Trejo's Tacos, Gourmet Mexican Food, Los Angeles, CA

Trejo's Tacos
1048 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 938-TACO
M-Sun 11a - 9p

My wife and I love Tacos and, I have been a fan of Danny Trejo for a long time (I love the Bad Asses series!). So i have been waiting for Trejo's Tacos for some time.

Parking is a bear, but there is valet parking that costs $3, or you can download an app for your phone, and pay with Apple Pay for $3.30.

The place is small, with only about 4 tables inside and outdoor tables with benches and overhead heaters. And the line is outside and moves slowly as everyone chats when ordering, especially asking when Danny Trejo shows up. Which sounds to be often. They do hand out menus in line to make ordering easier. Tacos are $4-6 dollars.

We wanted to try allot, we got the guacamole with chips and street corn and pickled onions, jalapeños and carrots for appetizers, and got the tofu, steak asada, pulled beef brisket, slow roasted pork tacos, and a black iced tea which was very strong and flavorful. They also have a water station with cucumber and citrus infused water and pretty tasty, though not very hot red and green salsas.

The guacamole is good, with onions, jalapeño, lime and pistachios. It is thick and tasty, though could use a bit more lime, and cones with a decent amount of chips.

The Street Corn or elote is superb, the best thing we had! Fresh off the cob, roasted corn with spuces, chipotle cream and popcorn. This is delicious, i just wish it was a bigger portion! So good!

The Tacos all had a decent spicy kick which I liked.

The Black Pepper Tofu taco was OK. Fried Tofu chunks with caramelized shallots and pickled onions was a bit too sweet for my taste. And not enough Mexican flavors.

The Pulled Beef Brisket Taco with pico de gallo, crunchy tortilla strips and cotija cheese was good, though not amazing.

The Slow Roasted Pork Taco with red onion and fermented red chili hot sauce. Again was good.

The Steak Asada Taco with toasted pepita pesto and cucumber slaw was the best taco I had, though I like my own better (yes I make pretty good asada tacos).

All pretty good, and very gourmet, and pricy, at over $40 for lunch. And I can honestly say I prefer $1 street tacos! They aren't gourmet, but I do love traditional tacos, though my own tacos I do top with my own variation on mexican slaw. The Street Corn was fantastic, but really not worth the trip.

Good, but not great like I wanted!

Shredded Tacos, Home of Jean's Famous Salsa, Mexican, Granada Hills, CA

Shredded Tacos
10224 Balvoa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 435-6559

We saw this new Taco place near Raplh's and decided to try it. It is a stand, where you get food and eat outside, and just has tacos, salad and drinks.

They are crispy tacos in either beef or chicken, Quesadillas and salads.

We had beef tacos, which come in a box with chips. I had 5, and these are very good American style tacos, made great by Jean's Famous Salsa which is not hot, but incredibly tasty! It makes this. I would buy it in a store for sure.

 This is the box with chips
And my taco.

Quite delicious and we will certainly go again.

If only it wasn't closed on Sunday like all the rest of our favorite restaurants around here!

Nacho's Restaurant, Mexican, Granada Hills, CA

16825 Devonshire Street,
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 368-8182

This is just what it purports to be, American friendly Mexican food. Greasy with large portions. Kind of like Tito's tacos. Not authentic, but good.

I had been wanting a chimigunga for a while, and this just really hit the spot.


Sloppy and delicious covered in decent hot sauce, cheese, with guacamole and sour cream.

And Kelly got some delicious shredded beef tacos.

Well worth going for an American Mexican fix that is quite cheap.

Dos Arbolitos, Mexican, North HIlls, CA

9034 Woodley Ave
North HIlls, CA 91343
(818) 891-6661

I can't believe I haven't already reviewed this place, as it was one of the first places Kelly and I tried when we moved up to North Hills 6 years ago and we loved it! Big Portions, Great Food and Good Prices, with the only complaint being only bear and wine, no margaritas!

The funny part is that when we first came we just got the Tortas. Tortas are delicious Mexican sandwiches, and the Tortas Barbocoa with the amazing beef in a pit barbeque is beyond amazing. Other than that I also had the great burritos and tacos, and they have many delicious meats including a great carne asada. With that we were pretty much happy for years, but we were so very wrong.

Carne Campestre

This is the carne campestre, which is tender cuts of pork marinated overnight in a tangy red sauce. It is claimed to have been voted by food critics to be among the top ten best dishes in southern california, and honestly after eating it, I believe it. THIS DISH IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! One of the tastiest I have every had! And it come with a couple of tortillas, which you an make little burritos out of, and there is tons of pork for $11.95! This is one of my favorite dishes I have ever had, Absolutely delicious! WOW, WOW, WOW!

