Adobe Encore CS6 is the last version

Rich Young at PVC is reporting on this and how to install it if you have Creative Cloud.

Personally I hate this. DVD Studio Pro is already dead, and ancient and now Adobe's disc making software is gone too. Sure we can use the old version, but it will never be updated again? That really sucks! This is a very Apple ish move, and I personally don't like it. Yes digital delivery is huge now, but there is still a time and place for disc based media as it looks better, and with 4K on the horizon, it will be sticking around in one form or another for a long time.

Adobe releases NAB Sneak Peaks of it's video apps! UPDATED


Check it out over at Adobe where they have a bunch of videos of new features being shown at NAB!
Woohoo, wish I was there!

Premiere is really getting controllable paste attributes! WOOHOO!!! I am so excited about Premiere Pro, it finally looks like it really is Final Cut Pro 8, but with so much more. And the Link & Locate was so necessary. And really powerful audio, and the integration with speedgrade and realtime looks very exciting. And it looks so much better working with audio, and I am hoping that it's control surfaces works with any MIDI controlled surface. I love that Adobe listens to it's users!!!

After Effects just looks amazing. And the Warp Stabilizer VFX seems unbelievably powerful. And the 3D pipeline looks awesome, though it makes me wish I had Cinema and knew Cinema 4D!

And is it just me or is it cool to see Wes Plate from Automatic Duck running Prelude? And the script integration just seems amazing! Especially with transcripts! That will speed things up so much, and be useful across the industry! Wow! And being able to edit using the script is insane. You can make a paper cut so fast it is a joke!

Speedgrade gets a more of an adobe makeover, and lets you rename grades in layers and add snapshots and save them so you can easily make different grades, and work better on portable machines, and even have 2 playheads in the timeline to easily pick frames you want to grade to and from, or have 3 up as well! Sounds much improved!!!

Adobe Story has really grown up and looks incredibly powerful!

Really need to spend time with Speedgrade as the new color match looks powerful and it's engine integration in Premiere Pro looks especially impressive. And being able to use Targa files from Photoshop or Lightroom (has to be exported from Photoshop not Lightroom) to drive shot matching looks very very cool.

And the Audition Loudness radar seems very interesting.


More feature request for Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encorder CS6


So I am delivering a show that was cut in Final Cut Pro, that was cut in 23.976, but needs to be delivered at 29.97, so I was using Adobe Media Encoder to do the conversion, but found I could only do it if I want either a single stereo audio track or a single mono mix-down.

I don't have the ability to compress a version with dual or more mono tracks (or a stereo and dual mono).

Often I have to deliver shows with a stereo mix, and dual monos one with dialogue, and the other with music and FX, but I can't do that with Adobe Media Encoder, so I have had to go back to the super slow Apple Compressor to do my compressions.


Not only could Media Encoder us a pass through, so if you have a clip with 4 audio tracks uncompressed, then just re-write it in the new file exactly as it was, but it also needs to at least be able to separate dual mono tracks so you can at least do stems on the textless version.

The other is that Premiere Pro really needs to be able to paste individual attributes of a clip, just like Final Cut Pro 7. Just being able to paste all attributes is less than useless in most cases!

I just brought all of my reels into Premiere Pro from Final Cut Pro 7 because I wanted to use Adobe Encore to make a new DVD and somehow all my clips had there volume put to negative infinite, so I have had to individually raise the volume one each clip, which was an incredible pain.

And yes I have put in Feature requests at Adobe, but I have been putting in the individual attributes since CS 5.0, so I am not holding my breath.

Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 have been updated for HiDPI Retina Displays

Adobe has released updates to Photoshop and Illustrator for those with HiDPI and Retina displays, such as the new MacPro Laptops. The Adobe Illustrator Blog has more on the Illustrator update.

And the Mac Performance Guide says that the new Photoshop is 13% faster than the previous version! Nice!

