Many people know that LUTS or look up tables are a feature in Adobe Premiere's Lumetri controls that you can use different settings to make camera RAW footage look good for rec 709 or whatever format you are editing in. And Premiere has some technical and various Creative LUTs to quickly fix or change footage. And you can use your own LUT, but you have to select that LUT individually every time from your hard drive, as there is no way to add it to the menus in Premiere or After Effects.

Well a quick Google search has various links to sites that explain how you can add your own LUTs to Premiere Pro. Here is one at Premium Beat. The thing is there is a problem with this method.

In this method you open the application package contents, go into the Contents/Lumetri/LUTs/Technical folder and add your LUT and restart the program. Obviously this is something that is changing the actual application so it should be done at your own risk, and any update will likely wipe out your LUTs, but if you are going to do it, YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS!

If you want the LUTs to work in Premiere and to be able to export them with Adobe Media Encoder or use them in Adobe After Effects you need to also install your LUTs into those programs as well. There is no central repository for these LUTs!

Now I have requested with Adobe that they add the ability to add your own LUTs to the menus in a central repository, but that doesn't mean the feature will be added ever.

I created a new logo bumper for Whale of a Tale Productions in 4K

For quite some time I have been wanting a new Whale of a Tale Productions logo, and I have need for one in 4K as I have been posting some of my DJI Osmo Test Footage on YouTube.

I had recently upgraded a really old logo that had been NTSC to 4K, but wasn't too impressed with the results, so I decided to create a new one that more closely resembled my new Business card.

So I went to trusty After Effects CC 2017 14.2, as well as Element 3D and Red Giant Tsunami and created the following logo bumper for Whale of a Tale Productions.

Someday I will tackle one in full 3D where the logo can interact with the water, but not right now. For now I am pretty happy with this one.

Premiere Bro article on Motion Graphics Templates Workflow in After Effects

Premiere Bro has an awesome in depth article on using Motion Graphics Templates in the latest version of After Effects. It is in depth on using the Essential Graphics Panel and sharing the files that you make! Well worth the read.

Adobe has updated Creative Cloud Video Apps in advance of NAB 2017

Adobe has beat NAB 2017 this year and updated all of it's video tools.

You can check out the playlist of 23 videos about all the new features across the full suite.

Adobe Blogs also has info on all the updates.

I am most excited to see the Essential Sound Panel makes it way to Premiere Pro!

Having full Lumetri in After Effects is also very cool, and will be quite helpful, though as you know I still mourn the loss of SpeedGrade as Lumetri is not nearly as powerful. And that in many cases means I have to go to DaVinci instead of being able to finish within Creative Cloud.

I am also interested in the Essential Graphics Panel, which brings both direct graphics creation on the timelines as well as changes to templates made in After Effects.

I am also interested in seeing Camera Shake DeBlur and seeing how it does with Warp Stabilized Footage.

The new Multi-Channel tools in Audition are also intriguing, though I would be happier having them in Premiere (especially if I could automatically move multiracks to multiple tracks instead of a single track), as while I do finish some jobs using Audition and it's Essential Sound Panel, but mostly I go to a mixer using ProTools.

And having Pond 5 in the Adobe Stock panel is a great addition.

Overall I always look forward to playing with the new features, and am glad they come out as often as they do.

Color Correction Test with DJI OSMO+, Canon 60D and iPhone 6S and Visual Effects of Gun Shots

I shot some test footage with 3 of my cameras, my DJI OSMO+ my Canon 60D and my iPhone 6S. I color corrected the footage using DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and did the Visual Effects in Adobe After Effects.

The visual effects include adding the gun shots, light flashes, and color correcting the orange tip of my gun so it is gray.

I was trying to show my ability to color match the footage from such different 3 cameras, as well as add the visual effects to make an interesting little sequence.

Let me know what you think!

Adobe After Effects CC January 2017 Update is out

Tim Kirkoski at Adobe Creative Cloud Blogs has the list of Bug Fixes for After Effects.

Adobe on working simultaneosly is Shared Video Projects with Team Projects in Creative Cloud 2017

Adobe has posted a great support document on working in the paid Team Projects (Beta).

I am looking forward to trying this out in the future. Looks like an impressive solution, and really brings this more in line with AVID.

Adobe Released After Effects Creative Cloud 2017

Adobe has released Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2017, and here are the new features.

We have Collaboration with Team Projects.

Very excitingly a new 3D composition renderer from Cinema 4D, which I have read may be as fast as 20 times faster! Wooohoooo!!!

Performance Improvements with smarter GPU usage and more GPU accelerated effects!

An Improved Live Text template workflow, and Character Animator scenes in After Effects via Dynamic Link.

Also seamless integration of TypeKit Fonts, which will automatically sync if a font is missing when a project is opened (nice!).

New Project from Template with settings like color management and folder structure, which you can sync through Creative Cloud. I am so excited about this!

You can now freeze on the last frame.

You can set marker duration by dragging.

Avid DNxHD codec quicktime writing.

And finally Date and Time values in output name templates (YES!!! I know many companies that need to use this!).

Adobe Creative Cloud Video and Audio Tools New Feature Reveals at IBC 2016

I just wish they would fix some of the bugs of 2015.3 quickly, as I have heard nothing but issues from people.

Check out an overview of the new features by Victoria Nece at the Adobe Creative Cloud Blog.

As for new features, the big one is Team Projects. A hosted service allowing collaboration between Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude. This could be huge if it works well. I like how media mapping can be different for each user. Finally something to fight AVID in large multi-user environments!

Premiere Pro and Media Encoder are next. Bronwyn Lewis has written about it at the Adobe Creative Cloud blog.

In addition to team projects, it now has enhanced Captions and Subtitle support.

Enhancements to the Lumetri Color Tool Sets, which rocks, though unfortunately likely also spells the death of the separate and more powerful Speed Grade Application which once again is not getting an update here.

There is even more expanded VR support.

And destination publishing (something I will likely not be using).

And something I likely will be using enhanced Live Text Templates from After Effects! As well as visual Keyboard Shortcut mapping tool like AVID has always had.

It also will work better with Apple Metal, and have faster Dynamic Linking, And Media Encoder will stitch together multiple clips to ease file management.

After Effects has new features gone over by Victoria Nece at the Adobe Creative Cloud.

It has the afore mentioned Team Projects, a new 3D rendering allowing bent planes and extruded 3D text and shapes within After Effects using Cinema 4D's standard renderer!

It has faster performance with GPU's and more GPU accelerated effects. The aforementioned Improved Live Text Templates, with TypeKit Font Sync.

And more Powerful Dynamic Linking.

And when creating projects from Templates settings like color management and folder structure can be passed on!

Dave Werner shares new features of Adobe Character Animator CC Beta.

Durin Gleaves talks about Audition CC's new features. It has a cleaned User Interface, that more matches the rest of the creative suite and will work on high resolution monitors.


The New NVIDIA TITAN X is the King of the Hill!

Yes there is a new king of the hill in the consumer video card arena, and that is the new NVIDIA TITAN X. I had expected this to take a while to come out after them releasing the new 10 series, 1080, 1070 and 1060, but it was quickly announced and is coming out August 2nd! Wow! And the specs are amazing!

GPU Engine Specs                                               TITAN X                 GTX 1080

NVIDIA CUDA® Cores                                          3584                         2560

Base Clock (MHz)                                                   1417                         1607

Boost Clock (MHz)                                                  1531                        1733

Memory Specs:

GbpsMemory Speed                                                10                              10

GDDR5XStandard Memory Config                        12 GB                       8 GB

Memory Interface Width                                         384-bit                      256 bit

Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)                                 480                           320

Thermal and Power

Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)                       94                             94

Graphics Card Power (W)                                       250 W                     180 W

Supplementary Power Connectors                          8 pin and 6 pin       8 pin

That is an extra 1024 CUDA Cores for Adobe Creative Suite to play with, and an extra 4GB of faster RAM for not that much more power draw!

If you have been reading my posts, I have come to the realization that my next computer won't be a Mac, and have been looking at custom build PC's like Origin PC or Puget Systems. For a bit I was thinking that maybe 2 SLI GTX 1080's would be the answer for my CUDA needs, but that would basically eat all of my PCI slots. And I likely need some sort of Black Magic Design card to kick out video at least to an HD Monitor for editing, if not an Intensity Pro 4k. And while I can get a USB 3,1 external Raid for hard drives (as I likely won't get a ThunderBolt 3 Motherboard, unless I decide to build for myself), so I could live without a raid controller I would like need a Firefire PCI board to deal with my all my old hard drives until I can afford new enclosures.

So it looks like the new NVIDIA TITAN X would be my $1200 card of choice.

The Palette Gear Controller

I can't believe I never heard of the Palette when it was in it's Kickstarter campaign, but this is a fully customizable controller with analogue controls. It has 4 levels of kit from $199-$899mfor a wooden controller,mand you can also get additional buttons, controllers and sliders which are all controllee by the core untit, amd they have programable lcd lights, so you can remember which button is set for what.

