Photos taken during my Open Heart Surgery.

I had a Septal Myectomy for my Hyper Trophic Cardio Myopathy, which you can read about at the first page by clicking on "surgery." The first 4 photos are taken during the actual surgery.

It blows my mind how small it was in there! I mean the scalpal looks absolutely huge! And you can see where the heart lung machine was attached, and the huge hands of the surgeon.
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The next 2 are photos of what they actually removed from the heart. The first is the inside part, which is the muscle, and is pink. The second is the outside wall which is white, and was a surface created by my valve to help the valve work correctly even though it didn't fit right. That is the white part. It should not have been white at all, but obviously was.
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And a few pictures of me just post surgery. The first shows how I was tied down after hitting a nurse when I woke up. I was a mess!
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