Great news for those with Retina displays, but I likely won't be one of those for a long time. I still use my MacPro and am hoping for a new one and a large Retina display, say 24 inch would just be too expensive for a very very long time. Still great to see Adobe keeping up though (and this will be awesome for Premiere Pro once it is updated for those with the 15" Retina MacBook Pro).

Had Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud Licensing Issues All Weekend

Took until just as I was going to bed last night to get it working correctly.

Basically when I opened any program in the Creative Cloud Suite it told me my Trial Version had expired and that I had to either license the software or quit. It would show my correct e-mail address, but then ask me for a serial number (which I don't have since I am using creative cloud). And not let me use the software without it.

Finally I tried telling it I was not myself, and re-entered my e-mail address and password, and then it logged in and re-licensed the creative suite.

Scary bug, especially since I lost use of the suite for a weekend. Now maybe I could have got on tech support and got it figured out sooner, but I hate talking to Adobe's tech support in India, as I feel that unless I get it promoted to someone in the states that I am never going to get the problem solved.

New presets for Adobe Media Encoder CS6

Adobe has released new presets for Adobe Media Encoder CS6. These include ProRES codes for Mac, Kindle Fire and Nook presets as well as MXF encoding Presets.

Nice, I always make my own ProRes Presets, but this could be helpful.

FX Factory Updated to 4.0 now with Premiere CS6 Support


Noise Industries has upgraded the FxFactory to 4.0 and added Premiere Pro CS 6 Support. I have a ton of their compatible and free plug ins, but don't actually own this suite (always thought it was a tad expensive), but this gives me one more reason, as I have moved from any version of Final Cut and now prefer Premiere Pro (though I of course still have Media Composer which works with very few plug ins).

The new iMac

Apple has updated it's iMac and it is thinner and more powerful, and now sans a CD rom drive.

Most impressive for editing are NVIDIA Mobile processors across the line, so they should all be great for CUDA in Premiere Pro. The low end has a GT 640M with 512MB of RAM, the second has a GT 650M with 512MB, the 3rd has a GTX 660m with 512MB and the high end has a GTX 675 with 1GB of RAM (best for editing right there). Even better the high end is configurable to a Geforce GTX 680MX with 2GB of RAM!

Too bad ll the stock models have i5 processors, but you can upgrade to an i7 that is 3.4Ghz. The high end also has user addable RAM, though the smaller model is soldered, but comes with 8GB to start.

Another exciting upgrade is the Fusion Drive you can get in BTO. It has 128GB of Flash Ram tied to 1 or 3 TB of regular hard drive, so your system can be on the fast Fusion, but you seamlessly get FLASH speeds for your system.

Starting at $1299-$1999 and available in November to December.

You have to configure it, but it really could be a great editing machine, especially with Thunderbolt, though I would prefer a non-mobile video card personally.

FCP.Co on installing a PC GTX570 in a MacPro

FCP.Co has an article on installing a PC GTX570 in a MacPro to get better OpenCL performance in FCP X, but it will also increase your CUDA power for Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6.

Still you can score over 1000 on Luxmark if you go for a GTX670 instead (which has a huge amount more of CUDA cores, and can still draw it's power from the internal power supply instead of say a 680, which would require an external power source to run), but they are not as well supported on the Mac. Either way you will need to go to Netkas to get some instruction and some help (though some of the help can be rather surly, but it is worth it if can really beef up using your MacPro). Someone at Netkas has also figure out how to Firmware update recent MacPro's to the latest firmware for the newest itineration, allowing beefier XEON's into your old MacPro.

The instructions are pretty easy, but I have found that they don't always work, so think about re-installing your NVIDIA drivers once you are done, as that did it for me.

You will also need to do some hacking to Premiere Pro and After Effects to get them working with the CUDA cores on a new video card.