This sounds very cool, and I would love to try one out, though the lack of SpeedGrade control makes it certainly not as impressive, though it does work with basically the rest of the suite.

Jonny Elwyn has an awesome review, which goes heavily into the details.

Adobe has licensed Apple ProRES playback for Wndows

Adobe today announced that they have licensed playback of Apple's ProRES, so it will be natively supported within Adobe Creative Cloud, without having to use Apple's Quicktime to do so (since it has been killed for Windows). Now it won't be able to write out to ProRES (so Window users will need another format), but it will be able to be read, and should be out soon.

They are also adding export support of mov wrapped DNxHD and DNxHR as well as playback of AAC audio and PNG compressed frames, and the native reading and writing of the legacy Animation format.

At least this gives ProRES a lifeline, though it is really too bad that it won't be able to write it as well, as ProRES is a great format, that looks to be in decline from now on.

I love that Adobe is doing this, but I still can't wrap my head around Apple's thoughts on this. Sure it saves them money in development, and in licensing fees, but to have a really pro format it needs to be cross platform!

Honestly with Apple's history with Pro Products (constantly making them great then killing them), and with the MacPro not being customize-able or upgrade-able at all (and not having been upgraded since it release in 2013), it looks to me like Apple is moving completely out of the high end pro market, and I worry that any of their high end software may not survive either!

VideoCopilot has released a free Star Wars Model Pack for Element 3D for May the 4th

VideoCopilot has released the Star Pack of Star Wars Elenents for Element 3D or Star Wars day May the 4th!


Yet again it looks like no SpeedGrade Upgrade in the next version of Creative Cloud

RedShark has a post on the Roadmap for the next version of Creative Cloud for Video to be shown at NAB this year. And the rumors look like once again, no more upgrades for SpeedGrade.

At a press briefing a few weeks ago where we first learned of these upgrades, but of course were not allowed to speak until the official announcement, a journalist questioned Adobe about Speedgrade future development and received a response to the effect of "we're concentrating on Premiere Pro in this iteration."

Actually what Adobe is doing with SpeedGrade seems to mirror what Apple did with Shake. Buy it, make it cheaper without changing it much, and integrate some part of it's tech into it's other apps, then stop updating it, until they just eventually kill it.

And the unfortunate thing is that SpeedGrade is a really great program, and the fact that a full grade comes back into Premiere Pro as a plug in is so much greater than having to render out each shot in DaVinci. And really the only thing it needs to get better is to let you move windows to a seperate monitor so you can have scopes be as big as you want.

And while it is great to have more SpeedGrade tech in Premiere (and even better to have it carry into After Effects), the simplified Lumetri color panel is so much less powetful than a full grade from SpeedGrade that it is almost useless. And really should have a more advanced version that allows for more powerful grades instead of lightroom like simplified controlls!

VideoCopilot has released a new free plug in, SABER!

VideoCopilot has released a new free plug in and tutorial, Saber! Yes this plug in is to easily create Light Saber effects, but in fact has many more uses, especially for free.

And here is there tutorial.

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Adobe has release After Effects CC 2015 (13.7) with CINEWARE 3.0

Check out Tim Kurkoski's blog post on the new features, which mostly are Bug Fixes and CINEWARE 3.0 for Cinema 4D with most features for the latest version (not the Lite Version included with After Effects).

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets

Jamie at Make a Web Site has posted an Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects Keyboard shortcut Cheat Sheets. Very cool. Check them out.

Major problems with El Capitan

Well Apple recently released it's next OS X upgrade, OS X El Capitan, and for me at least it has nothing but trouble.

I run a MacPro 4,1, which is rapidly again, but still works well for video work (especially with an NVIDIA GTX 670 with 4GB of RAM of it), and so far my upgrade to OS X El Capitan has been a nightmare.

First off Messages no longer works for me. I cannot log into Messages with my Apple account, it says that I can't activate my account. I have been trying solutions since it came out, including deleting preferences, resetting my keychain, setting up a new account (and it still wouldn't work there), and re-installing El Capitan, but still it does not activate. So Messages is just completely broken for me. And I am not running a Hackintosh, nor have I changed mortherboards and lost my serial number (it still shows up in about this Mac).

And then there are the problems with Mail. While my accounts have come over, it seems it has removed the passwords from the outgoing mail servers, and since they are so badly hidden within Apple Mail (in advanced and you have to select custom in a drop down menu to get to them), it is a super pain to go in and re-enter all of my passwords so that I can actually send mail! And this seems to have happened with my mom's computer as well, and I can't easily fix it, since I can't log into Messages to do video chat and take over her computer! ANNOYING!

And while the startup seems quicker now, my finder is very slow and so is iTunes! And my first step on any repair has always been to repair permissions, but you with Disk Utility at least, you can't do that anymore. That feature has been removed as the system is supposed to do that itself when you install a new program, but I would like to be able to do that myself. Now Titanium software's Onyx still says it does that, I am not sure you should anymore, though I am going to try it.

Now Alsfot's Diskwarrior works on El Capitan, but it's repairs have not helped my system at all. And TechTool Pro needs to be updated to work so I can't try that.

And another annoyance is that iTeleport Connect, which I use to VNC into my computer from my iPad needs you to enter your admin password every time it starts in El Capitan, so if the machine restarts I can no longer VNC into my computer without first being there to enter the password! I am sure this is a security feature, but I have saved my Machine using iTeleport when some driver screwed up and I was still able to VNC in, but with it not able to log in on it's own I can't do that anymore! FRUSTRATING!!!

And that is to say nothing of pretty much the whole Adobe Video suite not working at all in El Capitan! And there is no word from Adobe of an update (other than some word that their previous demo of After Effects running on Metal [of of the new big features of El Capitan] and running 8 x faster will likely not be coming to consumers) that will fix this. Hopefully they are working with Apple and an update is coming, but so far there is no word.

So far El Capitan is a huge bust for me, and I wish I hadn't upgraded at all. Apple should not have released this until the bugs were worked out, and important software like Adobe's Creative Cloud actually worked!

Adobe has released Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe has officially released the latest version of Creative Cloud!

Am installing it now. Looking forward to the new features, though still pissed that SpeedGrade didn't at least get a dual monitor view where you can move windows (especially the scopes to another monitor).


Problems Batch Relinking MXF files in After Effects that were sent from Premiere Pro using Adobe Dynamic Link

So I am working multiple projects right now, primarily on a single machine, but had to render out some 30 minute very complicated projects in Adobe Media Encorder, and I have found it is very unstable with the long complicated projects, so we copied the media to an alternate drive and I moved to another machine. Premiere Pro easily relinked my whole project in a few seconds, but with after effects it was not so easy.

I had quite a few After Effects compositions that I had sent from Premiere Pro, and the problem arose from the fact that the media are MXF files from a P2 card. Normally in after effects if you replace a single file with it's original file, it looks and relinks all the files it can in that same structure, but this does not work with MXF files.

MXF files that were imported using Adobe Dynamic Link from Premiere pro show up without their extension in After Effects, while the actual files have the .mxf extension. If you import the same files normally in After Effects they show up fine with extension, so this is a Dynamic Link issue. And the problem is that when you replace a file with it's correct original, it does not see the other files as the correct file because they don't have the correct extension in After Effects.

These are the MXF files after relinking.

This means that you have to manually relink the files in After Effects one at a time, which is a major time waster. I am pretty sure that this is an Adobe Dynamic Link issue, so I have reported this to adobe and hope that someday they fix this bug (you can report bugs and features requests to Adobe here).

Of course this wasn't my only issue, as when I brought the project back to the original system after using File Synchronization to bring the projects back to the original issue, the Premiere Pro project got messed up. The timeline is completely screwed up and doesn't show correctly.

Here is the messed up version, and zooming, scrolling or anything doesn't help.
Here is what the sequence should look like.

Now I was able to work around this, by opening the earlier project in Premiere and using the Media Browser to import the new sequence into Premiere Pro. The cool part is that it also imported all the new files that I had imported into the proper places within the project. They were offline, but it was easy enough to relink the files. Still not sure what happened here, but it is furstrating!


Adobe teases the next release of After Effects

Todd Kopriva at his AfterEffects blog has teased the next version of After Effects to be shown at NAB next week.

Here is a quick breakdown of the new features.

•Creative Cloud libraries to share graphics and looks between Premiere, Photoshop and Illustrator.

•Greater Interactive Performance thanks to a new architecture. Let's hope it doesn't break all current plug ins!

•Unified and Simplified previews.

•A preview of Adobe Character Animator.

•Face Tracker Effect.

Yes this all sounds pretty exciting, though the character animator seems pretty niche.

