Ameci Pizza & Pasta, Pizza and Pasta, Italian, Granada Hills, CA

Ameci Pizza & Pasta
16858 San Fernando Mission Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 363-0484

Honestly Kelly and I ended up here because it was Sunday and that was when we realized that JeJe Chicken was closed, but Kelly had heard it was good, so we gave it a try.

The food was alright. Huge portions, but not that great, just alright, nothing I would care to try again.

I had a peperoni calzone, with Ricotta and Mozzarella and sauce on the side.

It was decent, and tasty, but nothing too special. The marinara sauce didn't stand out, nor were there any spices that seemed special. Big, but just OK.

Kelly got a meatball sub sub with marinara.

Again, big portions, but nothing to make it stand out either.

Decent enough, but nothing I would seek out or try again.


La Brea Bakery, Cafe, Bakery and Pizza, Los Angeles, CA

La Brea Bakery
468 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-6813
7 am till 6 pm everyday

I have been eating La Brea Bakery bread for years, and had always wanted to eat there, so I was quite excited to finally get the chance, but was anything but excited by the results. This cafe and bakery is in the old Rita Flora space on La Brea, and they have ample parking in back, both valet and self park, and the service was quite good, but I was unimpressed by the food!

I went for the Turkey Avocado sandwich for $11.95. Getting into deli prices for a sandwich, but not Deli serving sizes for sure. A large piece of country wheat bread, but not a lot of meat, with arugula, chipotle mayo, and supposedly avocado, but I couldn't see it or taste it. Absolutely nothing special here. Not bad, but nothing impressive. I could have made much better at home. You get a free side, eitehr a Green Apple & Fennel Slaw or Farfalle Pasta Salad, and I went for the pasta, but it was not very good. Overly oniony, and just not a good taste. I mostly left this on the plate.

My wife had the House Tomato soup and enjoyed it, though I am not a fan so didn't try it and can't say.

We did enjoy the Bread Tasting for $4.95. A basket of different breads with ample portions of oil, olive tapenade and butter. And the bread was un-surprisingly good, with the exceptional being a fruit and nut bread, that unfortunately is $16 for a loaf.

Mostly I think I was disappointed in my sandwich. No interesting flavors, no avocado as far as I could tell and boring turkey that could easily have come from the grocery store. Honestly for $12 I want a special sandwich, and this was anything but.

Pieology, Pizza, Granada Hills, CA and elsewhere

Pieology17943 Chatsworth St Granada Hills, CA 91344 (818) 831-8500 A new chain of custom made pizza shops, kind of a subway for Pizzas, but with better ingredients. I was actually quite impressed by this complaint and my only complaint was I could easily eat the whole pizza, so needed to get a side salad as well. You can get Red Sauce, Herb Butter or Olive Oil and 3 types of cheeses, and a plethora of toppings including artichoke hearts, and after bakes that can be added including pesto sauce or even roasted red peppers and they will pile it high on their thin crust pizzas. I also had a decent caesar salad as well. This is pretty darn good pizza, and I love that you get what you want without going halves with someone else. Very cool. Well worth checking out, reasonably priced, quick and tasty. My wife and I will certainly make a return visit.

Arri's Pizza, Pizza, Sandwiches & Pasta, North Hills, CA

16147 Nordhoff Street
North East Corner of intersection with Woodley in a little Shopping Center
(818) 892-8286 / 818-892-2373
Free Delivery
Sun-Thu 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat 11am-12am

THE HORROR! It seem's Arri has finally closed his doors, as there is now a Mexican restaurant in it's place. THIS WAS THE BEST PIZZA I EVER HAD! What a shame!

I had heard some things about this place online, so was interested in trying it, but we always just order pizza online, or pick it up at Food for Less and cook it ourselves (theres is pretty decent), but we never should have waited because this is easily one of the best pies I have ever had, and I am biased since I used to be a pizza cook! Now it is not cheap, but it is certainly worth giving this place a try.
I went in to place an order, and an old Italian guy took my order. We got two 16" 2 topping pizzas, one with Pepperoni and Onion and one with Sausage and Black Olive. These are huge and delicious pizzas. And we got a litter of Soda for a buck with the order.

The crust is on the thin side, but not super thin, just right. And the sauce is where it excels. Not sweat at all, just a perfect compliment. And for the toppings, they were great, and put under the cheese, to infuse the pie with flavor. And boy was the sausage delicious. Wow.

Not cheap as the pie's were $13 each, but so well worth the price! And they were huge and filling.

This is literally one of the best pizzas I have ever had the privelidge of eating. I loved it, and can't wait to try them out again.

And we picked up, and the pies were ready in 20 minutes, have to try delivery next time, and they claim to deliver beer, wine and cigarettes and do take credit card.

Try out Arri's Pizza, you won't be disappointed.


Taste Chicago, Pizza, Sausage Ribs and Beef, Burbank, CA

Taste Chicago
603 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 563-2800  


Kelly and I were really hungry one day, and this was close to her house, so we decided to try it, and we were quickly sorry we did. Now we did not try the ribs or pizza, but the sandwiches were atrocious!

