PVC on Comparing 3D Type options for After Effects

Rich Young a the Pro Video Coalition has an article to check out on 3D Type in After Effects.

VFXER reviews Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8

VFXER has a great new review of the new Zaxwerks ProAnimator 8. It is a good review and does the comparisons with Element 3D and Cinema 4D.

Here is the first video from Zaxwerks on new features. And it seems that the newest feature is speed, as they say fast many many many times in the video! And it does look fast even with Ray Tracing turned on, which Element 3D cannot do.

And the Shadows sounds great, as you don't get shadows from Element 3D, and it includes Lens Flares and Lighting Rigs within the plug in (or stand alone app) which you need Optical Flares to do this with Element 3D.

Honestly I had written off 3D Invigorator Pro as soon as I tried out Element 3D, as it was just so much easier to use and more powerful and quick. And I like how Element 3D integrates the 3D so well into After Effects 3D world (which it looks like it still does better), but this version is the first to impress me in a while. The biggest issue for me is price. $399 is more than basic Element 3D and Optical Flares from VideoCopilot. And even the $149 upgrade price seems a bit steep. And I don't know that I need it now that I have element 3D and can use Cinema 4D within after effects. Still looks like the upgrade they should have done long ago!

On Doing 3D Cloth Simulation

Ronen Bekrman has a tutorial on doing realistic 3D cloth. Pretty fantastic stuff!

Bits of Bread in 3D

This is some absolutely amazing 3D work. If you didn't tell me I wouldn't know that this bread was CG. Just fantastic!

Clarisse iFX from 3D World

3D world has an article on Isotrpix new 3D Compositing and Rendering software Clarisse iFX. The software runs around 3 grand, or more with a continuing license. And it is supposed to let you render and see more of an image while you work, and is a 3D rendering engine and 2D compositing engine in one.

Looks like some very cool software for 3D, and they also have a 15 day free trial. Check it out at their web site.

Exploring Maya with Duncan

CGMeetup has a video of Brinsmead going through the new features of the program.
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