Adobe has given us a peak at the new video features in Creative Cloud

Next Week at NAB Adobe will be showing off the next release of Adobe Creative Cloud's video suite with updates to apps. We knew this was coming as Adobe announced on March 18th that the next version of Creative Cloud will only work with Mac Os X 10.9 Yosemite and higher.

Check out this video that shows the most exciting new features!


AE with Mikey, a very cool YouTube channel with Tutorials for After Effects

Check out this very cool YouTube Channel with Tutorials for After Effects. Worth checking out.

Adobe releases After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2)

Adobe has updated Adobe After Effects to CC 2014.2 (13.2). Tim Kikoski's adobe blog has the list of features and bug fixes.

New Features include scripting improvements for text layers and expression access to dynamic layer bounds, as well as new keyframe icons which should stand out more against the dark background. And the bug fixes are all welcome, especially any speed improvements for Dynamic Link.

Adobe has released After Effects CC 2014.1

Adobe has released Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2014.1! You can check out this post from Todd Kopriva on the new features.

I love how fast they are updating the Creative Cloud suite. This is how editing software should be. It should constantly get better, and with Adobe it really is!

Adobe After Effects CC 2014.1 Announced

Adobe has announced Adobe After Effects CC 2014.1 otherwise known as version 13.1.

• Of course it has HiDPI support with an enhanced User interface!
• Copy with Relative Property Links
•Color management for Dynamic Link to fix color shifts, WOOHOO
•Maxon Cineware version 2.0 and Maxon Cinema 4D Lite R16 (for compatibility, though likely none of the new features of the pay version) with a collect files feature
•GoPro support

Sounds exciting, lets hope they get it in our hands quick!

PVC on Comparing 3D Type options for After Effects

Rich Young a the Pro Video Coalition has an article to check out on 3D Type in After Effects.

More on After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing

This morning I re-installed After Effects, though it said it failed on aeselflink being open, but when I forced quit it it still would not finish install. I restarted and started after effects again. And this time Warp Stabilizer worked on 5 out of 6 clips. Quickly working in under a minute per clip, but on the last clip, aeselflink crashed again, and once again I can't get Warp Stabilizer to work in After Effects. Frustrating! Especially when it works just find in Premiere Pro.

And zero responses on Adobe Forums.

My Adobe Forums Post on After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing

So I made a post at the Adobe Forums to see if I can get any help, you can check it out here.

I tried the second solution from Adobe Forums here as well, and am down to these quicktime components.


And interestingly I didn't see any not responding in the Activity Monitor,


but I still got the DynamicLink Server timeout.


And the Analysis never started. Very frustrating!

Trouble with After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing Continues

OK, more on the problem.

First off I got After Effects to open after one crash after one crash (you can see the crash log in TXT form here). I re-opened the project, which was created via dynamic link from a sequence in Premiere Pro, though has since been relinked to the the ProRES footage I created. I tried re-starting the Warp Stabilizer analysis, and again it just gave me initializing.


And the blue was frozen on the image:


I checked Activity Monitor and 2 Adobe Processes are not responding, The Adobe QT32 Server and the aeselflink.


And after a minute I got the following error message:


Strangely when I try Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro it processes in less than a minute per clip, working just fine in the background, but it does not work at all in After Effects.

I have run permission repairs with both Disk Utility and Onyx, with a full user permissions reset, but that did nothing. Nor did using Onyx to run the daily, weekly and monthly scripts and cleaning out the Caches.

I am going to post on the Adobe Forums now, and see if I can get any help there. This is really frustrating!

Having After Effects Creative Cloud issues with Warp Stabilizer Background Processing Trouble

Shot some test footage of my puppy Indiana Bones yesterday, and wanted to process it. Was trying to use the Warp Stabilizer Effect in CC 2014 on about 7 clips I shot yesterday on Canon 60D, and ran into the issue where the background processing would not work in After Effects. It just got to initializing, and nothing every happened.

At first I thought it might be having trouble with the Long GOP files from the 60D, so I converted everything to ProRes HQ, but that didn't help at all. I then saved the project down to just CC and tried it there, but am having the exact same issue.

I tried to find solutions on the Adobe forums, and saw it could be Firewall or issues with Virus Protection or Port blocking software, but I am running none of that on this machine, so that isn't it. I also saw a post about logging out of creative cloud and back in and it would install a new version of creative cloud, but it just logged me back in, with no new version, and didn't solve any of the possible folder permission errors it was supposed to fix.

I tried deleting the opm.db file at ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/opm.db, but that just left Creative Cloud with a spinning beach ball, so that is no good.


Now I am re-downloading and re-installing the Creative Cloud app to see if that helps. Anyone else think the new adobe site is much harder to navigate? Took me a while to find the Creative Cloud desktop app download (
it can currently be found here).

OK, re-installed the Creative Cloud desktop app and it let me log in easily and am booting After Effects CC 2014. Will report on how it goes.

VFXER reviews Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8

VFXER has a great new review of the new Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8. It is a good review and does the comparisons with Element 3D and Cinema 4D.

Here is the first video from Zaxwerks on new features. And it seems that the newest feature is speed, as they say fast many many many times in the video! And it does look fast even with Ray Tracing turned on, which Element 3D cannot do.

And the Shadows sounds great, as you don't get shadows from Element 3D, and it includes Lens Flares and Lighting Rigs within the plug in (or stand alone app) which you need Optical Flares to do this with Element 3D.

Honestly I had written off 3D Invigorator Pro as soon as I tried out Element 3D, as it was just so much easier to use and more powerful and quick. And I like how Element 3D integrates the 3D so well into After Effects 3D world (which it looks like it still does better), but this version is the first to impress me in a while. The biggest issue for me is price. $399 is more than basic Element 3D and Optical Flares from VideoCopilot. And even the $149 upgrade price seems a bit steep. And I don't know that I need it now that I have element 3D and can use Cinema 4D within after effects. Still looks like the upgrade they should have done long ago!

Red Giant has updated it's Shooter Suite to version 12.5

Red Giant has updated their Shooter suite to Version 12.5.

It is $399 for full and $99 for upgrades from version 12.

It has a new version of BulletProof 1.2, Plural Eyes 3.5, it now includes Denoiser II, LUT Buddy, and now Instant 4K for uprezzing.

A great suite for on set work, and Plural Eyes is essential for all shoots with separate audio!

Adobe Creative Cloud After Effects CC 2014 New iCons

David Torno at the Pro Video Coalition has made some new iCons Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2014 versions which have the same icons as the previous CC versions. Download them now! And Twitter User Sam Parnell has made some for Premiere Pro 2014.

Red Giant has Updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 Premium Effects!

Red Giant has updated Universe to 1.1 with 3 new Free and 6 New Premium Effects. And 3 updated Effects.

What's New in Red Giant Universe 1.1 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Very cool. Lets hope they keep pouring out updates this quickly. The great thing about the subscription model is if they keep getting in money they can keep updating.

After Effects CC 2014 New Features

Adobe has update After Effects in the Creative cloud subscription to version CC 2014.

Built in keying has been enhanced with a Key Cleaner to fix compression artifacts in a key. And Advanced Spill Supressor does an impressive job of removing spill. Won't touch Red Giant's keying suite, but will improve Keylight in certain situations.

You can now link individual masks to effects on a single layer, and dissolve effects to lessen effect. This will clean things up by letting you so different masked effects on a single layer and track each mask individually. And you can get those masks from layer masks in Premiere Pro.

You can create Live Text Templates to leave individual text editable in premiere, especially great for lower thirds.

I/O has now been replaced by the Mercury Transmit engine from Premiere Pro, which should be faster.

Like the rest of creative cloud, there is Type Kit desktop font integration.

The iOS Kuler is now integrated into an After effects Panel.

Curves have been improved.

Mocha has been updated to version 3.2.1.

Not as big of an update as Premier Pro, but impressive nonetheless.


Adobe needs to do something about 3rd party Plug Ins to make it easier to upgrade

With the release of Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, we have yet another set of programs installed in our computers, which is nice, as the last version will keep working for old jobs (and when plug ins have not been rewritten yet), but it makes for a pain in the ass in getting plug ins working again.

After Effects has so many places plug ins can be installed. In your Library folder and in the Plug ins folder in it's application. So you have to painstakingly either re-install all your plugs in or go through and copy plug ins over between versions.

Photoshop used to do this well, with a 3rd Party plug-ins folder. So when you installed a new version you could just point Photoshop to this folder, and all your 3rd Party Plug-Ins would be there. Of course in true idiotic fashion they removed this feature.

And sure, some old plug ins will not work, but they could do a browser style plug in checker, which checks if your version works, and you could have a way to force them to work (or at least try to work) if it doesn't know (as is possible in browsers like Mozilla Firefox).

This would just make everything so much easier and smoother with every upgrade! And since all CC users are in Creative Cloud, they will getting all the new updates, and likely implementing them!

