Jumpink Dak, Korean Gang-Jeong Chicken, Buena Park, CA

Jumping Dak
7550 Orangethorpe Ave, Ste E100
Buena Park, CA 90621
(714) 739-1999

Kelly and I went to the Animaniacs Live Show in La Mirada, and needed a place to eat quick near there, and this Korean fast food place jumped out at me. Figured it would be fast and decent, but what a surprise, it was amazing!

REALLY AMAZING! Possibly the best fried chicken I have ever had! And inexpensive!

It is a fried chicken place with 3 sauces, so you can get plain, sweet, spicy and very spicy. I got spicy and Kelly got a small order of sweet with a side of delicious (not at all mayonnaise-ey) cole slaw!

The sweet is very tasty with nuts on it, and the chicken is crisp on the outside and moist inside.

I got the meal with fries and pickled radish, and the spicy has a kick but is easy to take.

It also comes with a biscuit though it was a bit dry, but the fries were great.

The chicken is fantastic, and inexpensive, and I was there was one of these right near me, but unfortunately thee is only the one!


Shin Woo Myun Oak, Korean, Northridge, CA

Shin Woo Myun Oak
10201 Reseda Blvd, Ste 101
San Fernando Valley, CA 91325
(818) 734 1717

Located in the food court of the Galleria Market in Northridge this amazing little stand has been open since 1948, and so far the food has been amazing!

I decided to try a Kim Chi and Beef Rice Bowl in a hot bowl.

As you can see you get a lot of food. Not only the hot rice bowl, but banchan (side dishes) which included some kim chi, pickled veggies, a sweet potato salad, cold noodles and a bowl of miso soup.

The Kim Chi and Beef Rice bowl was awesome! I loved the flavor. The egg melts into it and the hot bowl makes for hot crunchy rice wherever it touches the bowl. This was fabulous, and I will certainly try it again, and under $10!

I love this little food court, and Sin Woo Myun Oak was my favorite so far. Just delicious!

Katsu Japanese Cutlet, Korean, Japanese Cutlet, Northridge, CA

10201 Reseda Blvd, Suite 105,
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 993-0088
10 AM till 9 PM

First off, how could I have lived in the valley for 5 years and not know that the Galleria Market on Reseda is an amazing and huge Korean Grocery store? And that it has a pretty impressive food court, with 3 Korean restaurants, this Katsu place and a Sushi place, and filled with Koreans (think I was the only white person there). I will be going back and trying the Korean places, but loving Chicken Katsu Curry form the curry house I had to see if there was something like it closer than downtown LA.

And there is, though not quite up to par with Curry House, though I love the sides, but great for so close to my house.

Kelly and I both got the Chicken Katsu Curry. And we got a device to tell us when to come back. Finding a seat was a bit of a fight as their could certainly be more seats, but you can find one, and they have people to come and clean what people have left.

As you can see the Kastu plate is huge for under $10, with a delicious cabbage salad, 2 pickled veggies, rice, Miso soup and the curry sauce. And the chicken is white meat, with a good breading (though dark meat always gives a little more flavor. My biggest complaint was the curry sauce, which while good, was just not strong enough, and with zero spice. Next time I might need to bring some hot oil to put in to kick the flavor up, and give me my spice level I like (and yes I will go back).

Quite good and tasty, though yes I could use a little stronger curry sauce.

Can't wait to get back to the Galleria food court and try some more food!

Pine Tree Korean BBQ, Korean Barbeque, Northridge, CA

8322 Reseda Blvd
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 886-1512
I have loved Korean BBQ for a long time, and so my wife and I decided to try this place, and it is great. We have already been back twice, once with mom.
As with most Korean BBQ you can order things off the menu or get all you can eat, and there are levels of all you can eat, but we have just gotten the standard. The Standard all you can eat has 4 choices, and you can either get a plate with all 4, or the ones you pick. The choices are thin beef, marinated chicken, pork belly or spicy pork. The others are good, but what is really exceptional is the spicy marinated pork. It is awesome and delicious! Fantastic in fact. Worth travelling here to get it.
And like all Korean BBQ, you get delicious sides that you can and will get refilled. Especially the kimchi and sliced cucumber (I think that is what it is).
The service good and the food is good. And you get Korean pop music playing, and really nice and clean bathrooms.
The only complaint is that the parking fills up very fast, but they have a backup lot not too far away.
Quite good and I do recommend it.

Good Pho You, Pho, Boba & Frozen Yogurt, Granada Hills, CA

Good Pho You
10648 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-7500
Mon-Sat 10am-12am
Sun 10am-10pm


Kelly and I found this place not too long after buying our house in North Hills, and have become regulars since then, to the point where one of the waitresses knows exactly what we order! Got to love that. This is a very good Korean owned Pho and Frozen Yogurt place in a little shopping center with a teriyaki place, a Korean video store, a bakery and a Korean grocery store (and remember the parking behind the grocery store as the front parking fills up fast). The Pho is good, not Noodle City good, but still tasty and sure hits the spot when we have a pho craving.

We both order Little Tai with rare flank steak, that is usually a bit well by the time it hits the table, but still tastes quite good. I like that in addition to sprouts and jalapenos, lime and thai basil they also give additional onion to put in your Pho. A really nice addition that adds to our like of this place.

Another high point is the service. It is fast and friendly, and always a pleasure to eat there.

I am also a big fan of their Boba. It is delicious, very chewy and fresh, and I absolutely love the Kiwi flavor, which is a bit sour, perfect for me!

And their Frozen Yogurt is excellent. Very much like pinkberry with various fresh fruit (I love black berries, pomegranate and pineapple personally, they go so well with the sour yogurt flavor). Excellent.


Sure the Pho is not the best I have had, but it is very good, and with the excellent service, the boba and the Frozen Yogurt, this place is well worth checking out, and if you do, you will probably become a regular like my wife and I.



Tahoe Galbi Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

3986 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90010

(213) 365-9000


This is a very good Korean BBQ that I have actually been to a few times. Used to go for many of my friend's birthdays, and always went a enjoyed it. Did have a couple of not so great experiences, but this last time this place was back up to it's best standards. It may not be as good as Seoul Jung at the Wilshire Grand in downtown, but it is still great. Not only that, but they have a new all you can eat , it is cheaper on weekdays, but on Fridays and the Weekend it is $16.99 per person, and you get to keep just eating, though you basically need to finish all the meet you are given or you will be charged extra for it. Of course as with other Korean BBQ's, their is a grill at your table, and you get to cook your own meet, which is always fun and enjoyable, and you get a million little side dishes, including a salad, and it adds up to so many different flavors (and of course they have kimchi which is one of my favorite foods.


Kelly and I started with their excellent Bulgogi (actually I make my own bulgogi, but it isn't this good), and it is in a huge pile on a plate, and unfortunately Kelly filled up on it and we ended up eating only one dish. I wanted to get some steak galbi, but knew I couldn't have eaten a whole plate by myself. Honestly you have to quite hungry to eat here, and be ready for some serious meat eating, because you will eat allot. For 2 people you need to eat at least 2 dishes of meet, and for 3, 3 or it isn't worth it, and the people thought we were nuts. Oh well, still quite delicious.

Korean BBQ is always fun, and the food here is quite good and tasty, and I love all the side dishes (except maybe the cold potato salad) but everything else is quite good.

This may not be the best Korean BBQ, but it is pretty damn good,a nd there is parking behind, which is free during the day, or off hours, and has valet at other times.

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