This place is on the Northwest corner of Hollywood Way and Verdugo, and has ample parking, and is basically a covered stand with no bathroom (so go before you go, or you will be sorry).

We decided to each try one of the sandwiches, we got an Italian Beef with Green Peppers and hot giardiniera and a Grilled Italian Sausage with sauteed onions and sweet green peppers. Both had bread soggy with juice, and were a little too sweet without much great flavor. The beef looked grey and awful, and was just not good at all, and even the sausage was a let down. I would never try these again. What a waste.

Really I would never go back here, and I have no idea how this place has possibly kept open, because it is just not very good at all.


Palermo Ristorante Italiano, Italian Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

1858 N. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-1178
Sun-Thu 11AM-11PM, Fri-Sat 11AM-1AM


An excellent family style Italian restaurant with decent food and incredibly good service. After 7 PM you get free slices of their excellent Italian style pizza, and if you have to wait in line you can get cups of house wine for $1.50. They know how to make waiting kind, and they have a little store with Wine and Italian Sundries. The decor is homy, with a great painting on the wall, though the neon does make it not quite like home.

The portions are huge, and you can get half sized portions, or a full sized portion that will fill you and leave some for tomorrow, so unless you are really hungry, go for the half portion.

Now that I no longer have a pork allergy, I went for the spaghetti with meatballs, which is tasty and great. 2 Medium meatballs, which is enough to spread across all of the spaghetti. Quite tasty.


The Garlic bread is OK, but both times I have been, the bottom was a little too cripsy, but the rest is pretty decent, though not amazing.


Kelly, my lovely Fianceé had the eggplant parmesan which comes with a huge plate of spaghetti and another plate with the eggplant covered in cheese and tomato sauce. Also quite tasty.


We also had an excellent bottle of McWilliam's Shiraz, it is a 2007 from South Eastern Australia. As Kelly said this wine is scary, because it is so easy to drink. Really this is one of the easiest bottles of wine I have ever drank. It is delicious and tasty, and so easy to drink. Wow this was good, and only $18 at the restaurant, so the wine must be cheaper than that. I need to get cases of this stuff.



This place is very good, though not amazing. The service is top notch and they always are filling your water. The food is decent, but certainly not excellent, but worth it. We will certainly return.


StoneFire Grill, Chicken and Steak, West Hills, CA

StoneFire Grill

6405 Fallbrook Ave
West Hills, CA 91307
(818) 887-4145


At a shopping plaza at the corner of Victory and Fallbrook, this is a chain restaurant with incredibly good food, fast service and is well worth checking out. In fact the chicken is to die for! Well worth checking out.

There will be a huge line when you get here, because basically you order as soon as you come in, and then get a number, and you go and get a drink, and your plate and fork and knife, and then they bring the food to you, and quite quickly. You should note, that is it smart to order with the people you are eating with, so that the food arrives at the same time.

THey have 4 types of salad, and the entrees come with a side salad, which is pretty huge, though the normal ones are even bigger (A small serves 1-2, a medium 2-3 and a large 4-5). They have garden, caesar, Greek and the stonefire cartwheel which I had. Actually I wish I had ordered the greek which Jared had, and was excellent. The Cartwheel has mixed greens, black olives, beets, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, radishes and tortilla strips in a cilantro vinaigrette that is way too sweet for it's own good. Next time I will be getting the greek.

Both Hared and got the 1/4 Chicken and Tri Tip Combo. The tri-tip is grilled how you like it (I got medium rare) and you can get the Chicken either barbeque or lemon garlic (which I got and which was amazing). The chicken is so succulent and tasty it is mind-blowing, some of the best chicken I have ever had. Jared got the barbeque and like it equally as much, but damn if the lemon garlic wasn't absolutely delicious.


I really enjoyed this place, and it would be great for a big party, where you can get huge orders of things to split, or can even get everything to go from another entrance. This place is well worth checking out, and I will certainly be going back.


Prizzi's Piazza, Italian Restaurant, Hollywood, CA

Prizzi's Piazza

5923 Franklin Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 467-0168


Located in Hollywood, in fact right on my block next to Birds, the parking can be a bitch, though they have valet. This is a good medium prices Italian restaurant. The food tends to be heavy and covered in oil, but the food is tasty (too much oil on the pizza for my taste, but it tastes good) and the bread sticks are absolutely amazing, and a must try, though you must know that you will taste only garlic for the rest of the night, and even into the morning. This is some serious garlic.

Pp Logo

A normal order of garlic sticks is 4 sticks, but you can get a half order as well. The sticks are slathered in parmesan cheese, olive oil and garlic. And you will eat too much for sure.

I had the Penne Al Forno, which is boneless and skinless chicken sauteed in mushrooms and sweet onions with penne, tossed in a pink marinara sauce, then literally slathered in mozzarella cheese and baked in the plate. It is damn flavorful and tasty, though quite heavy, but quite good at $17.50.