Please Adobe do something about Plug-In Management and do it soon!

VideoCopilot with Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014, Element 3D not working yet

Update on VideoCopilot Software and Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014. Looking over at the Forums, it seems that everything except Element 3D is working with Creative Cloud 2014. And according to Andrew Kramer's Twitter Feed, they are working on it.

With Red Giant working, and everything but Element 3D working, most of my plug ins are good. Now time to check on Re:Vision plug ins!

Red Giant Updates for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

Luckily that didn't take long. Red Giant has updated all their software for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.

Really many of the most important plug ins for After Effects. I use them every day!


StudioDaily has a first look at the new Adobe Creative Cloud Video Suite Features

StudioDaily has a great first look at the new features being released with the latest Creative Cloud release.

Effects Masking and Tracking within Premiere Pro sounds like an awesome addition, as are Master Clip effects, which will make color correction a breeze.

As for SpeedGrade the direct link to Premiere Pro feature where you actually open your timeline in SpeedGrade would seem to answer about half of my issues with SpeedGrade. Now they just need to get some curves going in there.

The ability to apply filters per mask in a layer will greatly speed up effects, and simplify timelines. And the Live templates features is very very cool. Where you can set text lines in After Effects to be editable by an editor within Premiere to quickly make lower thirds and the like based on a graphical template.

All in all it sounds great, and I hope the download is available soon!

Video Copilot releases new free plug in Color Vibrance

Video Copilot has released another new plug in, and free. Color Vibrance does one thing, but it does it well and easily. Download it from there site.

I love how they will do a tutorial and realize they could create a tool to make it easier, then release it free. Awesome company!

RedGiant Universe is out of Beta

Red Giant has released version 1.0 of it's new GPU accelerated Universe Plug ins. These include 31 free GPU accelerated plugs ins and currently 19 Pro plug ins that can be had for $10 a month, $99 a year or $399 for a lifetime subscription. And they promise dozens of new tools in 2014 alone. Already these protools include a version of Knoll Light Factory, Toonit and Holomatrix.

I love Red Giant's stuff, so this is a great thing. Not sure about all these subscriptions though. So far the small businesses I work with have been very averse to a monthly fee, but the free plug ins are great to have.

Creative Cloud Video Suite new features videos from Adobe

Adobe has released videos with the new features of Creative Cloud that is going to be shown at NAB.

• Premiere Pro Overview video
• After Effects Overview video
• SpeedGrade Overview video
• Audition Overview video
• Media Encoder Overview video


Adobe has announced an upgrade to the Creative Cloud Video Suite for NAB

Rich Young a the ProVideo Coalition has the news on this exciting next release of Adobe's Creative Cloud Video Suite.

Looks like Adobe is taking aim at the finishing power of AVID with the ability to add effects to Master Clips in Premiere, as well as edit Text from After Effects Projects within Premiere.

Scott Simmons has a more extensive look at Premiere.

And as for After Effects, the effects on a per mask basis is pretty exciting, as it will change the use of layers and adjustment layers within After Effects.

Chris and Trish Meyer look deeper at After Effects.

Looking forward to it. The fast update cycle is pretty awesome. I would like to see AVID come close.

RE:Vision Announces Twixtor 6

MacTech is reported that RE:Vision has announced a new version of their amazing slow motion plug in TWIXTOR. This includes GPU Support for NUKE and SCRATCH.

Love this plug in. The most amazing slow motion plug in yet created. Well worth it if you need it, though not cheap!

Red Giant Releases Universe Plug In


Red Giant has released a new set of GPU accelerated plug ins called Universe. Right now you can try out the Free plan which includes 32 free plug ins, and you will be able to get Premium plug ins, or create your own. They are also updating many of their old plug ins to work GPU enhanced in universe.

Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe from Red Giant on Vimeo.

There is the free membership, a $10 a month Premium Plan or a $99 per year plan, or a $399 Lifetime plan that does not expire!

The Plugs include:

Universe Free Tools
Universe Blur (7 plugins)
Universe Distort (8 plugins)
Universe Generators (4 plugins)
Universe Glow (3 plugins)
Universe Transitions (9 plugins)
Universe Premium Tools
Universe Chromatic Glow
Universe Holomatrix
Universe Knoll Light Factory EZ
Universe Noise
Universe Premium Transitions
Universe Prism Displacement
Universe Retrograde
Universe Toonit

This sounds very cool, and I have already installed and am looking forward to trying them out. Not sure about the monthly pricing unless they do add as many effects as they say they will, but the Lifetime is probably the best deal here, especially seeing things like Knoll Light Factory being added with GPU support.

Also is an addition is called Red Giant Supernova, which allows you to program plug ins quickly using the Red Giant Universe Library. So it fairly easy to create your own plug ins.

Supernova: Behind the Scenes of Red Giant Universe from Red Giant on Vimeo.


NVIDIA release new CUDA drivers, fixes After Effects Crashes

Todd Kopriva has announced the release of NVIDIA Cuda Drivers 5.5.47. You can download them from the CUDA control panel or NVIDIA's CUDA site.

I had to update to 5.5.28 first to get the 5.5.47 update, guess I have not updated in a while.

Red Giant Updates Color Suite to 11.0.4 for Premiere Pro CC 7.2 Compatibility

Red Giant has updated it's color suite for Premiere Pro CC 7.2.

On After Effects CC 12.2 the December Creative Cloud release

Todd Kopriva has info on the new features of the 12.2 release of After Effects CC that was recently released.

5 new After Effects CC 12.2 features that resulted from Adobe visiting Users

The After Effects blog has some info on some of the new features of the latest After Effects CC update 12.2.

I love that Adobe is really listening and releasing new features and bug fixes so quickly! It is just really too bad that the studios are basically forcing people to use AVID Media Composer, when for any graphics heavy show, Premiere Pro is such a better solution, just for lack of render time, and saving time with alphas and exports.

After Effects CC 12.0.1 fixes crashes on Mavericks

Adobe's After Effects blog has the news, on this manual update (it is only for Mavericks users so it is not installed through the creative cloud app). You can download it here.

Motionworks on New Features of After Effects CC 12.1

John Dickson at motionworks has a video on new features of the soon to be released Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 12.1.

After Effects: New Features in Ae 12.1 from Motionworks on Vimeo.

I love that new layers now are created directly above the selected layer, and the ease of linking layers across compositions! VERY VERY COOL!

Over 150 New Features being added to Adobe Creative Cloud Video

Yes, just 4 months after their last upgrade, Adobe is good to it's word and is turning around much faster upgrades with creative cloud, and in October are upgrading Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speed Grade, Prelude, Media Encoder, Story and are adding the iOS app Prelude Live Logger. Awesome! You can check out the upgrades at Adobe.

Steve Forde at the Adobe After Effects Blog has a post on the new After Effects Features.

The Adobe Premiere Pro Work area Blog has more on Premiere Pro, Media Encoder (which now has GPU enabled rendering!) and Prelude and Prelude Live Logger.

The Adobe Moving Colors blog has more on the SpeedGrade Upgrade which includes direct link (an improvement over Dynamic Linking which you can see more about here) and GPU acceleration.

Thank you Adobe, looking forward to it! And here's to hoping that Adobe permanently keeps up this rapid pace of development, except it will certainly keep us editors on our toes, as I have just scratched the surface of CC by now! Ha!

Stu Maschwitz releases ProLost Burns v1.6 for $3.99

Stu has updated his ProLost Burns effects. You can read all about them, or order them for $3.99. It is a simple and easy way to create the Ken Burns effect within After Effects.

Thanks Stu!

Video Copilot Tutorial on Animating Typwriter Keys

Andrew Kramer has posted another great VideoCopilot Element 3D tutorial.


PVC's complete After Effects ExtendScript Training, all 19 parts out.

David Torno at the ProVideo Coalition now has all 19 parts of his After Effects ExtendScript Training out.

PVC on 13 After Effects Plug Ins you may have forgotten you had

Chris Zwar at the Pro Video Coalition has 2 posts on 13 plug in you may have forgotten about in Adobe After Effects.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

After Effects Extend Script Training 13-15 are out at PVC

Dave Torno at the Pro Video Coalition has released more of his After Effects Training.

13 is on his ExtendScript Development Utitlity

14 is on Processing Text Strings

15 is on Keyframes

How to extrude Text in Cinema 4D Lite for After Effects CC from Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ has posted this tutorial on how to extrude text in Cinema 4D Lite included with Adobe After Effects CC. It is about 12 minutes long.


After Effects ExtendScript training 11 and 12 are out

David Torno at the ProVideo Coaltion has released more lessons on After Effects ExtendScript.

11 is on building a floating gui

And the 2 part 12 is on building a Dockable GUI

After Effects CC would not activate my GTX 670 4GB on my MacPro

Premiere Pro did it fine, but After Effects CC would not do it, and strangely the 670 isn't listed in supported GPU's but I got it to work.