After Effects Updated to 11.0.2

Todd Kopriva has the announcement at his blog. Looks like Ray Tracing fixes, and Kepler updates. Wonder if those would translate to a Mac with a Kepler card in it? Anything with CUDA updates is good in my opinion.

Actually reminds me that I need to replace my Quadro 4800 with my GeForce GTX 285, which the recent NVIDIA update should have helped with the crashing issue I was having.

StudioDaily on using Premiere Pro CS6 on SNL

StudioDaily has an awesome article on how they are using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on SNL. They were in Final Cut Pro and decided to move to Premiere Pro, especially because of the workflow with After Effects.

Still I am surprised it is all Mac, but they obviously had Macs for Final Cut. So far I am impressed with CS6, but there have been some stability issues for me, especially with CUDA, though hopefully that last NVIDIA update fixed that. I would think PC's would be faster and more stable, though I do still love my Mac. They had just better make a really kick ass MacPro really damn soon!

Stock Footage Pond 5 Plug In for Premiere Pro


Pond 5 has released a new plug in to search for stock footage from within Premiere Pro. You can browse their library, and automatically import free watermarked clips into your project, and if you purchase the clips, you can automatically conform to replace the clips with full versions! A very cool idea!

Adobe releases webinar on Speedgrade

Adobe has released a webinar on "Speedgrade for Aspiring Colorists." It is done by editor and colorist Jeff August, and includes Lin Kayser the inventor of Speedgrade in the questions. They also have an earlier Webinar on using Speedgrade by Patrick Palmer.

How to unlock Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 to work with almost any CUDA Card

Studio 1 Productions has an article on how to unlock Adobe Premiere Pro to work with almost any CUDA card. A must have for those who want the most power on MAC with Premiere Pro, since the Mac is generations behind on it's video cards.

Adobe adds updates to the Creative Cloud

Richard Harrington has the article on the new updates only for Creative Cloud users.

Adobe Illustrator has three new features — available only to Creative Cloud members — that give you the ability to package files, un-embed images, and do more with the Links panel. To access these features, update Illustrator from its main menu by choosing Help > Updates. • Adobe Muse – now includes built-in support for contact forms and many other new exclusive features. • Adobe Edge Animate preview – now has resizable layouts, rulers and guides, and a more precise timeline. If you used Edge in the past, you’ll notice we’ve also updated the name.

Glad they are finally doing some new features to the cloud, but I want them for Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop more, though any are of course welcome.

Some quick likes and dislikes of editing a recent project with Premiere Pro CS6

Over the last 2 days I cut a short film on Premiere Pro CS6. It was shot on a Canon 5D and I had no time to convert the footage, so I figured Premiere Pro was the way to go because I wouldn't need to re-compress the footage.

I used Plural Eyes to sync the footage to the external microphone, and it worked, though took some finessing, and some manual syncing and I would say it got about 75% of it.

Then I started cutting and had all the crash issues from my earlier post on the NVIDIA GTX 285, but was able to switch to my NVIDIA QUADRO FX 48000 and mostly cleared up the issues. No more serious Error messages, and no more screen going black. Still some random crashes, but nothing too bad, that a quick restart wouldn't get running again.

I was running the footage out of premiere pro through my DV deck to an external NTSC monitor, and it looked great.

Now I edit in Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and AVID Media Composer, but have always preferred some things of Final Cut Pro. And there are some things about Premiere Pro that I like and some I don't.

I don't like how you can only set a duration for your default transition in Premiere Pro, and you can't set up a favorites bin of effects either per project or within the system. I would always make a bin of favorites in Final Cut Pro with various lengths, and was quickly able to apply any transition I wanted.

I also don't like how on a clip in the timeline that is not butted up to another clip, all transitions start at it's cut and can't be put center on the cut or ending at the cut. You have to extend the clip to make the transition go further than the cut. Now it is pretty easy if you select the cut first as you can just hit E to extend the clip to the playhead, even if a transition is already on it. And I have set command-D to apply the default transition, so I can easily extend clips and apply the default transition with one hand (awesome), but I still want a bin of my favorite effects, and if not in the effects browser, let me do them in the project like I can do with AVID.