Kelly was a good girl and had the Verde Mista Salad with Chicken with organic baby greens, roasted red and yellow peppers, some parmigiano cheese and a lemon balsamic vinegrette. And she loved it. This was $14.

We also had an amazing desert, which for $6 was 2 smore's, made normally, but slathered in chocolate. They were delicious, though it started to rain, so we took this home, and it was not quite as warm as it could have been, still amazing.

We also got a $32 bottle of Shiraz, which was only alright, though they have nice glasses.

North End Pizzeria , Pizza, Burbank, CA

North End Pizzeria

212 East Orange Grove

Burbank, CA 91502

(818) 557-8325


Located in the heart of downtown Burbank, Kelly and I have passed this place many times, but it was on our friend Francisco's recommendation that we went and had dinner here. It took a little well, but the food was quite good and delicious. Not only good New York style Pizza, but also quite delicious salads. There is public parking quite close, and this place is pretty tasty.

THey also have pasta and catering is available.


Well first at any pizza place one must try the pizza, so Kelly and I each had a cheese slice.


This was tasty and crispy thin crust pizza, and some of the best New York Pizza that I have had in some time, especially in Los Angeles.

Northend Salad

And for dinner I decided to try a salad, I had an Eastern Chicken Chopped salad, which is the only one without bacon. It had lettuce, chopped grilled chicken, tomato, carrots, cucumber, avocado and a special dressing and included a piece of delicious bread. This was tasty and wonderful. Quite good and healthy. I will certainly eat this again.

Kelly had the ITalian chopped with lettuce, avocado, carrots, tomato, cucumber, turkey, prosciutto, ham, salami and the same dressing. She also enjoyed it.

Nice, a good pizza place in Burbank, is always a good find. And the salad was delicious.


BJ's Restaurant and Brewery

107 S. 1st Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 557-0881


I have eaten here before and though it was alright, though I must say this time I was very unimpressed. My girlfriend insists the pizza was excellent, and honestly I did not try the beer, but the only thing that was impressive was the desert.

I went again for my friend German's birthday, and enjoyed it a bit more. This time I had a calzone, and some beer, and we have the pizza sized Pizooki. Damn that thing is evil!!!

I had a BJ's Burger, which was very subpar. The Burger was on a long french role so the burger was oblong. It was also very overcooked, and thin and not impressive and juicy at all. The fries are decent, they were fat, but had a little too much spices on them for my taste, I would rather have fat fries with some vinegar. The house salad was OK though.

I had a normal calzone with marina sauce on the side, and ricolta and mozzarella cheese with olives and mushrooms. It was pretty good, though not super tasty, and actually a little small for my taste, maybe I should have had one for 2. I also tried my girlfriends tiny 4 piece pizza and it was pretty good (it even had pork, and didn't affect my stomach, so I am still wondering if I am no longer allergic to pork). The pizza is decent, though still not amazing. Of course I haven't had any really amazing pizza in Los Angeles, and I wouldn't expect it from a chain.

I tried 2 beers this time, and they were decent, though neither blew me away. I am not a huge fan of dark beers, but I had to try the TATONKA STOUT just because of the name. It is described as:

An Imperial Stout – a classic style so rich and flavorful that it was once the private beverage of Russian Czars. The profile is malty sweet, hop bitter roasted, full-bodied, alcoholic, and deliciously complex. Beer doesn’t get much more intense than this!

And has 8.5% alcohal. As I said it was a little dark and intense for me, and maybe just a little too sweet.

For a second beer I tried the PIRANHA PALE ALE which was OK, though maybe a little too hoppy for me. It is described as:

A hoppy, American-style pale ale made with Yakima Valley’s best hops. Bittered with Chinook, while dry-hopped with the snappy flavor and bit of Cascade hops. For hopheads only!It has 5.7% alcohal, and was decent, though as I said a little too hoppy for me.

The most impressive part is the pizookie, which is a fresh and hot large cookie with 2 scoops of ice cream on top. I am pretty sure this is the only reason my girlfriend Kelly likes this place so much, as the food really did not impress me.

This time, since it was German's birthday we went for the PIZOOKIE PARTY PLATTER, decribed as:
Perfect for groups of five or more! This Pizookie contains ALL FOUR KINDS of cookies presented together on a large platter and topped with a mountain of vanilla bean ice cream.
It is basically a pizza sized pizzokie, with 4 types of cookie crust (chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin walnut) and a huge mound of vanilla ice cream. This was fantastic, and we honestly finished it.

More an more I am not liking most chain stores. Kelly told me I am becoming a food snob, and that very well may be true. I like good food. I will try anything (hell I love chicken feet at Dim Sum), but I don't like mediocre food. And this place is OK, but really not worth it. Still $110 for 6 people and a huge dessert is pretty reasonable, but then I am the only one who had beer, so...

I wouldn't recomend this place honestly. Just not too impressive to me.

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