And Kelly had Costillitas En Salda De Tomatillo, with is pork short ribs slow roasted in tomatillo and chile sauce. And this was also amazing, maybe not as good as the Carne Campestre, but it is amazing!

This place is an absolute must try!


Joe's Mexican Restaurant, Mexican, North Hills, CA

16147 Nordhoff Street,
North Hills, CA 91343
(818) 893-2400
Mon-Saturday 9AM-9PM
Sunday 9 AM - 8 PM


I had been quite depressed that Ari's Pizza which used to occupy this space had closed, because I think it was easily the best Pizza in Los Angeles, but with this place being so near to where I live my wife and I decided to give a try and found a new favorite.

It is in the little strip mall at Nordhoff and Woodley Ave, so there is good parking.

Here is there menu from the Window.

The place is bright, with a nice new paint job and decent mayan decor and one questionable painting and sells a whole variety of Mexican food. The prices range from .99 for Tacos, $4.99 for a burrito and about $7 for Nachos. I am also looking forward to the Menudo that they have on Saturdays and Sundays.

My wife and I tried 3 tacos, with hot sauce. Carne Asada, Lengua (tongue) and Chicken. All of which were delicious! The lengua was soft and tasty, and the carne asada had a wonderful flavor.

Here is a Carne Asada Taco with the hot sauce.

I also had a carne asada burrito and it was mind-blowingly good. With a ton of other flavors in it. The beans were fantastic with garlic and probably lard, and there was some peas and spanish rice in there. THIS IS ONE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BURRITOS! And I love burritos! Damn was this good!

Here is a messy shot of the inside of my delicious Carne Asada Burrito. Yum!

We had the Nachos, which were the most expensive item we tried, but they were fantastic. Heaped with guacamole, sour cream, melted cheese, the tasty bean mix from my burrito, carne asada, tomatoes and a ton of jalapapenos. AWESOME!

And the Nachos slightly dug into in a to go container. WOW!

I went from missing Ari's Pizza, to having found an absolutely amazing new mexican place! One of my favorites in fact. We will certainly be eating here again, as it is delicious and awesome and quite reasonably priced! GREAT! And all this food for under $20!


We went to Joe's this last weekend, and saw this sign outside, and inside was a completely new menu, and Joe's awesome hot sauce had been removed from the tables. There is now a condiments bar, and the place is maybe a bit cleaner (at least in the fridge at the front). We decided to order and try it.

First off I had a great deal of trouble ordering. I ordered the first thing on the menu a Burrito and Taco, and they kept just trying to give separate burrito's and tacos, and not the combo plate (which is not listed as that, but comes with beans and chips and a weird salad (lettuce and tasteless dressing), and they screwed up my wife's hard and soft taco (giving 2 soft tacos). I had carne asada for the burrito and al pastor for the taco. And the meat while fine was just average. Nothing special at all. And the worst part was the beans. The beans were literally pale and almost tasteless, such a let down after Joe's amazing beans!

Honestly the food was not bad, but it was so incredibly mediocre that I would never go there again! So depressing after how amazing this place used to be.

My recommendation is to stay away!


Freebirds World Burrito, Mexican American, Granada Hills, CA

Freebirds World Burrito17947 W Chatsworth St Granada Hills, CA 91344 (818) 368-8239 My wife and I had walked by this place many times on the way to the sublime Zankou Chicken, and since I love burritos, we finally decided it was time to give it a try. Looking inside I was very excited. Another Subway for Burritos like Chipotle. And the 4 sizes seemed even more exciting, as I can usually eat a lot (especially now on the warrior diet). I was excited by the cayenne tortilla (but wasn't impressed by it) and had a monster sized steak burrito with spanish rice, black beans, onions and roasted peppers along with various of the hot sauces, including the hot tomatillo sauce and the habanero sauce (none of which were too impressive to me, though I did like the little salsa bar). Honestly I just wasn't too impressed with the flavor. Sure I might give it one more try, but really I can make my own burritos that are much better than what I had, and it isn't that hard. And with Zankou next door, and Pieology as well, this place is pretty down on a list of places to try again.

Tacos Michoacan, Mexican, North Hills, CA

15755 Roscoe Blvd
North Hills, CA 91343
(818) 893-2204

Was in the mood for Mexican, so decided to try some place new that was nearby. This place is right across from the Budweiser plant on Roscoe, right next to Tommy Burger. A little whole in the wall in a strip mall with parking in the front or in the back on Woodley.

