Jumpink Dak, Korean Gang-Jeong Chicken, Buena Park, CA

Jumping Dak
7550 Orangethorpe Ave, Ste E100
Buena Park, CA 90621
(714) 739-1999

Kelly and I went to the Animaniacs Live Show in La Mirada, and needed a place to eat quick near there, and this Korean fast food place jumped out at me. Figured it would be fast and decent, but what a surprise, it was amazing!

REALLY AMAZING! Possibly the best fried chicken I have ever had! And inexpensive!

It is a fried chicken place with 3 sauces, so you can get plain, sweet, spicy and very spicy. I got spicy and Kelly got a small order of sweet with a side of delicious (not at all mayonnaise-ey) cole slaw!

The sweet is very tasty with nuts on it, and the chicken is crisp on the outside and moist inside.

I got the meal with fries and pickled radish, and the spicy has a kick but is easy to take.

It also comes with a biscuit though it was a bit dry, but the fries were great.

The chicken is fantastic, and inexpensive, and I was there was one of these right near me, but unfortunately thee is only the one!


JeJe Chicken, Mediteranian Food, Granada Hills, CA

JeJe Chicken
16970 San Fernando Mission Blvd, Suite C1
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 832-5252
Mon-Sat 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

I have been a huge fan of Zan Kou chicken for many years, and was so happy when one opened near me, but after eating at JeJe Chicken I will likely never eat at Zan Kou Chicken again. JeJe Chicken is that much better!

This place is fantastic in fact! Great food, just so darn tasty!

The first thing I tried was the Chicken Shawerma Plate ($11.99) which is what I always get at Zankou, and it was just so much better. The chicken was so moist, and I love their garlic sauce, and the salad.

Kelly got the Shish Kebob plate, which was also fantastic! The meat was juicy and perfectly spiced!

On my second trip I tried the JeHe Chicken Plate, which I had a second time with Kelly. It is awesome. The cilantro sauce is delicious, and even my cilantro hating wife like it, just lemony and good., and the bed of Pita chips, though they get soggy in the sauce work wonderfully well, and the chicken is so tasty.
On my next trip I went for the Chickan Kabob Plate, and wasn't dissapointed with the delicious chicken, huge and fresh pitas. Wow!

Kelly got a Fish Crisp with Fried Swai, tamarind Sauce, cabbage and tomato in a pita! Delicious!

We also tried their seasoned fries with home made ketchup and garlic sauce, and their tasty baklava.

You really can't go wrong on this place, and I like it so much I plan on trying everything on the menu! They also have lunch specials with wraps, salad and a drink and falafel wrap specials on wednesday and friday and fish crisp wrap specials on Tuesday and Thursday!

This place is a must try! It could not be better!


StoneFire Grill, Chicken and Steak, West Hills, CA

StoneFire Grill

6405 Fallbrook Ave
West Hills, CA 91307
(818) 887-4145


At a shopping plaza at the corner of Victory and Fallbrook, this is a chain restaurant with incredibly good food, fast service and is well worth checking out. In fact the chicken is to die for! Well worth checking out.

There will be a huge line when you get here, because basically you order as soon as you come in, and then get a number, and you go and get a drink, and your plate and fork and knife, and then they bring the food to you, and quite quickly. You should note, that is it smart to order with the people you are eating with, so that the food arrives at the same time.

THey have 4 types of salad, and the entrees come with a side salad, which is pretty huge, though the normal ones are even bigger (A small serves 1-2, a medium 2-3 and a large 4-5). They have garden, caesar, Greek and the stonefire cartwheel which I had. Actually I wish I had ordered the greek which Jared had, and was excellent. The Cartwheel has mixed greens, black olives, beets, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, radishes and tortilla strips in a cilantro vinaigrette that is way too sweet for it's own good. Next time I will be getting the greek.

Both Hared and got the 1/4 Chicken and Tri Tip Combo. The tri-tip is grilled how you like it (I got medium rare) and you can get the Chicken either barbeque or lemon garlic (which I got and which was amazing). The chicken is so succulent and tasty it is mind-blowing, some of the best chicken I have ever had. Jared got the barbeque and like it equally as much, but damn if the lemon garlic wasn't absolutely delicious.


I really enjoyed this place, and it would be great for a big party, where you can get huge orders of things to split, or can even get everything to go from another entrance. This place is well worth checking out, and I will certainly be going back.


Big Wangs, Sports Bar, Hollywood, CA

Big Wangs

1562 North Cahuenga Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 469-BIGW (2449)


A Hollywood sports bar, with a pretty decent bar menu. The parking is valet only (unless you can miraculously find some street parking), and you pay in advance, so bring $5. The place has a few pool tables, and is surrounded by televisions, and has some tables to sit at, and then a bar area. You can get pitchers of cheap beer, and some large portions of food.