First i booted as root, and was still having the same problem, so I decided to manually hack After Effects CC.

VidMuze has instructions for CS6 which worked for me in CS6, so i did them in CC or at least added the card name from CS6 and put it into the CC file.

Now my video card works in After Effects CC for Ray Trace.

Now it's time to re-install my plug-ins and hope they all work. Red Giant as already updated their installers to work with CC.

Adobe Creative Cloud issues talked to Adobe Tech Support and they didn't help

And though it was in India, I had less trouble understanding them this time. Of course they didn't actually help. Had me boot as root and the apps launched there (only bridge would launch otherwise), and said it was an issue with my user folder and they wouldn't help with that! I should call Apple! WTF! No help with conflicts of their software which I am paying a monthly fee to use? Now that is shitty support!

So I was trying everything I could think of to fix the issues, and finally decided to reset my home folder permissions and ACL (did you realize that permissions repair in Disk Utility is only for the system and not your hone directory?). To do this you have to hold own option and boot into your os x recovery partition (you have one right?) though holding down command-r will work as well.

This is more difficult for me as I have a PC video card and have to swap it out with my old Geforce gtx 275, then hold down option and go into recovery mode, you must then chose Terminal from the menu and type recoverpassword, and the hit to reset home directory and acl on your chosen home directory. It only took a few minutes and after my restart Adobe Creative Cloud worked (though i still got a weird error message from Photoshop).

Glad i figured it out, as Adobe was no help!

Adobe Creative Cloud doesn't work for me at all!

In fact, the only application in the entire suite that will launch is Bridge CC. Every single app has a different problem when it launches, but none of them will launch.

Premiere Pro has dynamiclinkmanager quit again and again and again, so often that I can't do anything until I can manage to force quit Premiere.

Photoshop launches quickly, but then sends me to a broken web site, and freezes and starts the dynamiclinkmanager quitting.

After Effects says it can't change the name of some file and quits!

I have restarted, fixed permissions, logged in and out of Creative Cloud, run Diskwarrior and Tech Tool Pro, and no joy.

And with my 72 hour work week, I don't have time to call Adobe right now and talk to their incomprehensible Indian Tech Support.

I run a MacPro 4,1 running the latest OS 10.8.4, and CS6 runs just fine. Did they even test CC? WTF! Why am I am a member of Creative Cloud? They better fix this fast!

What's new and changed in After Effects CC

Todd Kopriva has posted a blog on everything new and changed in After Effects CC.

Adobe After Effects CC Help Page

Adobe has released the Help Page for Adobe After Effects, including what's new and a pdf manual.

After Effects ExtendScript lessons 7-10 out now at PVC

David Torno at the Pro Video Coalition has released lessons 7, 8, 9 and 10 of his After Effects ExtendScript lessons.

PVC on Maxon Cinema 4D Intergration in After Effects CC

The ProVideo Coalition has an article on the Cinema 4D integration in After Effects Creative Cloud, and it includes a few videos from Adobe.

And on Cinema 4D Lite

I so want to play with this. Been wanting to learn Cinema 4D for a while anyway, as it would be really useful in my career, though I need to not be working 12 hours a day! Should go through all the Adobe Videos on CC, but there is not enough time in the day.

Pixel Motion Blur in After Effects CC

The ProVideo Coalition has an article on Pixel Motion Blu in After Effects Creative Cloud.

PVC on using the new Refine Edge Tool in After Effects CC

Chris and Trish Meyers at the ProVideo Coalition have an article on how to use the new Refine Edge Tool in After Effects Creative Cloud. And a second article on how some of the Roto Brush parameters have changed.

Can't wait to get my hands on this!

After Effects ExtendScript Training 06 from PVC

David Torno at the ProVideo Coalition has posted the 6th lesson in his After Effects ExtendScript Training.

AEScripts Toy Bricks


Crossphere at AEScripts has created the $199.99 Toy Bricks 3D Physical Motion collision simulator for After Effects.

Looks very cool. A bit too much for me to get and play with, but does seem very fun.

AEScripts Create Pivotal Null


Zach Locatt has released the Create Picotal Null script at AE Scripts. It lets you quickly create a null at key layer points and parent layers to that null. It is $5.99 or name your own price.


Here is the control panel.

Again, looks very useful, I just wish there was a way to have all my scripts in the cloud and be able to use them wherever I log in, as I work in too many other bays, and hate to get used to things that make my life easy when I can't use them elsewhere!

Adobe Sneak Peak Lighting in Photoshop and After Effects

Just ignore Rain Wilson being a moron, but this is so impressive. Being able to relight and image with another similar photo in photoshop, and even cooler being able to steal a look from an image or movie and process your video with it. They say it is very processor intensive and I believe it, but still very impressive!

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Sync Settings

Todd Kopriva has posted a couple of features on the sync settings for creative cloud. You can now sync Preferences and Settings, Workspace Layouts and Keyboard shortcuts.

Here is the info fro Premiere Pro and for After Effects which can sync preferences, keyboard shortcuts, output module templates, render settings templates, composition settings presets and interpretation rules.

This very very cool. Can carry your settings with you, without carrying them. VERY VERY COOL! Especially for us freelancers, who work in different offices all the time!

After Effects ExtendScript Training Episode 05

David Torno at the Pro Video Coalition has released part 5 of his ExtendScript training videos.

Paint Out After Effects Script


AE Scripts has Paint Out on sale for $19.99 down from $29.99
. It helps to easily control, manage and visualize a large number of paintstrokes easily. Especially good for removing tracking markers and the like.

Align 3D AE Script


Align3D is a new After Effects script to align and distribute objects in 3D space
. it is $29.99 or you can name your own price. Awesome.

Honestly I would buy more of these if I could take them with me. If there was a way to have a cloud license so you can install them and they only work if you log in one machine at a time, as I work in so many different offices on so many different machines. Sure I have awesome scripts on my home computer, but how awesome would it be to be able to take them with me wherever I go? Now that would rock!

Adobe After Effects Extend Script Training 04

David Torno has posted his fourth lesson on After Effects Extend Script.

Simple Car Rig Tutorial in Element 3D

Video Copilot has a new simple car rig in Element 3D Tutorial.

After Effects Render Booster from Tinka Tinka

Tinka Tinka has released the free Render Booster to easily do background and multi-machine renders with after effects.

David Torno at PNV has 3 After Effects ExtendScript Training Videos

David Torno has posted 3 lessons on Adobe After Effects ExtendScript.

Paul Tuersley Scripts at AEscripts

Paul Tuersley has released some new really useful scripts for After Effects. Check out his page, where he lists all 15 of his scripts.

He has released:

pt_TextEdit 2 for $34.99 which allows you to search and edit text layers throughout your project (awesome for text changes and spelling error fixing).

pt_EffectSearch 3 for $34.99 which lets you search for missing effects or where effects have been used, turn them off and on and even delete them or link them.

pt_ExpressEdit 2 for $34.99 which allows you to search, apply and edit all expressions throughout a project.

And older scripts he has include:

pt_OpenSesame for $69.99 which brings backwards compatibility via exporting projects as editable human readable text files.

pt_Multiplane for $29.99 which turns layered Photoshop or Illustrator files into 3D multiplanes with expressions to control their z axis!

All incredibly useful, though I would be more likely to use them if I wasn't forced to work in offices so often. And his are a little more expensive than the average ones on AEScripts, but still very very useful.

New Features of Mocha AE Included with next After Effects

Todd Kopriva has posted a list of new features of the included Mocha with the new version of After Effects.

This is already one of the most powerful 3D motion trackers around, but any additional features to make it a little more accessible are a great idea.

It of course sounds better. Wonder what the upgraded AE version will include? And with their technology now included in CoreMelt SliceX, they are getting even bigger.

Details of After Effects & Cinema 4D integration from Todd Kopriva at Adobe.

Todd Kopriva at Adobe has posted a document with details on the integration between After Effects and Cinema 4D in the new After Effects. He links to more extensive discussions, and then has extensive details on this.

Damn this makes me want Cinema 4D! I wonder if Autodesk and NewTek are on the horn working with Adobe to add something like the for their programs as this will really make Cinema 4D the number one 3D for ease of use between it and After Effects.

VideoCopilot on new After Effects and Cinema 4D integration

Andrew Kramer seems excited, saying it will force them to make version 2 even better, and that all the Model Packs and Pro Shaders already include Cinema 4D versions!

PVC has more on the new Adobe After Effects

Chris and Tish Meyer at the Pro Video Coalition have some more on the new version of Adobe After Effects. A pair of sessions Chris will be presenting at next weeks NAB show, including a new Lynda training course.

More on After Effects and Cinema 4D using Cineware


The Pro Video Coalition has a lot on the new After Effects Cinema 4D integration, but so does Maxon itself!