Well worth trying out. This place is inexpensive and delicious. I tried a carne asada burrito with everything and a carne asada and an el pastor taco. The carne asada was decent enough, though not amazing. And the el pastor was quite tasty.

Kelly also 2 tacos and we paid something like $15. And it was all quite good. I would certainly have it again. And try other things as well.

They also have a little bar with a couple of kinds of salsa, and spicy pickled veggies.

Next time I want to try the Tamarind drink, though I bet it is too sweat for me, though I can't say for sure till I try it. Other than a few drinks, they also have canned sodas.

Tacos Vallarta, Mexican Food, Alreta, CA

8730 Woodman Ave
ArletaCA 91331
(818) 891-3836
I had been interested in this place for a while, as I love the quality of meat and veggies at Vallarta Market and I was not disappointed  The place is a hole in the wall, kind of an enclosed stand, but with a very good menu and a great salsa bar that even has great guacamole.
I tried a carne asada burrito, which was spot on, and Kelly had an enchilada plate with rice and beans. Both were great, the sides were tasty and the salsa awesome, and very inexpensive.
Nothing high end, but high quality mexican fast food that is really delicious. Well worth checking out. I am glad I noticed this place on my drive home!

La Asunción Family Restaurant, Mexican and Mole, North Hills, CA

8712 Sepulveda Blvd
North HillsCA 91343

In a little strip mall on the North East corner of Sepulveda and Parthenia, this place had some of the best Mole I have ever had. The prices are also quite reasonable, though they speak very little English, and they sure didn't have everything we tried to order, but they sure did have Mole, red and black.

The decor is very Tijuana Chic, and they don't let you take photos, and a bit run down, but don't let that stop you.

First they gave us some chips with red and black mole and a little queso fresco on them. I ended up going for the red mole and my mom went for the black. Both were good, but I though the red was better as it had more flavors in it, and the black was a bit more bitter, but both were still very good.

The prices were very reasonable and the the service good and fast. Certainly worth checking out and going back again.


Lucy's El Adobe Cafe, Mexican, Hollywood, CA

5536 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 462-9421


Located right across from Paramount, with ample parking. This place looks kind of cool outside, and has what looks like a very nice bar, but inside is pretty dark, and the wall is covered in head shots that look like they ended in the 1980's. The service was good, and the prices actually a bit expensive for standard mexican fare. At least they have lunch specials, but the food seems very Americanized, and while it was decent, it was not very impressive.


Kelly and I both opted for the lunch combo, with rice and beans and 2 items.


I got a taco and an enchilada, and it was decent.


Kelly got an Enchilada and a quesadilla (do the pickles seem weird to you too).


The food was OK, but very americanized, in Los Angeles I expect better. If there is a next time, maybe we will try the drinks, since they serve margaritas by the glass and pitcher, and see about them, because the food was only fair.


El Torito Grill, Mexican food, Sherman Oaks, CA

El Torito Grill

15301 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 907-7172


We went to this chain restaurant on Christmas night because we were going to go see a movie at the new Arclight at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, and honestly this was the only place open, and thus even had a 45 minute wait to get a seat (actually it was longer because they lost a whole list of people they had put down, and started taking people who came after us, so the service was fairly mediocre). And this was a chain Mexican restaurant, so the food was of course only mediocre at best. It sounded interesting, but was not all that impressive. In fact it was a little strange, and I would only eat here again if it was the only place open.

First off instead of chips they gave flour tortillas with butter and 2 different mild hot sauces. We were so hungry that we dug in, but it was pretty damn weird. I would rather have chips for sure.

My mom ordered guacamole for an appetizer, and this came with chips, and was made at the table with a single Hass avocado, serrano chiles, tomatoes, onions cilantro and a little lime. For $8.79 it wasn't very much, and wasn't so tasty actually. And it is made in a fake rock bowl, actually made out of plastic. Not the most impressive guacamole I have had for sure. At least it had fresh warm chips.

For dinner I went the hard to screw up route which were the mesquite grilled steak fajitas with onions, pasilla chiles and red bell peppers with black beans, avocado relish pico de gallo and of course the fresh tortillas we already had at the table. Kind of hard to screw up, though the steak was only mediocre.


I didn't try anyone else's food, but I was really not very impressed and hopefully will never return.


