DJI Osmo+ Test with DJI Extension Rod in Low Mode with my Shar Pei's Indiana Bones and JK Growling

So this is a new test with my OSMO+ and DJI extension rod working in Low mode with my Shar Pei's Indiana Bones and J.K. Growling.

I did a quick, though insufficient color correction in Premiere Pro 2017 Lumetri, though I have not gotten the image flat enough as of yet. It was on auto exposure and UHD settings.

More DJI OSMO+ and Z-Axis test Footage at SuihoEh Japanese Garden in Van Nuys

So this is a stringout of more footage of my first tests with the DJI OSMO+ with Z-AXIS. I did a simple color correct, and the music is Tiny Parham and his Musicians "Washboard Wiggles" from PublicDoman4u.

I need to practice more for sure as you can still see my steps quite a bit. And I am thinking ND filters would be a good bet, as the exposure certainly goes from peaked to crushed across the board. Need to play some more.

First 4K test footage from DJI OSMO+ with Z-Axis

Some of my first test footage with my DJI OSMO+ with Z-Axis shot at the Suiho En Japanese Garden of Water and Fragrance in Van Nuys. This is unprocessed other than being recompressed for 4K YouTube. I still need to get better at the Z-Axis to stabilize my walking better. And it could certainly use a color correct. Still I am pretty impressed.


Streaming Media Producer on gearing up for 4K Production parts 1 and 2 of 3

Shawn Lam at Streaming Media Producer has released 2 out of parts of an awesome article on gearing up for 4K Production. This is a must read for anyone thinking about shooting 4K now or in the near future. Well worth reading. I am looking forward to part 3.

You can read Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here.

The Digital Bits has the first news on 4K Blu-Ray and it is called Ultra HD Blu-ray

Bill Hunt at Digital Bits has the first official word on 4K Blu-Ray, which will be known as Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

This is really exciting news. Everything has been moving to digital delivery of late, with higher compression, less quality and less features, but it is good to know that there will be a 4K disc based format which will deliver the best quality.

The only bad news is that it does not seem to include a 3D spec, which is likely a bandwidth issue, though it will be able to do 60P (hello Avatar in 60P). The spec has not been finalized but will use H.265, and will have a 66GB dual layer and 100GB 3 layer formats, and can even do 10 bit color and a wider color gamut as well as high dynamic range! It also will have a digital copy process to make local copies to a hard drive, likely in a specifically designed player.

Now I won't be moving to this anytime soon, as I just got a 65" 1080 display, and didn't even consider 4K for lack of content and not knowing how 1080 will look blown up to 4K (I am assuming not good).

Consumer Video Cameras hit 4K for under $1000

Both Sony and Panasonic have announced consumer 4K cameras for under $1000. Sony has announced the FDR-AX33 for $999 (you can read about it at Cinescopophilia) and Panasonic has announced the $899 HC-VX870 and it's strange double shooting HC-WX970 for $999 (You can also read about it at Cinescopophilia).

This blows my mind. This is reaching back to the DV revolution. Not that most people need 4K, but as an editor 4K seems like such an opportunity. Just shoot a little wider and to be able to push in and still have full 1080 resolution is mind-blowing to me. And the ability to have 4K footage to do image stabilization (now that Premiere Pro has such good built in Image Stabilization) will really change things.

Now of course these are consumer cameras, with consumer compression (though Sony does mention 100MB compression) and consumer lenses, but still for grabbing quick b-roll shots these would be amazing.

I don't think 4K will take off at home any time soon. The TV's are still too expensive, and since most content is 1080, it will actually look worse on a 4k screen than a 1080 screen. And until they figure out how to broadcast in 4K easily (and my TV already shows how bad the compression looks on many shows in 1080!) or a disc based format for 4K it will not take off! I mean Netflix's 4K compression is around 15 mb per second, which is about half of what a blu-ray is (sure it is probably newer and better compression, but still you are losing a huge amount of data there). And a disc format would always be superior just for bandwidth considerations.

4K excited me for what it could mean for 1080.

Of course this all depends on DP's as I have had 5K footage for a 1080 broadcast that was shot so extreme close up that it was useless to me to push in or for it to be  5K at all, but the possibilities do exist.

RedShark on Panasonic FX1000 4K Camera for $899

RedShark has a great article on the exciting new Panasonic Lumix FX1000 Camera.