Check out the videos at Maxon, which show this in detail.

Not only do you no longer have to render from Cinema 4D, as the Cineware Plug in will let you render within After Effects to save time, but it also includes the incredible Cinema 4D Lite, a plug in within after effects that is limited yet feature rich version of Cinema 4D within After Effects! This may give Video Copilot's Element 3D a run for it's money!

I wonder if they will be able to do this with other 3D programs in the future, like Maya or Lightwave? This makes Cinema 4D really powerful! This is going to be the Go To 3D application because of this!

John Dickinson at Motionworks also has a good 10 minute video on how this works and their new Motionworks Lite plug in for Cinema 4D Lite, and it is worth checking out.

Adobe releases NAB Sneak Peaks of it's video apps! UPDATED


Check it out over at Adobe where they have a bunch of videos of new features being shown at NAB!
Woohoo, wish I was there!

Premiere is really getting controllable paste attributes! WOOHOO!!! I am so excited about Premiere Pro, it finally looks like it really is Final Cut Pro 8, but with so much more. And the Link & Locate was so necessary. And really powerful audio, and the integration with speedgrade and realtime looks very exciting. And it looks so much better working with audio, and I am hoping that it's control surfaces works with any MIDI controlled surface. I love that Adobe listens to it's users!!!

After Effects just looks amazing. And the Warp Stabilizer VFX seems unbelievably powerful. And the 3D pipeline looks awesome, though it makes me wish I had Cinema and knew Cinema 4D!

And is it just me or is it cool to see Wes Plate from Automatic Duck running Prelude? And the script integration just seems amazing! Especially with transcripts! That will speed things up so much, and be useful across the industry! Wow! And being able to edit using the script is insane. You can make a paper cut so fast it is a joke!

Speedgrade gets a more of an adobe makeover, and lets you rename grades in layers and add snapshots and save them so you can easily make different grades, and work better on portable machines, and even have 2 playheads in the timeline to easily pick frames you want to grade to and from, or have 3 up as well! Sounds much improved!!!

Adobe Story has really grown up and looks incredibly powerful!

Really need to spend time with Speedgrade as the new color match looks powerful and it's engine integration in Premiere Pro looks especially impressive. And being able to use Targa files from Photoshop or Lightroom (has to be exported from Photoshop not Lightroom) to drive shot matching looks very very cool.

And the Audition Loudness radar seems very interesting.


PVC on new After Effects Technology Preview

PVC has an awesome preview of their next version of After Effects, that will be available to Creative Cloud users soon.

•They focus on intense Cinema 4D integration, which is going to be huge!

•Already mentioned Roto Brush & Refine Edge

•Warp Stabilizer VFX, which has gotten a major upgrade

•3D Camera tracker has gotten an upgrade

•Layer Snapping is new

•Bicubic Scaling

•Find Missing for Fonts and Effects

•Purge all memory and DIsk Cache

•Pixel Motion Blur


PVC Previews Adobe Refine Edge

The Pro Video Coalition has a preview of a new After Effects tool, Adobe Refine Edge. It is an extension of the powerful rotobrush, but with the ability to pull objects from backgrounds you never would have thought possible.

Sounds very cool, but rather than see this demoed, I would rather have it go out to Creative Cloud users. I thought that was the point of paying more and constantly, that we would get early updates to software. And while we have, it hasn't been anything for the production bundle, which is really what I need anyway.

Come on Adobe I want Premiere Pro and After Effects Updates, even if they are testing betas! Let us give them a try!

VideoCopilot Element 3D 1.5 Announced!

VideoCopilot announced the free update to Element 3D, v1.5 which includes a real-time glow feature and will be out next week! Woohoo!

And they say 3D shadows won't be till version 2, but this still sounds awesome.

Just having started playing with this plug in recently I have been blown away by it's power! This makes Invigorator Pro 3D seem useless, with it's antiquated interface and slow as can be rendering.

Red Giant Price Drop

Red Giant Software has made significant price drops on their software, of up to 50%. You can now get the entire suite for $899 down from $1740.

And check out these prices on individual software.

Great deals.

I love there software and have been using it for many years.

25% VideoCopilot Software at Toolfarm today

Today only Toolfarm is having a 25% off sale on all VideoCopilot Software. I can't recommend anything more highly than Element 3D, and their lens flares plug in is awesome too.

New Scripts at AE Scripts

Some new scripts up at AE Scripts.

BAO Distortion Selector, to control the zone corrected by distortion for $49.99.

OBJ Vertex Export for $14.99.

2 - Sided Layer for $9.99 (Something I could use very very often!)

And Locations for $29.99 to create 2D and 3D Geolocations on a map.


Red Giant Software 40% Sale Today only!

Today only Red Giant is having a 40% off sale on all there products! Just enter 2012BSF40 at checkout and you will get the discount, which applies to all products including upgrades! This is a great deal and I love their suites of FX as is. So if you don't have them today is a great time to catch up.

EDIT: And it now goes till 10 AM Pacific this Wednesday 12-12-12, so you have a couple of more hours.

Element 3D Image Based Lighting Tutorial


Video Copilot has released a new Element 3D tutorial, this one on Image Based Lighting in ELement 3D. Otherwise using an HDRI environmental map to simulate the lighting of a 3D scene.

FX Factory Updated to 4.0 now with Premiere CS6 Support


Noise Industries has upgraded the FxFactory to 4.0 and added Premiere Pro CS 6 Support. I have a ton of their compatible and free plug ins, but don't actually own this suite (always thought it was a tad expensive), but this gives me one more reason, as I have moved from any version of Final Cut and now prefer Premiere Pro (though I of course still have Media Composer which works with very few plug ins).

AEScripts Layer Libray

AEScripts has a new one, Layer Library which lets you create prestes of groups of layers and properties to be used between different projects in After Effects. It is listed at $29.99, but is name your own price.

Very cool, especially for those we often do repeated tasks between projects.

FCP.Co on installing a PC GTX570 in a MacPro

FCP.Co has an article on installing a PC GTX570 in a MacPro to get better OpenCL performance in FCP X, but it will also increase your CUDA power for Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6.

Still you can score over 1000 on Luxmark if you go for a GTX670 instead (which has a huge amount more of CUDA cores, and can still draw it's power from the internal power supply instead of say a 680, which would require an external power source to run), but they are not as well supported on the Mac. Either way you will need to go to Netkas to get some instruction and some help (though some of the help can be rather surly, but it is worth it if can really beef up using your MacPro). Someone at Netkas has also figure out how to Firmware update recent MacPro's to the latest firmware for the newest itineration, allowing beefier XEON's into your old MacPro.

The instructions are pretty easy, but I have found that they don't always work, so think about re-installing your NVIDIA drivers once you are done, as that did it for me.

You will also need to do some hacking to Premiere Pro and After Effects to get them working with the CUDA cores on a new video card.

Free Halloween Pack for Elements 3D coming soon

VideoCopilot has announced a free Halloween Pack for Element 3D is coming soon. NICE! Free is always good.

I really do need to spend some time playing with Element 3D in the near future.


After Effects Updated to 11.0.2

Todd Kopriva has the announcement at his blog. Looks like Ray Tracing fixes, and Kepler updates. Wonder if those would translate to a Mac with a Kepler card in it? Anything with CUDA updates is good in my opinion.

Actually reminds me that I need to replace my Quadro 4800 with my GeForce GTX 285, which the recent NVIDIA update should have helped with the crashing issue I was having.

StudioDaily on using Premiere Pro CS6 on SNL

StudioDaily has an awesome article on how they are using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on SNL. They were in Final Cut Pro and decided to move to Premiere Pro, especially because of the workflow with After Effects.

Still I am surprised it is all Mac, but they obviously had Macs for Final Cut. So far I am impressed with CS6, but there have been some stability issues for me, especially with CUDA, though hopefully that last NVIDIA update fixed that. I would think PC's would be faster and more stable, though I do still love my Mac. They had just better make a really kick ass MacPro really damn soon!

CoreMelt releases free ActiveText for Premiere Pro


CoreMelt has released the free ActiveText plug in for creating text with pre-animated templates, no keyframes.

I am not too much of a fan of templated effects, but you really can't argue with free.

Some more cool After Effects Scripts

Some more really cool looking scripts from AEScripts and the Pro Video Coalition.

Layer Repeater to easily offset layers in space and time suggested $19.99 but name your own price.

Masks and Shapes gives you more control over creating shapes and masks and can save them out as a text file, suggested $9.99 but name your own price.

Projection, makes it easy to camera map onto 3D planes in After Effects with 3D Camera Tracker, Syntheyes, Boujou or PF Track. $24.99 down from $49.99.

Illumination adds a new dimension of lighting control, and adds the softbox. $19.99 down from $39.99

Pixel Cloud, a compositing tool to relight a 3D generated image or displace the pixels in 3D space, $89.99 down from $129.99.