I picked up 12Pc Chicken Wings, and ordered them Hot Buffalo. They were not very spicy, but they are decent, and are drums only, no wings, so if you like drums, this is the place to go. I also had a Big Wangs salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red onion and homemade croutons, and is large and tasty. Kelly ordered a small pizza, which is $6.99 and is 10 inch and comes with one topping. It is not too impressive, but not bad. They also have a ton of sandwiches, though I have not tried them yet.

If you want to go to a bar with some alright bar food fight, this might be the place. Not too impressive overall, but not bad.


Hot Wings Cafe, Chicken Wings and Beer, Glendale, CA

314 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203-2304
(818) 247-4445


These are some of the best Hot Wings in Los Angeles, coming in 4 flavors, up to quite spicy, and the prices aren't bad either. My only complaint is the service could be better, but what can you do when the wings are this good?

There is parking in the back on Maryland Ave at California, a pulbic lot, so bring quarters for the meters, and then proceed through the back of the restaurant and get a seat.

The place can be pretty packed, and there are only usually 2 waitresses, but the food is worth it.

I always get a large order of wings, which are extra tasty, and while crispy, still juicy and moist on the inside. If you get them hot, you might want to get some extra Ranch and maybe an extra order of veggies, though it does come with dressing and carrots and celery already.

The best part is if you get them spicy, because they are pretty damn spicy, and messy too. i always end up with sauce all over my face, and sometimes it burns my cheecks, but damn if it is not worth it.

These are some of the best wings around, and an absolute must try.

A note: There is another one of these on Melrose, but when I went I was not at all impressed, the wings were smaller and dryer and the service was just as bad, so I would go for the better wings, and the place with easier parking.

Remember to bring floss too, because this stuff always gets stuck between my teeth!

Zankou Chicken, Armenian Chicken and Beef, Burbank, CA

Zankou Chicken

1001 N. San Fernando Blvd. #100

Burbank, CA 91504

(818) 238-0414


In a Shopping Mall in Burbank, North of the Media Center mall, and right next to the Gelato and Ice Cream place Creme De La Creme which I just reviewed. I still don't know the story of why the one in Los Angeles is not on the web site, but I do know that was the first one, so there must have been a family dispute. Anyway, this one is as delicious as the original, but has a photo menu and 2 cashier's, one for cash and one for credit. the food is inexpensive and top notch.

Zankou Logo

Personally I like the Chicken Tarna plate, which comes with 2 pita breads, Chicken, some lettuce, pickled beets (which are amazing), Hommus, cut tomatoes and sesame sauce. All delicious.

Of course today I tried the Tri Tip Shawerma, with Hommus, Tomatoes, Onions and Sesame sauce, which was delicious, but a bit fattier than the chicken, and it doesn't include the amazing garlic sauce.

I also recommend an extra order of the pickled beets.

I have only had this one, the Pasadena one and the original, but this is the perfect lunch, or dinner if you get the excellent whole chickens, though I must say the normal chicken at the original is better than the Shawerma because it is moister. Yumm!!

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Zankou Chicken, Chicken and Armenian Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

5065 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, C 90027

(323) 665-7842GOOGLE MAP

Strangely the Zankou web site, doesn't list the original restaurant, which is in a little strip mall at the corner of Normandie and Sunset. If you like roasted chicken, you can't beat this place. The chicken is so moist, it just comes apart with a touch, and the garlic sauce is to die for. The menu is short and easy, and this one has more items than the rest. You really can't beat this place for some good chicken.

Zankou Chicken is inexpensive and fast. If it is just me I get a half of a chicken (with a pita and garlic sauce) and a falafel plate and mix the two together and make an awesome pita combination with hummus and pickled vegetables that are just divine. This place is quick and easy, and every time i eat their I wonder why I don't eat there more!!

They have excellent pickled beets, and sometimes I get a whole extra order of them to go with my meal, as they go wonderfully in a pita with chicken falafel, tahini, humus and some veggies.

And how much fun is it getting a chicken in a bag to go?

THIS IS THE BEST ZANKOU BECAUSE THE CHICKEN IS SO DAMN MOIST. If you make a sandwich with pita bread, fallafel, the garlic sauce, some hummus, that super moist chicken, and the pickled beats, you make damn near the best sandwich you have ever had. Delicious. I can't belive how good this place is!

Actually I think I was turned on to this place by my former friend Maggie W. Lee.
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