Sure it is a fixed lens DSLR (though it is a Leica), but one that can record in 4K for $899! And clean output over HDMI, even better! Wow. Now the audio is supposed to be very subpar, but the picture awesome if only 30FPS at 4K (and even cooler is the 100FPS at 1080) Not the flagship GH4, but still a very impressive camera!

Honestly I want one just for shooting video. I mean 4K at that price. Wow.

This is a revolution and will push 4K better than much else would.

RedShark News on Panasonic GH4 4K Camera

RedShark News has a great review of the new Panasonic GH4 4K camera. Great article on the camera, though it is for PAL users instead of NTSC, but that is the only fault.

Also talks about an interesting program from Thomas Worth that is a Mac Command line app to convert the 4K 4:2:0 footage to 1080 4:4:4 footage using the extra picture resolution. Which sounds great, though I don't know how it could have more color data.

This camera sounds amazing. I wish Canon would take these lessons to heart and make their lower end cameras have amazing features like this camera.

David Shapton at RedShark on the Paradox of 4K

David Shapton at RedShark has a great article commenting on the Paradox of 4k right now.

It kind of feels like the initial switch to HD, but more so to me. And I think his conclusions are right. For stuff that will have a shelf life, moving to 4K makes sense as it is much more future proof (2.4 Megapixels to 8 Megapixels) but for current one time view events like news or sports it really isn't too important. Especially since not only are most people OK with HD, but there really isn't any 4K content as of yet, and won't be until bandwidth issues are fixed (1 GB fiber to whole cities would solve that).

And you have to wonder how HD material looks on a 4K set. If it doesn't look as good as an inexpensive HD set, then why move to 4K except for bragging rights?

Black Magic Designs Ursa Upgradeable 4K Camera

BlackMagic Designs has announced a new like of 4K upgradeable cameras called URSA. It starts at $5995 for an EF mount or $6495 for a PL Mount version. There will also be a broadcast version and one without a sensor and just an HDMI in for recording.

This is an impressive looking camera, especially with the 10" fold out viewfinder and dual touch screens for control. With this Black Magic is going all out with it's cameras and making a really impressive high end camera to take on RED, and yet be cheaper.

Grant Petty has show the first 4K video from the BlackMagic Production Camera

EOS HD has a post on Grant Petty releasing the first 4K video from a BlackMagic Production Camera. Exciting.

Philip Bloom on why you do and don't need 4K and raw

Philip Bloom has an excellent article on the pros and cons of 4K and raw workflows.

Yes they are gorgeous and great, but are usually overkill and add a lot to the post process! Of course us post people already know that, but they are so often used when they are complete overkill!

John Brawley hands on with Blackmagic Tech Pocket Camera

John Brawley has an excellent hands on with the new Blackmagic Pocket Camera. And info on the 4K. Sounds like an impressive little camera, though with a little rolling shutter issues, that the 4K should fix.

Amazing that Blackmagic has become such an impressive camera company in such a short period of time! And $1000 plus lenses is a steal for a 1080 camera!

Vizio Shows off it's new 4K monitor at CES


IGN has the news here, on this new 70 inch display, which has 4x 1080P resolution, passive 3D and a 2mm bezel. Probably not look great on 1080 data though!

Sony announced 4K CineAlta cameras, F5 and F55 with Super 35mm Sensor


This is all over the web, at Cinescopophilia, Vincent Laforet's blog and Cinema 5D among others. And Cinescopophilia has more on the F55 and F5. They have identical bodies and 4K senrors, but the F5 is going up against the Canon C500 with 1080p/2k recording up to 120FPS (as a free upgrade, it ships at 60FPS) or 120FPS to an outboard recorder for the F5 and internally for the F55, and even do 1080p or 2K at 240 FPS internally. Wow!

These use XAVC, which is 4:2:2 10 Bit at 100Mbps to 300Mbps for 4K. Exciting, though they haven't priced the cameras as of yet.

Sony teases a 4K camera

Engadget HD has the info on this tease of a new Sony 4K camera, being announced on the 30th.

It will be 4K, with broadcast quality 50Mbps data rate and a 4:2:2 color space and high frame rates and likely in the CineAlta PMW-F3 range. And that is an amazing camera, so this will likely be too, though that is still some serious compression for 4K.
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