The integration with Adobe After Effects is a thing of beauty. Just being able to make changes so quickly is totally awesome. Once you have either imported a After Effects Sequence or sent files to one from Premiere, you just save changes in AE and they show up in Premiere, and you render in Premiere. AWESOME! This makes Premiere the best program for graphics intensive stuff bar none. I think Premiere Pro should become the premiere program for Direct Response because of this alone!

When Snapping is turned on, why does the cut tool not snap to the playhead. Now it seems to still cut at the playhead if you are close, but if that is the case, why not snap?

I really don't like the Time Remapping feature within a clips effects pallet. It is a different kind of keyframe, where you split it to make it softer, but doesn't work nearly as well as just being able to bezier curve it, or even easy ease or or ease in and out. This should be just like it is in After Effects and it just ins't, and doesn't work as well because of it!

Honestly I had some trouble with the select all to the right tool (hold down A to activate). It sometimes put tracks out of sync on me. And it only does one track unless you hold down shift and click while holding shift to select all. I like how you would hit A twice to change it in Final Cut, and think having to hold down 2 keys makes it more difficult.

I don't like the track selection tools. I keymapped the select all audio and video selections, but they don't seem to always work, and I often had to manually turn tracks on and off. Now this is slightly upset by not having to set tracks to ripple delete gaps between clips, or even when you do an extract, but still I like how you can option click in Final Cut to select just that track, and think Premiere Pro could use that functionality (as well as making the select and deselect all tracks actually work all the time).

I would like the audio waveform in clips to be a tab like it is in Final Cut Pro. I know you can switch it via right clicking and going down a level and selecting Audio Track, but that is making it much more difficult, than just a tab, which can be quickly switched to. It is better than AVID, as I like to see my Audio in the VIewer and not in the Timeline), but still has too many steps to do something I do so often.

And I know it is a problem with audio from 2 sources, but I hate not being able to go into the audio linked to the video and open it in the viewer and put markers in it for where i want to cut. I often work this way in Final cut Pro, as the audio waveform is so much bigger in the viewer than the timeline, but here Ic couldn't do it as it was linked to different video I think. I would love to be able to wrap the new audio with the video so it acts like a normal clip and you could use it like it is a single piece of audio and video.

Overall I have really enjoyed using Premiere Pro (though some of the keyboard shortcuts still vex me), and would like to see it supplant Final Cut Pro, because while i like AVID, it is still the same old program, and Premiere feels more powerful, and faster (with a CUDA card at least). I plan on posting more impressions on it in the future.

Scott Simmons at PVC has 105 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Questions Answered


Check out Scott Simmons 105 Premiere Pro CS6 Questions answered. A must read for all editors looking at Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro CS6 having some serious issues with NVIDIA GTX 285

I started on a job today shot on a 5D and didn't have time to convert to ProRES, so I decided to cut it in Premiere Pro CS6 to save conversion time, plus since I have a compatible PluralEyes to sync off camera audio. It took a bit of time to do the sync, but after I watched my footage and then began cutting, but Premiere Pro could not have been more unstable. I crashed over and over, and was losing time and work. So much that I tried exporting to quicktime, but it was just going to take too long to render the timeline so I could edit.

I found this thread on the Adobe Forums, and found my exact problem.

I'm on a MacPro 4,1, Lion 10.7.4, CS6.0.1, 32GB RAM, GTX 285 with the latest nVidia and CUDA drivers.  I am seeing 2 primary issues:


Lots of Serious Error crashes.  This happens without any noticeable pattern - sometimes with the title tool, trim monitor, or simply just scrubbing the timeline.  It seems to happen more frequently with Dynamic Links in the timeline.  Also, I believe it is happening more often (or maybe exclusively)  with the MPE GPU option enabled.  I think in Software Only mode, it may not be present, although further testing required.