La Parrilla, Mexican Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

La Parrilla

3129 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 661-8055


There are 3 of these restaurants, but I have only been to this one on Sunset, and it has amazing food and inexpensive and huge margaritas. This place is a must, as it is very inexpensive and has top notch food. The decor looks like Tijuana chic, but it fits, as does the traditional Mexican music. Often there is also a mariachi that comes around. I want to try this place with a bigger party, because the food portions are huge, and delicious. I highly recommend it. And it always fun to see someone making tortillas fresh in front of you.

There is a small parking lot on the same side of the street up 1 building, and you get a ticket and they stamp it.

They give you chips and 2 salsas and be sure to try a margarita as they are huge for $4.50. We didn't try the guacamole, but I hear it is quite tasty.

Kelly and I ordered the Molcajete Azteca, which is a huge bowl made out of what looks volcanic rock, a pumice stone mortar, that keeps the ingredients still boiling even while you eat. We got one with beef and chicken and cactus, and green onions, huge chunks of panela cheese and a dark sauce, and it comes with plates of rice, and tortillas to make your own burritos with. It actually reminds me of a fajitas, but much more interesting with more flavors going on. This is delicious!!!!

They also have a lot of seafood which sounds quite good as well.

Great food, good service, and a fun atmosphere, I highly recommend this place.


Taqueria El Tapatio, Mexican Restaurant, Woodland Hills, CA

22806 Victory Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

(818) 883-6142


In a strip mall on the south west corner of Victory at Fallbrook Ave, this is a little whole in the wall Mexican place that is mostly mexican (they barely speak English, though the menu is in English) and quite tasty and delicious. They have some great inexpensive food, and also have the bottles of Mexican soda, which is always tastier.

There is not much parking, but this place is pretty damn good.

I decided on beef tacos, and had a taco combo as well as a third taco and a soda and it was about $8.00. The combo came with lettuce, guacamole, salsa, spanish rice and beans. The special was $4.50 and another taco was $1.50.

Jared had a beef taco, and it was totally full of beef, and looked great. This place is really tasty.

Well worth it for a cheap and delicious meal, and they supposedly also cater.


El Torito Mexican Grill, Mexican Food, Burbank, CA

El Torito Mexican Grill

4012 Riverside Dr.

Burbank, Ca 91505

Google Map

A decent though not impressive Mexican chain restaurant. It has parking, and the food and service were not bad, and the food was not bad either. Nothing I would recommend, but not bad if you really want Mexican food. Actually we wanted to go to another restaurant nearby, but it was packed so we went to the bigger and less packed restaurant. The margaritas were OK and so was the food.

Well the hot sauce is weak as hell, but the Cadilac margarita with a shot of Grand Marnier was decent and not too sweet.

For dinner I wimped out and got the Tex Mex dish, a Chicken Fajita. It was decent, though only had 3 small tortillas, and the veggies were mostly onions with one or two pieces of Red Pepper, and the guacamole was mostly a chunk of hard avocado. it wasn't bad, but nothing special either.

My girlfriend Kelly and I ordered a desert that was supposed to be a brownie with ice cream on hot tortilla strips, but it had almost no ice cream and unlike described had a huge dollop of whipped cream, and also a huge chunk of Flan which I hate, so I was not too impressed. And what is up with it being different than on the menu.

Again, not horrible, but not too bad. A mediocre Mexican chain restaurant.


El Mexicano, Mexican Taco Stand, Burbank, CA

911 N. San Fernando Blvd

Burbank, CA 91504

(818) 842-2426

Open Mon-Thu,Sun 9am-9pm; Fri-Sat 9am-10pm


My girlfriend took me out to lunch to this amazing Taco stand right in the middle of downtown Burbank. It is a taco stand, but has indoor seating inside a sealed tent (we were lucky enough to be able to hear the rain falling on the roof which gave quite an ambiance). There is also outdoor seating for sunny days and ample parking. The menu is traditional mexican fare, and everything I had was fantastic. This is some excellent food.

Personally I had a Carne Asada Burito, which includes a steak burrito, spanish rice, some lettuce, a tomato slice and refried beans and cheese with a few excellent chips. This is a juicy and tasty burrito that you eat with a fork and knife unless you want it all over you. With a little hot sauce and beans, rice and jalapenos this is perfection.

I also had a Carne Asada taco just to try it out, which also includes grilled onions, and is again absolutely amazing. So tasty and flavorful. Wow this place is good.

Be warned this place is cash only, but being a taco stand it is very cheap, and is pretty quick (though there are not that many people working there, so if it was busy it might be packed). If you are in Burbank you should give this place a try.

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