Paste Multiple Keyframes, lets you copy and paste keyframes from multiple layers at the same time, suggest $9.99, but name your own price.

Auto Lip-Sync, create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording. $39.99

Null Swapper swaps null layers for light layers for Trapcode Particular and Plexus, and this one is free.


Red Giant has released Trapcode Suite 12

Trapcode Suite 12 from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Check it out at Red Giant, where it is $899 or between $99-$499 for an upgrade.

The new upgrade includes Trapcode Mir a brand new motion design tool.

Trapcode Mir from Red Giant on Vimeo.

It now includes 105 Particular/Shine Guru Presets from MoGraph artist David Vinson.

And maintenance updates for Lux, Echospace, Particular and Form.

The Guru presets help, but this doesn't seem like much of an overall suite upgrade for the price, especially if you already have the guru presets! I mean a new app, that you may or may not use, and no update to the rest of the suite, and the upgrade costs the same as buying the app. Red Giant obviously included the Guru presets to make this seem more worthwhile, but at $99, it seems a bit much when all you get is a maintenance release for all the apps you know and love.

RedGiant Upgrades DeNoiser to 1.3

Red Giant has Upgraded their new DeNoiser Plug in to version 1.3.

VideoCopilot has a tutorial and video of use of Element 3D in action

Check out these videos, the tutorial is great, and it is really impressive what this plug-in can do in After Effects.

I already have ideas bouncing in my head for Direct Response uses for something like this, once the product is rendered out in 3D at least.

Zaxwerks releases 3D Invigorator Pro V6

3D Invigorator Prto

Zaxwerks has finally upgraded 3D Invigorator Pro to Version 6. And it had better be a whopper of an upgrade now that After Effects CS6 has Ray Traced Extruded Text and Shapes.

New features for Invigorator Pro include:

Ray-Trace Reflectivity & Shadows! (NEW)
Ultra Realistic Shadows with Ambient Occulusion (NEW)
Create Glass or Water with Refraction (NEW)
Super Easy Grid Creator (NEW)
Increased Number of Sets and Layer Maps (NEW)

Here is what they have to say:

Our new Ray Trace renderer produces ultra-cool pictures, with reflections of objects in other objects, smooth realistic shadows, and glass refractions. Mmmmm. Sweet, sweet pictures.
New workflow features include the ability to trace pictures then map the picture back onto the object with one click; the ability to turn whole folders of images into 3D objects; and the ability to collect all project related files if you have to move the project from one computer to another. If you’re not a 3D-techie this means it’s now easier than ever to turn client artwork into flying 3D objects.
Best of all in version 6 are the new Object Fragmentation features. This set of features lets you slice, chop or crack your 3D objects into little fragments. Big deal, most 3D programs can do this, right? Not even close. What ProAnimator does is to turn fragmentation into a design tool where you can change your mind as the design evolves. Slice your logos into planks, strips, cubes, chips, chunks or shards. No pre-planning required. Change the fragmentation, change the text getting fragmented, change the bevels, change the color, change anything at anytime for the greatest flexibility imaginable.
ProAnimator 6 has also added more animation controls especially designed to take advantage of the thousands of pieces generated by the fragmentation features. So now you can take your thousands of fragments and spin, tumble, whip and cascade them in cooler, fresher and more eye-catching ways than before. Spill the fragments into the screen and watch them assemble into your logo. Drop the fragments and watch one word turn into another. This can be done with any text, logo or imported 3D object.
Stop for a moment and realize that now you can design on the fly with fragments as easily as full objects. It’s like a particle system that’s easy and fun to control and completely real-time and interactive. It’s all waiting at your fingertips to give your work an exciting edge over your competition.

It is $399 or $99 for an upgrade from 5.0.

VideoCopilot has released Element 3D


VideoCopilot has finally released it's long teased Element 3D plug in for After Effects for $149.95. or $195.50 with Pro Shaders, $249.50 with Motion Design Pack and Pro Shaders or $495 including all 6 3D packs and over 500 in 3D models to use with it.

Looks pretty damn cool actually and I would love to give it a try! Been watching videos for some time, and it looks really damn powerful without having to have extensive 3D skills.

Looks like you can do particle effects with real 3D elements, very very cool. I have some ideas just from looking at the footage.

Trapcode lesson on making realistic Dust Hits with Particular

Trapcode's blog has an excellent tutorial by John Einselen on how to create realistic dust hits with Trapcode Particular.

Had issues with CUDA and After Effects CS6 11.0.1 Update but FIXED THEM

After updating to After Effects CS6 11.01 I started getting an error message about CUDA not working.
Strangely CUDA was still working fine in Premiere Pro CS6, so it had to be the AE Update.

And I am running the latest CUDA.
The thing is it just wasn't showing up in After Effects and was using CPU instead of CPU for CUDA.

I tried trashing After Effects preferences, but that didn't work, so I found and downloaded the standalone 11.01 update installer and that fixed the issue for now.

Todd Kopriva Video on After Effects CS6 New Featurees at Video2Brain

Topp Kopriva has a video on After Effects CS6 new features over at Video2Brain.

RE: Vision Effects updates it's Plug Ins for Adobe CS6

Re: Vision Effects has released updates to all of it's plug ins to support Adobe CS6 After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Personally I can't live without Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur, so these are welcome updates.

Motionworks After Effects CS6 3D material templates

MotionWorks has a template for After Effects 3D Materials and a tutorial for there use.

GPU Features in After Effects 6

Todd Kopriva has an article on GPU acceleration in After Effects CS6 including CUDA and OpenCL.

  • GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer (CUDA on specific graphics cards)
  • Fast Draft mode, Hardware BlitPipe, and GPU acceleration of Cartoon effect (OpenGL with somewhat stringent requirements)
  • OpenGL swap buffer (OpenGL with looser requirements)
Looking forward to more speed in AE, even if most still has to be rendered (though with the RAM saving it may need a lot less rendering).

Jeff Foster at PVC on After Effects CS6 Real World 3D Tracking

Jeff Foster at the Pro Video Coalition has an excellent article on real world usage of After Effects CS6's 3D motion tracking on some very shaky real world footage.

It looks pretty damn impressive actually. I am looking forward to giving this a test drive (and can't wait for the shadowcatcher feature either).

Creativedojo links to a bunch of After Effects C6 Tutorials

Check out the videos showing off the new features. I so can’t wait to give CS6 a test drive!

PVC Review of After Effects CS6

Chris and Tish Meyer have an After Effects CS6 Review.

•Ray-Traced 3D Rendering Engine sounds great, but very also limited at this point. And it only works with CUDA cards not the few AMD Laptop cards approved for Premiere Pro.

•3D Camera Tracker is covered. It sounds pretty automated, but I am very excited to have Shadow Catcher layers, a white solid which only receives shadows. It basically sounds very good, but not as good as the Foundry’s excellent CameraTracker which has more options.

•Track in Mocha is a new feature that allows you to send files to Mocha instead of having to import files yourself. A feature that will make Mocha a more integrated tracker.

•Rolling Shutter Repair that removes Jello Cam from CMOS DSLR.

•Variable Mask Feathering is a feature I have been missing since Shake, and I am glad as hell to see it in After Effects. To do it you just Option drag on a mask point.

•Global Performance Cache where RAM Previews are retained in memory to save re-renders.

•Persistent Disk Cache all RAM Cache’s are saved to disk with projects, and you can Cache work area in background.

•Faster Graphics Pipeline is an update to how OpenGL is handled (which is how some AMD cards are supported). And NVIDIA cards are 150-250% faster and possibly 16 times faster, but mostly under windows.


•Automatic Duck Pro Import After Effects is included

•CycloreFX HD is now bundled

•Drop Shadow, Spill Supressor, Timewarp, Transform, Set Matte, Photo Filter, Fill and Linear, Iris, Radial Wipe Transitions have been updated for 32 Bit.

•Apply Color LUT supports CineSpace,, Irrisad and Speedgrade files.

•Arriraw can be imported

•MXF OPIa video codecs can be exported

•Render only machines don’t need serial numbers

•Many Scripting additions have been added.

Things that were removed.

•Photoshop Live 3D layers are no longer supported.

•FreeForm AE is no longer bundled.

•Custom Pixel Bender effects are no longer supported

•CS6 can only save to CS5.5 no but CS5

More changes can be seen at Todd Kopriva’s blog.

Adobe shows off Production Premium CS6 and it looks Amazing!

Macworld has an in depth article on the new Production Premium CS6 showing off it’s new features, and it does sound exciting.

Premier Pro CS6 is getting unlimited dynamic Multi-cam, built in Image Stabilization with Warp Stabilizer from AE CS5.5 and an enhanced Mercury Playback engine that will even work with some AMD video cards instead of just NVIDIA CUDA cards. It ha s anew Default Workspace, and is more customizable. It has more Audio Mixing controls. Trimming controls have been added and more customizing. A rolling Shutter repair. And of course the addition of Automatic Duck for interoperability between Final Cut Pro 7 and AVID and Premiere Pro. And it will edit 5K for RED compatibility.