Also, I am having an issue where Pr will display black only in the source and program monitors, unless I click around the timeline and will get flashes of images.  This is remedied by changing over to Software Only for the MPE.  It seems to be worse if Safari is running.

I was having the same issues exactly, and have the same system setup, but with only 24 GB of RAM, and am running Mountain Lion 10.8.0. I kept having to trash my prefs which worked for about 5 minutes before I crashed again.

So I decided to remove the GTC285 and put in my QUADRO FX 4800. It is old and slow, but still pretty decent. I installed it about 2 hours ago, and Premiere Pro has been rock solid afterwards.

This shows it is either an NVIDIA driver or CUDA issue, or something in the Premiere Code with the GTX 285, as with the QUADRO FX 4800 it is running like a dream.

Adobe and NVIDIA need to fix this fast, because this is a major issue. If it was not for me having a spare video card I would have been SOL, as I have to finish this project and fast!

UPDATE: Had one crash after 3 and a half hours, but I have been saving now, back to the old paranoid saving all the time. Still unbelievable the difference with the different video card!

UPDATE AGAIN: And crashed again! OK, so not rock solid, but still much better than it was with the GTX 285.

Biscardi Creative FCP to CS6 Part 3

Biscardi Creative has posted part 3 of it's switch to CS6 from Final Cut Pro 7. A good read with interesting points.

•Because of Native editing, they their render time is basically down to realtime render, so a 30 minute show has around a 30 minute render! That is a huge change!

•It requires more setup before hand, and it is smart to organize everything before import.

•Still using FCP 7 for videotape ingest!

•Use Davinci Resolve for grading, though it does not support all the files that Premiere Pro does, so a flattened ProRes Quicktime file is created from final timeline and use resolve's scene detect tool!

There is of course more, and this is a must read for switchers!

Had issues with CUDA and After Effects CS6 11.0.1 Update but FIXED THEM

After updating to After Effects CS6 11.01 I started getting an error message about CUDA not working.
Strangely CUDA was still working fine in Premiere Pro CS6, so it had to be the AE Update.

And I am running the latest CUDA.
The thing is it just wasn't showing up in After Effects and was using CPU instead of CPU for CUDA.

I tried trashing After Effects preferences, but that didn't work, so I found and downloaded the standalone 11.01 update installer and that fixed the issue for now.

Wes Plate formerly of Automic Duck on Prelude CS6

Todd Kopriva posted the article on prelude, and the link to the Wes Plate Presented seminar on Adobe Prelude CS6. He is now the product manager of Adobe Prelude it seems.

Layers Magazine on Photoshop CS6 Type Styles

Layers magazine has an excellent article on the powerful new Type Styles in Adobe Photoshop CS6. This is very cool, as you can apply layer styles to different type layers, and then if you change the style, you automatically make global changes to text. TOO COOL!

Arstechnica has an excellent in depth review of Adobe Photoshop CS6

Arstechnica and Dave Girard have another excellent review, this time of Photoshop CS6. Well worth checking out, even if you have already picked it up.

Adobe CS6 is shipping, Creative Cloud coming soon!

It seems Adobe is officially shipping CS6 and they have trial versions available. And in a move that will piss off retailers the upgrades are only available from Adobe themselves. So no deals from other places like the awesome videoguys.

People waiting for Creative Cloud will have to wait till May 11th.

Creative Cloud will certainly be more expensive over time, though additional tools and access to early versions of new technology I think will eventually make it worthwhile.
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Jeff Foster at PVC on After Effects CS6 Real World 3D Tracking

Jeff Foster at the Pro Video Coalition has an excellent article on real world usage of After Effects CS6's 3D motion tracking on some very shaky real world footage.

It looks pretty damn impressive actually. I am looking forward to giving this a test drive (and can't wait for the shadowcatcher feature either).
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