lightwave? This makes Cinema 4D really powerful! This is going to be the Go To 3D application because of this!

John Dickinson at Motionworks also has a good 10 minute video on how this works and their new Motionworks Lite plug in for Cinema 4D Lite, and it is worth checking out.
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