Yes! Adobe has been listening and it looks like Premiere Pro CS6 is going to be a power house editing tool!

After Effects CS6 has enhancements to it’s render cache, were renders can be saved with projects, a full 3D camera Tracker, a Ray Trace 3D rendering engine (that looks to give Zaxwerks a run for it’s money), variable mask feathering, and built in Automatic Duck, so it will work with Avid Media Composer and Final Cut 7 files! Nice! Mocha will also be better integrated so you can launch Mocha from within AE (and Mocha is set to get updates at NAB as well).

A new edition to the suite is Prelude CS6 for ingest, logging and organization as well as transcoding of files.

Audition CS6 also gets updated and has smooth project exchange between Premiere Pro and third party nonlinear editors. Has real time clip stretching, automatic speech alignment and pitch correction. Better control surface control with automation.

And an exciting new addition is this suits version of Color, the recently purchases SpeedGrade. A 64 Bit GPU accelerated Color Correction tool. This is really necessary especially with DaVinci software basically being made free from Black Magic.

It really sounds like Adobe has been listening, and is making their editing suite a powerhouse that can really replace Final Cut Pro 7 and easily go head to head with AVID with even more powerful tools. I can’t wait to try this suite out!

Magic Bullet Denoiser 2 Released!

This was announced by Red Giant today. After losing the technology license behind Magic Bullet Denoiser they had to pull it earlier this year from their site, and promised a ground up re-write, and this is it, and even better it is a free upgrade.

Here is a list of features:

  • We’ve developed Magic Bullet Denoiser II from scratch (completely new code) to bring you the quality of Denoiser 1, but with more stability. Red Giant owns this code 100% – which means the product is not going anywhere.
  • We have spent lots of time developing the default settings for Denoiser II to give you the best possible look as soon as you apply. There’s is always room to tweak setting, but often you won’t need to.
  • Currently Denoiser II is only available for After Effects, but it will support multiple host apps in the future (readTHIS FAQ for more info).
  • Denoiser II is a Free Update for all Denoiser 1 and Magic Bullet Suite users. I repeat: If you already owned a license of Denoiser or bought the Magic Bullet Suite after Denoiser was discontinued, you get Denoiser II for FREE.
If you own it, or the Magic Bullet Suite, download it here. If you are new to the program, you can buy it here.

I love Denoiser, and used it extensively on my latest the Misadventures of Bear short, but did find it a bit buggy, so I can’t wait to try out the new version and see what it can really do.

PHYX releases Defocus for FCP, Motion and After Effects

Creative Cow has the press release on this new defocus tool that works with Noise Industries FX Factory.

Some Features are

  • Chroma Aberration – Editors can simulate chroma aberration – the imbalance of RGB color channels that can occur with camera lenses.
  • Fast Defocus – This effect can be used to simulate ‘bokeh,’ or out-of-focus lens effects. Editors can create depth of field with the use of a depth mask, rack-focus effects, and more.
  • Pan / Tilt – A popular effect used in many motion pictures and music videos, users can create a tilt-shift setup for still and motion picture cameras, with smooth, defocused gradients.
  • Vignette Vision – With two effects options, editors can defocus either the outer edge or the center of the image. Defocusing the outer edge simulates POV shots, vintage lenses and more. Defocusing the center of the image allows editors to censor images, create hallucinations, etc.

You can read all about it at Noise Industries Site.

After Effects Corner Cutters Scripts

AESCRIPTS has released a new set of 16 Corner Cutters for $19.95 to speed up many tasks in your workflow.


I haven’t tried these out yet, but certainly will in the future. They sound very interesting, and have a great little video for each one to show how to use it.

PT_OpenSesame at After Effects Scripts

Paul Tuersley at After Effects Scripts has released a new script pt_OpenSesame.pt_opensesame

This amazing script will translate projects to open in earlier versions of after effects! Adobe needs to buy this and release it! The price is $49.95 and will be worth it when you need it! Very cool!

After Effects Link for Lightwave

AEScripts has a new plug in, AE Link lightwave to After Effects Export.
This will export Cameras, Nulls, Lights and Rendered sequence into After Effects, and will update as you do more work in Lightwave!

It is $125, but well worth it if you use the two programs. Check it out!

Magic Bullet has updated Magic Bullet Suite to 11.1.2

Red Giant has updated it’s Magic Bullet suite to 11.1.2 including removing Magic Bullet Denoiser. Here are their listed changes:
PhotoLooks 1.5.2

  • Those of you installing PhotoLooks along with the entire suite may have noticed categories that show up in the Looks drawer that happen to be empty – this occurs because Looks created for Looks 2.0 used new tools and aren’t usable in PhotoLooks (yet). We’ve fixed things up for now so you wont see a bunch of empty categories – only categories that have Looks you want.
  • “Save Image As” in the Photo LooksBuilder was never meant to be left in the application and was not working correctly. It has been removed completely. Use the host app you launch PhotoLooks from to save your images.
  • For those of you who also use QuickLooks, there was a bug in the installer that would cause all of your QuickLooks presets to disappear after installing PhotoLooks. We’ve fixed this up.
Looks 2.0.4

  • For those of you using Looks 2.0 in Sony’s Vegas Pro on non-English 32-bit Windows systems, we’ve fixed up the truly annoying OMP error that pops up on your screen.
Colorista II 1.0.5

  • In Premiere Pro, dragging the power mask preview outline was not lining up with the actual mask. We’ve sorted this all out and it’s working great.
Grinder 1.5.1

  • The Timecode Start setting was always working in ‘Continuous’ mode – ‘Reset’ and ‘Time of Day’ were being ignored – all fixed up.
  • Choosing “Original + Timecode” as the main format option was causing the timecode to be off by a factor of 100. We’ve got the math all working now and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
Bye-Bye Denoiser 1.0


Stu at Prolost on Pimping your After Effects

Stu at Prolost has a great article on pimping out After Effects, what settings he uses, and some must have scripts.

On the scripts,
BG Renderer is a must, at $29.99 it allows you to not only render in the background, but also to e-mail you when a render is done, so you can walk way, and know right when it is ready continue.

And of course
Stu’s own DV Rebel Tools are also another must have.

Automatic Duck Plugs Ins are FREE!


I honestly thought with them moving to Adobe that the old plug ins were gone for good, but it seems not as
Automatic Duck has released all their old plug ins for FREE!

I already owned Pro Import AE 5.0, which allows you to import either Final Cut Pro 7 or AVID Media Composer sequences into After Effects. You use Free XML exporter for FCP and it works almost perfectly. A must have.

Pro Export FCP 5.0 is for FCP X and is to allow OMF export.

Pro Export FCP 4.0 lets you export either OMF or AAF from FCP to AVID, and I previously owned this.

And their is Pro Import FCP 2.0 which allows you to import an AVID sequence into Final Cut Pro.

And they are all FREE. So download them now. Sure they will not be updated again, but free is a huge price drop!

Mikael Lubtchansky making FCPX to AE Script

Check out his plug in at Foolcolor. For $89 it will move your FCP X project into After Effects. He is also working on one to export audio to FCP 7 so you can export an OMF and to export FCP 7 Sequences to FCP X and FCP 7 Projects to FCP X.

Pretty awesome that he is doing this, especially with Automatic Duck possibly out of the picture!

PVC After Effects Script of Week, Change Render Locations

Pro Video Coalitions After Effects Script of the Week, will let you change the Render Location for multiple items in your render queue. Very cool, but there is currently no link to it, so hopefully he will add it later.

FCP X to After Effects Applescript

FCP.CO has an article on the beta of a new app called Foolcut AE to export video from FCP X to After Effects for $89. Impressive considering I paid $500 for the same functionality from Automatic Duck from FCP 7 to AE, though the same functionality is free from Premiere Pro to AE.

Project Sync Teaser

There is a teaser trailer for Project Sync for syncing After Effects Project changes between users. It looks like a very cool plug in, that someone should have come up with sooner.

Check out the page on Vimeo, or I have embeded the video below.

Project Sync Teaser from Roe Media on Vimeo.

Trapcode has an excellent Smoke Project

Trapcode is sharing an excellent Smoke Project. Download it here.

Adobe and Nvidia Ray Trace in AE

The Pro Video Coalition has an article on a joint NVIDIA Adobe research project on doing ray traced 3D within After Effects, and it looks amazing. I just hope it will work with my GeForce GTX 285, or that NVIDIA will come out with a new better CUDA card available in Mac. I would consider a 4000, but it barely work with Lion or Apple products at this point, and is already a generation behind.

Let’s hope this gets integrated into After Effects soon! Realtime 3D would be amazing.
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